OxygenOS 10.0 for the OnePlus 6 and 6T

  1. tahahniz
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

    tahahniz , Nov 12, 2019 :
    Update update update.. When when when...where where where.. This forum is full of these comments

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  3. Imparth0611
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  4. anupkbabu
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

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  5. AAbbas08
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

    AAbbas08 , Nov 12, 2019 :
    Stop commenting guys they are not gonna see our comments just be silent..don't reply any of messages just leave OnePlus [e]1f612[/e] Switch to another it's a very better..!

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  6. dineshchoudhary2481996 , via OnePlus 6T , Nov 12, 2019 :
    i dont like Android 10 stable version
    need to go back to pie stable on my OnePlus 6T
    please help me with roll back package india stable version
    or link of them
    and let me know how i can do this process.?

  7. monualizeco
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  8. W1572758573187
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

  9. DenZill
    Donut Nov 12, 2019

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  10. _The_Silent_Boy_
    Froyo Nov 12, 2019

  11. tahahniz
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

  12. Kon99
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  13. cerberus90
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

    cerberus90 , Nov 12, 2019 :
    Where is the update? When is my phone getting the update?
    Damn buggy; how to roll back to pie?

    LOLOLOLOL. Everything needs to be spoonfed unlike those days. Search button is just at the right top corner for those who cant see even that bar up there.

    Do read all the possible bugs; search for the bugs in forums if there's any; if you think you cant cope with those bugs for daily usage, then don't try and update without knowing how to roll back. Have your own contingency/ backup plans first.

    To those who have updated and found bugs, please do report to them as well; not only here.
    Those who still haven't received OTAs; you guys can try using VPN or just install the Oxygen Updater from Playstore, and read the instructions to install first; <they even provide you with that once u finish downloading the zip file>

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  14. saviodsouza1993
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  15. Dharmittt
    Froyo Nov 12, 2019

  16. Ujwol
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  17. H1539849132613
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

    H1539849132613 , Nov 12, 2019 :
    Hey OnePlus 6 guys, has anyone of you received update...????

  18. hamed.s.balla@gm
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2019

  19. W1572758573187
    Eclair Nov 12, 2019

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