Oxygen OS Marshmallow Soak Testing


Are u in the soak test

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  1. ezekionokia
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2016

    ezekionokia , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Are you for real ?
    2.2.1 a good job ?
    You mean except the lag and having to restart every couple of days to have the phone usable ?
    You mean except the every other day freeze, that needs a reboot to get the phone back up and running ?
    You mean except the fact that you put the phone overnight to charge and in the morning you wake up and it's closed, having shutdown itself at night ? Thank god I didn't missed any appointments by now.

    Except all that, yes 2.2.1 is a pretty god.

    PS: stock, standard out of the box phone received a couple of weeks ago.

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  2. jkb114
    Lollipop Mar 17, 2016

    jkb114 , Mar 17, 2016 :
    That could be a faulty device. I don't have these issues. Try clearing the device cache and see if it improves

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  3. ezekionokia
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2016

    ezekionokia , Mar 17, 2016 :
    You shouldn't have to clear cache / reset a phone to ... get it to work.
    I can't clear cache since the phone is encrypted because of security policies.

  4. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Mar 17, 2016

    dsmonteiro , Mar 17, 2016 :
    So the fact that you don't know any soak tester proves that they are OnePlus employees? What kind of logic is that? If it's a closed beta only people within that Beta program will know about it.
    This has so many wrong or false affirmations that I will even use bullet points:
    • Hydrogen OS develops more quickly? How did you come up with that? Is final Marshmallow available? No. Which of the ROMs received an update less time ago? Oxygen OS.
    • Public Beta tester? There isn't one. There is a closed beta test.
    • You don't even know how many people are in each team so how can you compare the development speed of both?
    • Hydrogen OS doesn't have to go through Google certification so it means that it can use dirty hacks that would fail Google certification, making development easier.
    My FPS works just fine on Lollipop so I really don't get what you mean by "OnePlus International struggling to get FPS working on lolipop".

  5. keessonnema
    KitKat Mar 17, 2016

  6. Pranav Peddi
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2016

    Pranav Peddi , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Hey guys, how long would it generally take to go from soak test to official release? just curious :) Thanks

  7. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Mar 17, 2016

    iPusak Gaoq™ , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Yes Hydrogen OS develop more quickly....just look at this forum and see for yourself which OS is more stable then one another....people will pick Hydrogen over Oxygen any day....
    Hydrogen OS marshmallow beta already out longer then Oxygen OS...even if there no final Marshmallow yet but they did do it earlier then Oxygen OS....
    they (Hydrogen) did have Beta Tester right? where is Oxygen Beta Tester? small team or big team it doesn't matter if you got Beta Tester helping you out....even a small team can do it better if there a bunch of people willing to be in their Beta Tester program....

    have you seen how many people complaining about FPS and dead home button problem here? just because you FPS work doesn't meant other work too...i'm pretty sure you gonna tell me those that got these problem is a small group but problem is still a problem doesn't matter if its small or big...

  8. californicated
    Froyo Mar 17, 2016

    californicated , Mar 17, 2016 :
    My phone phone didn't shut down by itself even once. It gets laggy after more than 900 hours of standby, but that's not different on Nexus devices. At least when I used my Nexus 5 with 5.1.1.

  9. buddydave
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2016

    buddydave , Mar 17, 2016 :
    I call bs, it's impossible to take all the screenshots at 06:00 without the time changing. It's probably just a hoax.

  10. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Mar 17, 2016

    dsmonteiro , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Then why isn't there a stable Marshmallow release yet?
    Then why is there so little people here using it?
    How do you know that? If it's a close beta how do you know for how long is it running?
    I've said it before, I'll say it again. The fact that you don't know the beta testers doesn't mean they are not beta testing.
    You keep saying this. I'll ask you this: How? How does an open beta test improve the work of a development team? Open beta testing means that people that have no clue on even how to report a bug or get a log can join and provide useless data.
    So you're telling me that Hydrogen has no bugs? Well, I'll tell you this, my brother only endured the Hydrogen OS Marshmallow leaked beta for a week before asking me to return his phone to Oxygen.

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  11. locxFIN
    KitKat Mar 17, 2016

    locxFIN , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Except for the fact that those aren't inherited 2.2.1 issues. Just like if you once order a Quattro Stagione pizza and it's burned you don't go around saying "Guys, never order a quattro stagione, it comes with a burned base"

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  12. Rob W
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 17, 2016

    Rob W , Mar 17, 2016 :
    So the logic is: "I'm not in it, and nobody has shared the rom with me... Therefore it can't be a test outside of their employees."

    Maybe it's a closed test that is actually staying closed?

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  13. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Mar 17, 2016

    Baymax , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Pretty sure they have to be invisible to the public eye for a while, and are probably under NDA agreement until release.

    I am with you on that there is probably a closed beta. But only those under said NDA agreement know about it.

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  14. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Mar 17, 2016

    iPusak Gaoq™ , Mar 17, 2016 :

    OnePlus china is waiting for OnePlus international to release Marshamallow so they can release both OS together as stable released...

    not everyone use english or chinese as their main language, if there more language in Hydrogen OS then people will use it without looking back at Oxygen OS....

    just look at the date the leaked beta rom have been release...that is how long they have running it....

    no clue? lol....people are not that stupid joining beta program without having some knowledge on how to give report of bug or log and devs won't be stupid enough to picked beta tester that no nothing about how beta tester program work....

    that is why people called it leaked beta...its a working progress and you're comparing leaked beta against stable Oxygen? LMFAO....try comparing stable OS against stable OS first before telling about bugs or not....

  15. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Mar 17, 2016

    Baymax , Mar 17, 2016 :
    Seems like this guy's stance. All his posts seem to be anti-(insert flaw with OnePlus here) nowadays.

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  16. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Mar 17, 2016

    iPusak Gaoq™ , Mar 17, 2016 :
    it is closed test that have been done by their own employees only....the thing is Oxygen OS is a global rom...you need more tester to test it especially regarding network and etc....you need a few people from different country for that....you can't test those network capability and etc if your tester is within one are only....

  17. Democrito
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2016

  18. timelord13
    Donut Mar 17, 2016

  19. Rob W
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 17, 2016

    Rob W , Mar 17, 2016 :
    People join betas without knowing anything. This is fact. Some people are in fact "that stupid". Go read any section of xda to learn how little information some people have before diving in.

    Devs won't be stupid enough to pick them? Do you know what an "open beta" is? There is no "picking" anyone for that. What you're thinking of is a closed beta.

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  20. arisma
    Gingerbread Mar 17, 2016

    arisma , Mar 17, 2016 :