OxygenOS 10.0.3 [EU] and 10.3.0 [Non-EU] for the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7

  1. SandeshChinchapur
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 23, 2020

    SandeshChinchapur , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 23, 2020 :
    It's the same on OnePlus 7 too bro. It's one of those many issues which are going unnoticed. Many such bugs are still present, but OnePlus is busy with it's stupid 120Hz display.

  2. rahulsethi
    Cupcake Jan 23, 2020

    rahulsethi , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 23, 2020 :
    Hello all, is anybody facing issues with phone app? It is a bit less responsive. It happens with me that when I cut the call, the screen stays on phone screen and it takes a while to exit.

  3. Dirk66
    Gingerbread Jan 23, 2020

    Dirk66 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 23, 2020 :
    this, the 7 Pro has many issues and they know. why doesn't it gets solved..that proximity sensor is from the beginning a pain in the a....
    besides other issues and update policy that's non existent ( one in 1,5 month with lots of bugs is crippled update policy) I will look elsewhere for a new phone.
    OP focus on media attention and new features and forget to make a solid device.

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  4. SandeshChinchapur
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 23, 2020

    SandeshChinchapur , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 23, 2020 :
    That's the difference right there between Apple and OnePlus. For Apple it's all about perfection in every department whatever they've produced. But for OnePlus, it's only about increasing unwanted features in phone instead of looking for perfection.
    Better get some other phone if u can afford. Sell this off, they'll keep playing the same game.

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  5. Ast.9
    Cupcake Jan 23, 2020

    Ast.9 , Jan 23, 2020 :
    Hey. I have a question. For example, I set fingerprint input to any application. I turn on the night mode, the screen turns yellow, then I try to enter the blocked application, the fingerprint input screen appears, the backlight becomes very bright and white. In the dark, it hits my eyes hard. Can I fix this in the settings somehow?

  6. Janne72
    Donut Jan 23, 2020

  7. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Jan 23, 2020 :
    The fingerprint needs a fixed light to read the finger. Probably that that triggers it. However that does not need full screen to activate same brightness. Maybe it accidently (or by choice) bypasses nightmode or something. It does not bypass normal brightness for me in beta 8 in any of the apps that I tried.
    Just becauce I'll turn on night mode right now...

    Some temporary brighter flash was noticed and the fingerprint remained the same brightness as before in my bankid.
    And some other app nightmode seems to be temporary off (fades out and back to nightmode after fingerprint reading)

  8. akks
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2020

    akks , Jan 24, 2020 :

    Recieved Google play system update of 1 January 2020. Previously it was 1 December 2019.
    NB: It's not android security patch, but google play system update!

  9. Rockingbks
    Gingerbread Jan 24, 2020

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  10. Nic2112
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 24, 2020

    Nic2112 , Jan 24, 2020 :
    I found a buyer for my 7 Pro so I sold it today. Makes me sad a bit because it feels like the phone has a ton of potential but it's crippled by the software right now. I believe oneplus will fix some of those issues at some point but when and which phones will be fixed is hard to tell. I think the 5G model is still on Android pie and I think that's embarrassing but then again the software is probably more stable.

    I'm not sure what I'll buy next. I'm using my old Note 9 now and I already miss the 90hz display. The S20 might be waiting for but I have a feeling it will be expensive. I'm tempted by either the Pixel 4 or what my wife would really like me to get, the iPhone 11 Pro.

  11. Vignesh Smith
    Froyo Jan 24, 2020

    Vignesh Smith , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 24, 2020 :
    ya fact bro ...one plus 7 is brand and good number bt y ?

  12. Petko_Antonov , via OnePlus 7 Mirror Gray , Jan 24, 2020 :
    it kinda repeats our last patch notes with different words.
    I'm hoping our next update will feature the optimised charging option.

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  13. MelvinAbes
    Gingerbread Jan 24, 2020

    MelvinAbes , Jan 24, 2020 :
    and much more I hope it's feature packed with loads of bug fixes, I mean why else would they take so long for an update.

  14. SandeshChinchapur
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 24, 2020

    SandeshChinchapur , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 24, 2020 :
    Don't want any new features, just fix the bugs [e]1f64f[/e]🏻

  15. sarahmic
    Gingerbread Jan 24, 2020

  16. gaursayyam
    Froyo Jan 24, 2020

    gaursayyam , Jan 24, 2020 :
    Improved Ram management? My ***! The ram management is just below average at the moment, it feels like using a mid ranger phone.
    Highly disappointed with OnePlus. Just for the sake of pushing updates timely, They have provided an update which is still full of bugs.

  17. SaketGillurkar
    Honeycomb Jan 24, 2020

    SaketGillurkar , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 24, 2020 :
    10.3.0 for OnePlus 7 Pro Huge Battery drain like getting only 3 4hours Sot Time Max.
    Still Black screen Issue not Solve While Charging
    Performance Drops While Gaming or multitasking
    Unstable Network while using internet

  18. L.Vineethkumar
    Eclair Jan 24, 2020

  19. geekynoob
    Eclair Jan 24, 2020

    geekynoob , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 24, 2020 :
    buds become flowers bro.. just imagine all your imaginary bugs as buds becoming flowers!

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  20. pcpremengg
    Froyo Jan 24, 2020

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