OxygenOS Oxygen OS is seriously wrong on my 6T

  1. Avinash.Pandey
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

    Avinash.Pandey , Nov 12, 2019 :
    I upgraded my 6T through the local upgrade to A6010_41_191027 build and I've been experiencing a bunch of problems since then

    One is that the phone randomly just stops working and everything is blacked out all of a sudden, then sometimes after the blackout, Oxygen OS tries to load again but it gets stuck in boot loop -_-

    Secondly, my battery drains so quickly and when I see settings I see this random thing:

    An app named -5? Seriously? It's Draining my shit out, sometimes even 15% to 20% of my charge in a day! and when I see the app details it shows literally nothing, no options either :/

    Now comes the biggest Issue: I got fed up by the battery drains and the random blackouts and boot loops and decided to roll back to the previous A10 build I was on, which was Oxygen_34_OTA40 build dated 19/10/27 but for some reason it doesn't work, the update installs, but after reboot the device still shows it's running the old Oxygen_41 build -_-.
    If nothing, Please help roll back to a stable A10 build at least

  2. eskimosound
    Gingerbread Nov 12, 2019