OxygenOS 10.0.0 for the OnePlus 5 and 5T

  1. X1593944977861
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2020

    X1593944977861 , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 5, 2020 :
    I haven't got my one plus 5t OxygenOS 10.0.0 update. When i go to system update setting it shows up to date. What should i do? Please help. I need to update my phone.

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  2. piko12
    Donut Jul 5, 2020

    piko12 , via OnePlus 5 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Don't upgraded bro new version to many bug

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  3. Swapnil7353
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2020

    Swapnil7353 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Hi Team,

    after upgrading to advance OS phone is crashing again n again. Automatically gets locked. repeatedly going on silent mode.

  4. JohnAlevras
    Froyo Jul 5, 2020

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  5. CM17137
    Donut Jul 5, 2020

    CM17137 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    I installed this version from apkmirror, everything works fine but no new features.

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  6. CM17137
    Donut Jul 5, 2020

    CM17137 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Me neither, with Android 10 everything works well and the autonomy is the same as with Pie.

  7. Ologu Alexandru Mihai , via OnePlus 5T Midnight Black , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Sorry buddy but this is not the support forum.

  8. Wilhelm69
    Froyo Jul 5, 2020

    Wilhelm69 , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 5, 2020 :
    OnePlus Team is no in OnePlus Community... they are only on Feedback section. In main page tap + and then tap Feedback. Knowing issues btw and Android 10 has canceled for moment bcs too many bugs there

  9. Q1593942187190
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2020

    Q1593942187190 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    can you help me with the support link pls

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  11. jontalk
    Gingerbread Jul 5, 2020

    jontalk , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 5, 2020 :
    So the lesson here is to check the community forum instead of XDA. If you scroll back to the beginning date you'll see countless posts about problems and very few compliments. When we got the notification here in the US, I chatted with support twice and was instructed not to install it since a new build was in progress. Needless to say I took the advice. It's staggering how many posts there are on this discussion from people that don't read the others. It's nice to be excited about a new version but only if it works flawlessly!

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  12. aftabnawabsayyed
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2020

    aftabnawabsayyed , Jul 5, 2020 :
    i wish i saw this earlier, have you posted this before?

  13. jontalk
    Gingerbread Jul 5, 2020

    jontalk , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Yes, several times in fact. This is an extremely long thread and most fail to read other posts which explains why there are so many problems. While issues with previous updates tend to be linked to other apps, this is a new version that's filled with problems. And that's why OP removed it from the OTA server!

  14. J1519702673661
    Cupcake Jul 5, 2020

    J1519702673661 , Jul 5, 2020 :
    I recently updated to Oxygen OS 10. Post that the sound from earpiece has drastically reduced.Iam unable to hear the other person voice.I always need to use bluetooth earphone or take calls via speaker.

    please help

  15. anjelpatel54
    Gingerbread Jul 5, 2020

    anjelpatel54 , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Everything else is great, just why is there no option to set the back navigation gesture to the bottom. There is an option on the oneplus 7. I got so much used to it, even after about a month, the current gestures feel uncomfortable.

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  16. Waveform Modifier
    Marshmallow Jul 5, 2020

    Waveform Modifier , Jul 5, 2020 :
    Please read the June FAQ thread in the announcement forum.

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  17. anjelpatel54
    Gingerbread Jul 5, 2020

  18. Sagar30
    Cupcake Jul 6, 2020

  19. G_Gautam_Chourasia_DCod
    Cupcake Jul 6, 2020

  20. Ovidiu_Ovidiu
    Eclair Jul 6, 2020

    Ovidiu_Ovidiu , Jul 6, 2020 :
    Yes,besides software instability, the lack of performance, both wi-fi and 4G + download speeds are very low and much more ...