OxygenOS 10.0.1 for the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

  1. anchits28
    Eclair Oct 12, 2019

    anchits28 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Thats already a Ghost circle type thing. In dark mode, set brightness to lowest and then in App Drawer just scroll up and down.
    You will find App Icons are getting hazy/wavy from top and bottom as you move up and down respectively.
    The moment you increase the brightness or set it to auto mode(brightness increases). This issue is gone.
    This issue is currently on both One Plus 7 and One Plus 7 Pro.

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  2. Kshitij_Rewatkar
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2019

    Kshitij_Rewatkar , Oct 12, 2019 :
    is that macro mode is enabled in new version

  3. VIJAY216
    Honeycomb Oct 12, 2019

  4. ttamal1
    Eclair Oct 12, 2019

  5. Kshitij_Rewatkar
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2019

  6. Didit_Anshari
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2019

  7. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Oct 12, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Amoled limitation. Happens on Samsung 10+ too. Too low brightness seems to make GTG too long and the transition between certain colors start to suffer

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  8. Abhishek1603
    Donut Oct 12, 2019

  9. Pa_One
    Eclair Oct 12, 2019

    Pa_One , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Please don't ignore if you know the answer.
    If I use Open beta over official updates will I get updates as usual?

  10. Imrankhan6055
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2019

  11. rajeshmehtacse7697 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Its everywhere. Just use dark mode in community app and just scroll quoted one's, the grey boxes(quote) color distortion can be seen.
    Wherever there is dark mode with black background and there is a picture
    grey background and a picture with some black on outside, just scrolling the screen, and then that colour distortion is there.
    That's why google is using all over grey background in there entire ui in anywhere.

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  12. ShuvraC
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2019

    ShuvraC , Oct 12, 2019 :
    yes you right animation is too slow

  13. B1570905626386
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2019

  14. Y1569675772066
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2019

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  15. NischalD9
    Eclair Oct 12, 2019

    Honeycomb Oct 12, 2019

    MAHEDI HASSAN (F.M) , via OnePlus 6 , Oct 12, 2019 :
    vai peye jaben ekto wait koren.....roll out e ektu time lage...jodi instant dorkar hoy Germany VPN use koren cole asbe..

  17. W1542783177891
    Donut Oct 12, 2019

    W1542783177891 , Oct 12, 2019 :
    hi OnePlus team,

    whenever I play voice message in WhatsApp the screen shutoff and become dark itself. plz look into this issue

  18. B k
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 12, 2019

    B k , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Oct 12, 2019 :
    update is awesome.. smooth and buttery. fingerprint is not slow. its actually fast but animation is slow. so slow that even after unlocking, animation continues.

    i have a small issue with battery backup. drains battery a bit faster compared to pie. any suggestion s plz

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  19. Z1563635775454
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2019

    Z1563635775454 , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Recently got the update. When I go to recent apps, I can't go back to home without killing an app.

    Could be I don't know how, or could be a bug. Help please.

  20. S1558269980867
    Froyo Oct 12, 2019

    S1558269980867 , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Is the option for the two button navigation bar still gone? In the beta they replaced it with that annoying side swipe option.