OxygenOS 10.5.9 (EU) and 10.5.7 (NA) for the OnePlus Nord N100

  1. Abdul B.
    OxygenOS Operations Staff Member Apr 16, 2021

    Abdul B. , Apr 16, 2021 :
    We are starting to push the incremental roll-out of OxygenOS 10.5.7 (NA) for OnePlus Nord N100 now and 10.5.9 (EU) will soon follow

    EU: 10.5.9.BE83BA​
    NA: 10.5.7.BE81AA​

    • System
      • Updated Android security patch to 2021.03
      • Fixed known issues and improved system stability

    We look forward to hearing your continued feedback in the bug reporting forum here: https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/. Do try out the new Feedback tool and if you have any questions or need help, please contact [email protected]. For more information on submitting bugs or suggestions please refer to How to report a bug and feel free to share your product suggestions via the Community app.


    If you don't have the Community app installed on your device, feel free to download it HERE. You can check here for more information on the integrated Feedback tool.

    As always, this OTA will be incremental. The OTA will reach a small percentage of users today, and we'll begin a broader rollout in a few days.

    Your feedback is appreciated. We may not always be able to respond to every comment in the forums, but please be assured that we take your comments and feedback seriously. Hope you enjoy and let us know how you feel about the update in the comments below.

    Never Settle


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  3. tbschommer
    Honeycomb Apr 21, 2021

    tbschommer , Apr 21, 2021 :
    A clear improvement, especially the quicker response when opening apps.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. checkpointcharly
    Froyo Apr 22, 2021

  5. Q1618079344419 , via OnePlus Nord N100 , Apr 23, 2021 :
    When are you going to fix the network speed on this phone is it the antenna too weak that you put in there or is it the software i cannot even post in your website. I have such low speeds from my sim card. And we know it's the phone. Why don't you address this problem which is the main issue of this phone? I could buy a way more better phone for this money..., 1619211457519.jpg

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  6. ChriStefan , via OnePlus Nord N100 , Apr 24, 2021 :
    I'm not having any such problems. It could be your device only or any other settings. Please note that when doing speed tests try not to use your data to other apps or sharing usage alike you seems to do with Hotspot enabled!

    You might check and renew your Sim card and with your lte provider. Hard reset also might work or flashing it.

    I will recommend to contact support oneplus at email above as this is not monitored all the time.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  7. checkpointcharly
    Froyo Apr 29, 2021

    checkpointcharly , Apr 29, 2021 :
    @Q1618079344419, my experience with the OnePlus Nord N100 is the exact opposite of yours. I have none of the problems you describe and use it, with a Smarty SIM on the 3uk network. I am absolutely impressed that such a cheap mobile is providing this constant speed and outstanding tethering.

    So I agree with @ChriStefan. "It could be your device only or any other settings."

    It is also possible that the cells and masts in your area undergo upgrades at the moment. During the changeover phase, there may be significant network problems for a few weeks.

    Fortunately, I didn't experience this as highly as you might do when in E3 2xx in London. 5g was made available. During this time, the traffic has to be handled by fewer and often more distant cells, which are also not optimally integrated into the software side due to the constantly changing conditions.

    I bought the OnePlus Nord N100 because my Mi-Fi was dying and getting hick-ups, especially when I couldn't use a failure. I treated myself with it as an inexpensive replacement with more functionality regarding my unlimited smarty plan. I wanted to tether with my laptop, iPad, Amazon Kindle, 42 inch 4K LG TV and a second phone.

    Speed on LTE+, Ping, Jitter and lack of packet loss is just fine at my place. At a fraction of the cost of a good 5g Mi-Fi or phone.

    Compare the results of my current Speetest with yours:


    As the following pictures of the Network Cell checker, which is far more potent in this respect, show, there are also no problems concerning antenna, reception strength and bundling capabilities when using LTE+.




    Speed, especially when one has to share bandwidth with many other customers, massively improved. The OnePlus Nord N100 sticks to 4G+. The low range Snapdragon 460 delivers on average around 70% better download and 15% better upload speeds than the much older but once top-notch Snapdragon 835. It might be because the OnePlus 5T falls back for moments to 4G and does only connect one tower at the exact given moment.

    Volte is available too on the OnePlus Nord N100 with Smarty. It isn't shown as available but works like a charm. I can call and receive calls whilst tethering uninterrupted with four devices.

    Since the early days, I've been a OnePlus customer from the OnePlus One, OnePkus 3T to the OnePkus 5T, which I've been using as a daily driver since November 2017. Still, I never before have been as impressed with the new experience as I was with the Nord N100, considering the price.

    My next and first 5g pone will definitely be a OnePlus, and if it were already, I wouldn't have other priorities at the moment, and I wouldn't still be delighted with the 5T even though it is getting on in years.

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  8. checkpointcharly
    Froyo May 11, 2021

    checkpointcharly , May 11, 2021 :
    There are also people on other forums who I try to convince of the quality of the OnePlus Nord N100 and their and mine provider Smarty. I'm over the moon what I get out of a low price phone (amazing OnePlus Z Buds included) and a one-month rolling contract with unlimited minutes, text and data:

    The best speed I ever measured over 4g+ at my location was at one night with just over 105 Mbps.

    The best speed did I find that moment in my records is this one from early May Bank Holiday Weekend:


    @.... field test just for you today::


    (Streaming on the TV used as Monitor#4, on the iPad, simultaneously but without working, as I took the photo of the setup.:)

    Simultaneously speed test on the laptop, which is in the tethering network of OnePlus Nord N100:


    Test after stopping the streams:


    Some technical details about streaming at this location, current and the rating of the last seven days.

    Network Cell Info isn't the most accurate test, but the one with extensive information, for example, about other mobiles near mine:


    About die frequencies in use:


    It shows how good a mobile sticks to a band:


    Which mast/cell is in use:


    And what happened the last seven days (in case one did measure it. :slight_smile:


    Based on my experience, I recommend the OnePlus Nord N100 and my mobile provider Smarty, who is fast, reliable and cheap. If anyone is considering switching to Smarty, please DM me. I will gladly send you my unique referral code. If you use my code when registering, we will both receive a free month. And at the moment, we would get also:
    A bonus of £10 account credit for both you and me!
    (Hurry, this offer ends soon.)
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  10. checkpointcharly
    Froyo May 19, 2021

    checkpointcharly , May 19, 2021 :
    @Q1618079344419 Please revisit the forum and report on the outcome of your problem.

    @ChriStefan and I have tried to show that your problem does not usually occur with the OnePlus Nord N100. This assessment does not mean that I doubt your experience, but that there is a solution:

    Either with the help of OnePlus customer service if the device is faulty. The provider Smarty, if it is due to your local conditions or the sim card. Or a knowledgeable friend if it is due to the settings.

    If it's about the provider and you are still a Smarty customer, I can invite you to the new Smarty Forum; there is additional information and help. Please send me your email by PM if you are interested in joining this restricted forum to beta test the app under development.

    Jump over your shadow, believe @ChriStefan and me or @Eazy410, who says, "yeah, this is one of my best phones I ever had, surprisingly".

    In case the individual experiences of the three of us aren't enough, here's a pretty conclusive test https://www.speedtest.net/global-index/united-kingdom.

    It doesn't refer to the Nord N100 alone, but it has some great news about OnePLus!

    Manufacturer Information
    We examined combined performance by major cell phone manufacturers and found that devices from OnePlus had the fastest mean download speed in the United Kingdom during Q4 2020 at 51.57 Mbps.

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  11. ChriStefan , via OnePlus Nord N100 , May 22, 2021 :
    I have just updated to 10.5.10 EU, OTA at Greece!! Well done did not expecting it, I usually got it after weeks, not before announcing it here 😂
    Edit: somehow the stickied post announcement in my community app won't show it, I just saw it from Chrome! But when logged in won't show it. What's going on? What settings do a have?
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  12. checkpointcharly
    Froyo May 24, 2021

    checkpointcharly , May 24, 2021 :

    @ChriStefan I'm in the UK and still on 10.5.9 at BE83BA and get the message "Your System is up to date." Therefore I tried to check if the problem you describe is a general one.

    I can't see any stickled post announcement for an Update to 10.5.10 (EU) on this website and at the community app too.

    But when I search for 10.5.10, I do find it at the community app (Logged in), and herehttps://forums.oneplus.com/threads/oxygenos-10-5-10-eu-and-10-5-8-na-for-the-oneplus-nord-n100.1442139/

    The announcement was posted on Friday at 11:55 PM by @Abdul B.

    So something must have gone wrong with that post.

    That corresponds with the post of @kouzelnik3. He noticed that there isn't any response from users and wrote on Saturday at 1:59 PM :
    "No answers here since then? Lol, this phone is probably a really unsuccessful."

    I will respond to him and tell him about the problem to see this announcement and that the OnePlus Nord 100 is still popular with me, obviously with you too and hopefully with many users.

    Using a browser where I've not logged in automatically to OnePlus, I can see it without any issues.

    So please, @Abdul B fixes the problem.

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  13. ChriStefan
    Froyo May 26, 2021

    ChriStefan , May 26, 2021 :

    Thank you for this great information. Please @Abdul B fix this

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  15. checkpointcharly
    Froyo Jun 9, 2021

    checkpointcharly , Jun 9, 2021 :
    Yes, but not now. There is no date given for the update.


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  17. checkpointcharly
    Froyo Jun 9, 2021

    checkpointcharly , Jun 9, 2021 :
    As far as I know, there is no open beta out for the OnePlus Nord N100.