OxygenOS 10.0.4 for the OnePlus 7T and OxygenOS 10.0.3 for OnePlus 7T Pro

  1. svvenn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 19, 2019

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  2. prathik.pai
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

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  3. thegame1109
    Eclair Oct 19, 2019

  4. stevencook66
    Eclair Oct 19, 2019

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  5. T1550156189070
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    T1550156189070 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    Are you trying to tell me, there are STILL NOT bottom Oneplus gestures returned??
    WTF is wrong with you Oneplus? Are you desperately trying to lose ALL your loyal customers? I have ordered 7t yesterday, and have just found out that it doesn't have your OWN fkn gestures?!
    I am having biggest buyers remorse right now, and I haven't even received my 7t yet. Fck the 90hz, fck the "better camera", fck everything if you decide to remove your best feature of Oxygen OS. And obv fck your customers right? You are bragging with your community so much, why are you not listening to us then? How many people have to complain about your stupidest move to remove your own gestures? 10, 100...? Because only reading Forum I can count them a few 10 right away.

    I will sell my 7t right after I receive it in a few days, and will keep using my trusty Oneplus 6 WITH Oneplus gestures, untill it's old enough to buy to some Samsung or whatever.

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  6. HarshKK14
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2019

    HarshKK14 , via OnePlus 7 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    i am using OnePlus 7 with android 10 stable build. OnePlus gestures are still there on my phone. are these gestures removed from the 7t series or will it be removed for all phones. I have the OP gestures on my phone, and i am using those only. they are much better than the new gestures

  7. Y1539619610939
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    Y1539619610939 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    i have OnePlus 7T and it's touch is over sensitive.. i get irritated while clicking macro photos.. camera button gets clicked earlier before I touch the screen even while typing i am having issues.. please fix this issue with a software update.. i just don't want to return this beauty

  8. Y1539619610939
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    Y1539619610939 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    i am using 7T and these gestures are pretty cool with the recent app gesture.. haven't used earlier OnePlus gestures but the new one are not that bad

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  9. T1550156189070
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    T1550156189070 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    OK so Oneplus has decided to stab themselves for good.

    Dear Oneplus - if would we want a Pixel, we would buy a fkn Pixel! At least we wouldn't had to install Pixel cam, because of your shitty cameras.
    If would we want a Samsung, we would buy a Samsung. And so on yes.

    But we wanted ONEPLUS! Not because your CEO like to Twit, but because of your superb Oxygen OS, which main thing is/was its own gestures. Now that you removed them, without ANY explanation, what are you left with? What is your identity? What is even your vision?
    You have become one confusing company (useless 7T PRO model is a great example of that), and I wish you good luck in the future, but I am reselling my 7T day 1, after I receive it next week and will keep my Oneplus 6, untill you remove your gestures there too, and than is goodbye Oneplus, and good luck regaining your loyal customers back!

  10. T1550156189070
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    T1550156189070 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    I believe you...But imagine now, that you will get completely used to it to these gestures, and Oneplus decided suddenly that "back" is swipe from above the screen. Just because it would be "in" on other newest android models. This is stupidest thing when companies start to copy other companies idiotism. (Remember good old headphone jack?). There was 0 reason for Oneplus to remove headphone jack. But they did it anyway. Because they though it was "cool and in" and everybody else did it. They could've stayed "the one last cool company with headphone jack", if they wanted to. But nooo, let us also jump from the window, if Samsung and Apple did it also, it must be good.

    They are completely losing they identity and becoming "just another chinese company", which isn't even cheap anymore. And now one of the best Oxygen OS features - their own gestures is gone also. What are they left with? 90hz screen...trust me ALL future generations of Samsung, Iphone, Huawei, Xiaomi...will have at least 90hz. Camera? Is already very average. GCAM mod is still a must.
    And they started releasing literally the same models (7T PRO), which is just another proof for their lack of inovation. Too bad really that they don't give a damn of their loyal customers, and are looking only for short term profits now. In long term...I am not sure it will work out, but you never know.

  11. Y1539619610939
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    Y1539619610939 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    yes!! actually that side gesture for back is not that convenient, i have to retry that gesture 2-3 times or just swipe up to home.. but the main issue with the phone i am having is it's oversensitive touch.. I'd went to the customer service centre today and there every 7T had the same issue.. it registers the touch even if I don't touch the screen (while clicking photos, pictures where getting clicked when finger was over 2-3 millimetre above the screen).. it is irritating while typing too

  12. Y1539619610939
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    Y1539619610939 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    see above reply

  13. lbule
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2019

    lbule , Oct 19, 2019 :
    Can you share the filename from .Ota hidden folder so that official link can be obtained?

  14. Duquesne_
    Froyo Oct 19, 2019

  15. VikasnBhat
    Froyo Oct 19, 2019

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  16. svvenn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 19, 2019

    svvenn , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Oct 19, 2019 :
    I find the 7gt pro gestures superior in every single way. What are you talking about?

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  17. svvenn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 19, 2019

    svvenn , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Oct 19, 2019 :
    Seems to be. Though I had to re apply the contacts picture. Now it has stayed.

  18. T1550156189070
    Donut Oct 19, 2019

    T1550156189070 , Oct 19, 2019 :
    First of all 7gt pro doesn't exist.

    Second, 7T and 7T PRO are supposedly to have only one gesture option - and that is the one from Google. So for back to swipe from any side of the screen. But as a OP6 user, and being VERY used to their super and smooth Oneplus gestures (For back is swipe up from bottom left, ot bottom right), I am very very annoyed that they removed that option for us!

    And please do explain, do you even know what are YOU talking about? Do you even differntiate between Google android 10 and Oxygen OS gestures?
    EDIT: If you do, and have used them both, please do explain in which ways you tend to find Google gestures better? I have tried them both on Oneplus 7 (non T), since they left both options there on Android10, and I find literally zero advantages in Google gestures.

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  19. svvenn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 19, 2019

    svvenn , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Oct 19, 2019 :
    7t series has 2 different gesture options. And swiping from the side is far superior than swiping from the left bottom.

  20. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Oct 19, 2019 :
    7T Pro feels like a great phone. Had the honor to play with it some today. Helped a co-worker to set it up and showed him the new stuff he needed to know...
    Knowing he has a newer phone than me now sucks [e]1f609[/e]
    8 Pro feels so far away![e]1f61c[/e]