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  1. SportEd
    Donut Mar 22, 2015

    SportEd , Mar 22, 2015 :
    Looking forward to 12s. I'll keep an eye on Oxygen, but I wait until I know what I'm doing, and then flash it. As well as other roms.

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  2. CountryBoyCRO
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2015

  3. rudihayward
    Cupcake Mar 23, 2015

    rudihayward , Mar 23, 2015 :
    Yeah I'd certainly give it ago. Imagine alot more people will as apparently rooting has a chance of bricking your Phone. Not sure how likely that is with the opo though.

  4. Rishabhbh
    Honeycomb Mar 23, 2015

  5. rrainwater
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2015

    rrainwater , Mar 23, 2015 :
    Then maybe Oxygen OS is not for you. My guess is OnePlus is just using OPO users as a beta test because the whole point seems to be getting Oxygen OS ready for the second version of the OnePlus One.

  6. CountryBoyCRO
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2015

    CountryBoyCRO , Mar 23, 2015 :
    I don't want rooted phone. I have flashed few roms on Galaxy S3 S5, Note 3. I've just never did it on OPO. And I don't want to. I like it stock and with OTA updates. So don't talk to me like I am an idiot. ;)
    I just like it clean and simple.

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  7. varana
    Eclair Mar 24, 2015

    varana , Mar 24, 2015 :
    Even if I always root my phones, I think it is a great idea. Even if you are rooted, an automatic process by clicking a button in an app is easier than entering recovery.

    Voted: "I'm rooted", didnt realize it meant to not vote "Good idea" ^^

    You can root your phone and stay in stock, clean and simple, but stock rom ;) thats what I almost always do. Then I do nand backup and try other roms, and when I want to easly return to my previous rom I restore it.

    I started recently to use MutiRom in my Nexus 4, its even easier. I might install it in my OPO.

    Thats true, but you can create an installer that automatic does all this things:
    Install custom/compatible recovery, install custom/compatible kernel, wipe data/cache and other memories if you want to, and finally, install rom and gapps, and much more.
    And I say "you can" because I know its possible, the good thing about android is that all roms are basically the same OS so all of them are installed the same way. There are a lot of apps that already do this process.
    What I dont know is if you can do all this without having already ulocked oem or being rooted.. and I doubt it. So basically all users that arent rooted/oem unlocked that want to change to OxygenOS will loose all data.

    What Oneplus, or someone else, should do is create an app to backup & restore your data without being rooted. Because without root you can not find any way to do that, at least I didnt found a good way yet.
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  8. Salmonfish
    KitKat Mar 25, 2015

    Salmonfish , Mar 25, 2015 :
    nah....what's there to petition when we don't even know what to petition about. Oxygen hasn't even been announced yet

  9. PR0X
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 25, 2015

  10. Travelhari
    Eclair Mar 25, 2015

  11. satyajit_pal
    Cupcake Mar 25, 2015

  12. gjegadeesh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 25, 2015

    gjegadeesh , Mar 25, 2015 :
    Nice idea. But Oneplus will take another 3 to 4 months to release that...

  13. nicolarit
    Froyo Mar 25, 2015

    nicolarit , Mar 25, 2015 :
    I think that an installer is an excellent idea

  14. gwie
    Jelly Bean Mar 25, 2015

    gwie , Mar 25, 2015 :
    Why don't you make it?

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  15. Rishabhbh
    Honeycomb Mar 25, 2015

  16. Pekeltje
    Gingerbread Mar 25, 2015

  17. johnwillyums
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 25, 2015

    johnwillyums , Mar 25, 2015 :
    I'm rooted, and Oxygen is going to have to be great to drag me away from current favourite, VanirAOSP.
    I think it's unlikely that Oxygen is going to be as polished and as fully functioned as the more mature Lollipop ROMs out there, straight off the bat.
    So, I'll hang back for the reviews, and wait for the glitches to get sorted out.
    I've had my OPO since early May last year (member 907), and it still gives me a buzz using it. I can't really see a good reason for upgrading for another couple of years.
    I think the current technology has plateaued, and none of the flagships coming this year sound appreciably better than the OPO. I don't need gimmicks like finger print sensors, heart rate monitors etc.
    I notice that bezelless phones are the latest trend. They look fine, but rather unnecessary. I don't really need my speed dial running down the edge etc. I like to keep my phones in a case, (I'm clumsy), and I can't think how you can put a case on a bezelless phone, without rendering it a bit pointless.
    I have my OPO in a minimal Diztronic case, and it looks and feels great. I'm really glad I stuck it out waiting for the OPO, when this forum was full of moaning beggars, What a relentless bummer that was :)

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  18. Rishabhbh
    Honeycomb Mar 25, 2015

  19. sparkie
    Honeycomb Mar 25, 2015

    sparkie , Mar 25, 2015 :
    Keep with whatevers on your phone. It makes phonecalls, texts and you can browse the web. If your not smart enough to follow some instructions, just keep your phone the way it it is. You have no overall benefit of changing ROMs

  20. Rishabhbh
    Honeycomb Mar 25, 2015