OxygenOS 10.0.2 for the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

  1. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    gievski , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Yep, the recorder has the same issue as the notes app :)))

  2. emilio_07
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

  3. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    gievski , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I appreciate where you are coming from and doing a clean install is a solution, but please appreciate where I'm coming from too.

    I spent at least two weeks configuring this phone.
    I have at least 20 client VPN certificates which due to various security policies are usually installed on site and then the files are removed, so I'll need to spend two more weeks to get them again.
    Additionally I'll be jumping through various hoops to get all the Microsoft, RSA, Duo, Google, etc. MFA authenticators configured again...

    The mistake on my side was choosing this as a business phone...

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  4. zmuhammx
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

  5. hurrysaresh
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    hurrysaresh , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Is it the oneplus7t pro live wallpapers. yes the stock op7 pro wallpapers work but the oneplus7t pro live wallpapers is not working. Stuck with black screen. if yours is working then share your download package

  6. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    gievski , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Not sure if you're referring to my posts, but I was on 10.0.1 before this update and all was working well.

  7. barnabyj
    Honeycomb Nov 19, 2019

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  8. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

  9. emilio_07
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

    emilio_07 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I think your choice as a telephone was not wrong. If you have not tried to do wipe cache do it, everyone gives it its proper use to your phone and I am nobody to judge it, Oneplus is a company that is still growing in the development of its systems .... I am sorry that you are going through so many problems ....

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  10. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    gievski , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I'm honestly not sure how to wipe the cache. I haven't had TWRP for some time now and I've only seen the wipe cache option there. Is there another way?

  11. idbl_fanatic1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 19, 2019

    idbl_fanatic1 , Nov 19, 2019 :
      1. Turn off your device.
      2. Press and hold the Volume down and Power button at the same time.
      3. When the OnePlus logo appears, release the Power button, but continue holding the Volume down button.
      4. At the Password screen, enter the Password or PIN number that you use to unlock your device. When done, tap Ok.
      5. Tap English.
      6. Tap Wipe data and cache.
      7. Tap Wipe cache.
      8. Tap Yes to continue.
      9. Tap Reboot to restart the phone.

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  12. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

    gievski , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Yeah, I've just Googled that... I apologise for asking before searching. I'll try it now and get back to you all.

  13. sonos77
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

  14. emilio_07
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

    emilio_07 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    I recommend you watch a tutorial on YouTube or some web page where you can find out how to access the phone recovery. Within that option is wipe cache among others such as wipe data. But the one you would use is wipe cache only. Anyway I will tell you ... with the phone off you press the volume down button and press the power button at the same time both buttons. until the Oneplus logo comes out, there you will get the recovery menu but not before asking you for the pin that you should know is the same to unlock the phone. I hope you can do it ... and that your problems with this great phone disappear ...

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  15. docnok63
    Jelly Bean Nov 19, 2019

    docnok63 , Nov 19, 2019 :
    @Nic2112 @Georgeoneplus7pro @Swejuggalo @Dgafking0480 and all

    As most of you know, I've been working to unlock the 7T features that were on the OOS camera at one point or another in various builds. I've been working with four other guys for weeks on this and, it will seem like I'm announcing a day early, I can't contain myself from spreading the word!! :D

    OOS camera v3.8.13 was the only version that had a working macro mode for OP7P. OOS camera version 3.8.52 was the only version that had 4K video recording on all three sensors.

    With a Magisk module to be released tomorrow (barring unforeseen critical build errors), nearly two month's of work will unlock:

    Screen 1: Macro mode on telephoto lens
    Screen 2: Macro mode on wide angle lens (not even available for 7T)
    Screen 3: 4K video recording for telephoto lens brought back (also works for wide angle)
    Screen 4: 4K 60 FPS video recording on main sensor retained

    Screenshot_20191119-153930.jpg Screenshot_20191119-153945.jpg Screenshot_20191119-162750.jpg Screenshot_20191119-162725.jpg

    We tried to implement these features via APK only and it wasn't possible for us so, like I said before, unfortunately, this will require root and be in a Magisk module. I'd like to give thanks to the rest of the dev team: Mariano Martin who provided the breakthrough to put this together in the last 24 hrs, Luffitys and Amer Alrakik (main two APK modders who don't even own the phone :p), and Lord Vicky (Magisk Module creator.) This was just an idea in my head out of frustration of being locked out of features I knew worked and these gents put it together!!! :cool::cool::cool::cool:

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  16. zmuhammx
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

    zmuhammx , Nov 19, 2019 :
    sorry to hear it man..there is few option u can try generally..
    1.try to clear data/cache the problem apps
    2.backup ur data in oneplus switch,tranfer it external storage and format the phone then restore your data back.
    3.report the problem in right channel and patienty wait for another update or hotfix.imo,didnt take a long time if a bugs so serious..
    hope it help.peace

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  17. gievski
    Cupcake Nov 19, 2019

  18. G_Rahul_K_kcOW , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Got 10.0.1 yesterday. I live in LA.

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  19. Krampimp
    Donut Nov 19, 2019

  20. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Nov 19, 2019 :
    Great. I need a second phone now so I can experiment on one of them [e]1f609[/e]

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