OxygenOS 10.0.4 for OnePlus 7T Pro

  1. Swejuggalo
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    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Nov 16, 2019 :



    The point is to verify that no unforseen issues is found in real life situations. In a controlled environment, no matter how good it is supposed to emulate real life usage, it's still not tested by real everyday users.
    Real users can be everything from experts to noobs that is complete hopeless with phones...
    Big serious issues happen even to Apple and Samsung. If they would have caught it earlier with minimal amount of users affected the better it would be.​

    you know you just described a beta right?

    software developers releases stable update to everyone at the same time, including Samsung and apple.

    that's why they have betas, to do exactly as you said.

    but this is supposed to be a stable

    Betas kick things up a notch though. With experimental additions, knowing things will be half-baked and possible broken.
    Stable is when it has passed internal testing and released in a limited manner just incase something slipped by them...
    What would you call Samsungs flaw with fingerprintscanners? Or iPhones flaw when users could not answer phonecalls when the screen was off? Seems like pretty serious stuff and despite that it got missed by internal testing and got released as stable. And this is from 2 of the biggest brands...

    Would you prefer Sonys method? Release it in regions and living in the wrong location makes you get it last basically every single time...

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    Bouncer71 , Nov 16, 2019 :
    Are you sure that the Sabbat E12 Ultra even Support APTX...?

    It doesn't say anything on their product page neither in their Amazon store about it...



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    it was their first time bringing this piece of hardware to a phone, and the issue based solely screen protectors who had some gel based thing on it. how could that even been foreseen in a beta? they issued an update and a statement quickly regarding this too

    The Apple one, obviously no excuse, but their software has generally always been solid and stable.

    Sony? they do everything wrong within mobile business so nothing to say about that really.

    no point to keep this discussion going as it's going off topic

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    rajarshi10 , Nov 16, 2019 :
    That's the usual battery life with 90 Hz display

  5. fastfreddy68
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    fastfreddy68 , Nov 16, 2019 :
    This brands OTA is supposed to be faster then other brands its one of the selling points. Since it doesn't have wireless charging,official water proof rating, or even an on-screen 24/7 as does the LG and Samsung and Google.
    So why am I waiting at the 700.00 price point boy? As I said this will be my last One Plus. I'm getting a Note 10 next week it's buy one get one free and at 600 bucks the note 10 slaps the One plus 7 pro T to it's knees.

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    Okay so

    Why aren't we getting this update? (had to download 10.0.3 from oxygen updater but that won't even work for this one)
    Why is it now two updates behind the 7T, when it's supposed to be the premium version, and is now being given last month's security patch?
    And why aren't any of the software updates for the 7T Pro available on the OnePlus website?

    You really seem to be acting as if you've forgotten about this phone already, only focusing on the 7T. I really shouldn't have caved and upgraded from the 5T, as much as I love it I can just see a lot of things that will never be addressed

    I'm not going to give you the usual crap "this will be my last OnePlus phone" or "I'm going back to Samsung/Apple" that people try to blackmail with, at the end of the day I love these phones and they're the best ones out there for me, but that doesn't mean I can't want them to be better, and for you to be better, never settle
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  8. salvasad
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    salvasad , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Nov 17, 2019 :
    same heere the best phone model mclaren edition no update lol shud be first

  9. sonhawk
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    Close, but wrong.

    A beta contains features that are untested against a large sample of devices, but a release build will generally have features that were cherry-picked from one or more betas. This is usually not a one-to-one relationship where everything in the last beta makes it into the release. There may also be new features that appear to be low risk. Then they do a new build from supposedly stable components and do enough testing to verify that it all works together within the test environments.

    The problem is that they can only do limited testing. They can't test every software combination, or even test it with all apps, launchers, notification extensions, etc. So they send it out into the wild to a few users to make sure that it all works the way they expect. OnePlus calls this a limited release.

    Within the software industry, we call this a release candidate. And it's common to find a few issues when it's exposed to the real world. At that point OnePlus has to decide whether to pull it back, fix things, and do a new build (with a new version number) or, if the problems are minor, to add the problems to the release notes, cross their fingers, and kick it out to the world.

    I think OnePlus have handled these limited releases badly. It would remove both confusion and bad feelings if they would use standard industry terminology and call their limited releases, release candidates (which is what they are).

    It might also cut down on the confusion and uninformed whining that take place on these forums. ;)

    One more thought. You mention Samsung and Apple. I've used beta tests and release candidates from both companies. With Apple, you can sign up to get beta releases of Mac OS or IOS and there are always one or more release candidates before the general release. The difference, is that the release candidates go out to people that have already signed up to get the early exposure.

    Sending release candidates out to the open beta users would be another thing OnePlus could do. I think that would also cause fewer questions and bad feelings among the user base.

    Sorry this got so long.
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    Please use the feedback tool to report this issue. It exist within the community app.

    If they need more info they will contact you via PM.
    View attachment 1165224
    Seems to be plenty of Android Auto issues out there.
    Now they even launched something they call Android Auto for phones.


  15. krishnansasi
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    Thanks Mate. I've provided feedback as well. Just posted here to see how many others have the issue

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    marmor , Nov 17, 2019 :
    [QUOTE = "FisherXDA, post: 21043305, member: 2546119"] saludos, compañero lo consiguió. No encontré ningún problema al ejecutar la versión global todavía, todo funciona como debería. [/ QUOTE]
    Hi, how does the phone work with the global version? all good? I understand that the phone you have is EU version

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    [QUOTE = "ChristianHeilos, publicación: 21043448, miembro: 1870283"] usa el actualizador OnePlus de la App Store

    [ATTACH = full] 1183037 [/ ATTACH]

    [ATTACH = full] 1183038 [/ ATTACH] [/ QUOTE]
    Hi, how does the phone work with the global version? all good? I understand that the phone you have is EU version