OxygenOS 10.5.5 for the OnePlus Nord

  1. T1598862683646
    Cupcake Sep 18, 2020

  2. A1599583995315
    Donut Sep 18, 2020

    A1599583995315 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 18, 2020 :
    I bought OnePlus nord 10 days ago... when playing free fire game network connection problem coming.... I used different networks and wifi, same problem... my friend mobile also OnePlus nord same problem... this is common issue all one plus Nord... pls give a proper update all

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  3. W1600968958199
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2020

  4. W1595257145514
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2020

    W1595257145514 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 27, 2020 :
    There is some problem with nord whileing gameimg connection loss [e]1f621[/e][e]1f621[/e][e]1f621[/e][e]1f621[/e][e]1f621[/e] why this kind of problem comeing from a trusted company (OnePlus) plz give proper updation and fix it as soon as possible

  5. P1596680551064
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2020

  6. P1596680551064
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2020

  7. P1596680551064
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2020

  8. P1596680551064
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2020

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  9. C1601541231481
    Cupcake Oct 7, 2020

  10. Prajwal Borkar , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 8, 2020 :
    Every second time when I receive any call it doesn't show on screen but shows phone is ringing to the caller. And after call is hang-up it shows the missed call. It is happening to contacts also and unknown callers. Please help

  11. G_Rahul_Rathod_xEPY
    Eclair Oct 9, 2020

    G_Rahul_Rathod_xEPY , Oct 9, 2020 :
    Do factory reset once the issue may resolve.i had also faced the issue in past.

  12. P1596680551064
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2020

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  13. W1595257145514
    Cupcake Oct 14, 2020

    W1595257145514 , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 14, 2020 :
    One plus is a good phone all round except camera when the low light come the photo will lose it quality if OnePlus get to fix it nord is better option for buyer sometine I feel the samsung mobile under 25k has better photo clarity but ( the nightscap of the nord is wonderfull I like it very much) update the nord for to fix the camera better sometime I loss [e]1f621[/e] internet while loossing the game plz fix it that also 😶

  14. G_Rahul_Rathod_xEPY
    Eclair Oct 15, 2020

    G_Rahul_Rathod_xEPY , Oct 15, 2020 :
    You can for one more time .if still issue is persist try to visit personally at service center.