OxygenOS for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. Rahul_Rdn7
    Eclair Feb 15, 2021

    Rahul_Rdn7 , via OnePlus 8 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    If you expect new features every update, yes you are a fool indeed.

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  2. Koushik@Stylish7
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    Koushik@Stylish7 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Feb 15, 2021 :
    No change same green tint display after unlocking the phone... Camera:Front is very poor. Takes time to save photo.
    Heard about 1+ in market its a good phone bought new 8pro. Never expected so many issues. Camera and display ☹️

  3. Thakur Ashwani Kumar
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    Thakur Ashwani Kumar , via OnePlus 8 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    Sometimes incoming and outgoing calls are not being heard. At first I was thinking it is a network problem but later it was found out that the problem is coming after the update. After this update, the problem of the screen is also happening.They fix one problem and give two new problems.Carey Go One Plus!

  4. vishal.vs.vs
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

  5. Deepam07
    Donut Feb 15, 2021

  6. T1603993122260
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    T1603993122260 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    But it's not. It's all my apps, and my home screen?? This has literally never been an issue.

  7. T1603993122260
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    T1603993122260 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    I was told to upload my logs here but it won't let me because the file is too large. :mad:
    I paid a lot of money for this stupid phone and I was all excited but now I'm regretting leaving the Samsung family.

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  8. Aaron2017
    KitKat Feb 15, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    Where did you try to upload the logs?

  9. AvinashThawait
    Froyo Feb 15, 2021

  10. B1611660770522
    Donut Feb 15, 2021

  11. SHAH_OP8_pro
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    SHAH_OP8_pro , Feb 15, 2021 :
    Update really had good inputs and resulted with many small scale solutions but also have a bug in my 8 pro phone, that lock screen notification bar is not working. other to that it's all good.

  12. SHAH_OP8_pro
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    SHAH_OP8_pro , Feb 15, 2021 :
    Sometimes calling is having issue and more to that merging calls is also having issues sometimes. Vice is not heard to us or other person on call in individual calls and while in merged calls we couldn't here other 2 merged person voice on call.

    Oneplus 8 pro calling issue.

  13. MrTalon
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 15, 2021

  14. Ján Hirner
    Honeycomb Feb 15, 2021

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  15. Zeaiclies
    Honeycomb Feb 15, 2021

    Zeaiclies , via OnePlus 8 , Feb 15, 2021 :
    All so called smart phones are actually under a large misnomer, as they are all stupid and quite unintelligent devices.

    Samsung has it's fair share of issues too and people complaining about this or that.

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  16. Zeaiclies
    Honeycomb Feb 15, 2021

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  17. GaryWall
    Gingerbread Feb 15, 2021

    GaryWall , Feb 15, 2021 :
    This is tempting every time you see the rude messages posted here. In a normal forum most of the obnoxious posters here would be kicked out in a heartbeat.

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  18. U1596185214612
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

  19. Mohamed_Feh
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2021

    Mohamed_Feh , via OnePlus 8T , Feb 15, 2021 :
    The System UI also stops working all of a sudden.
    There is a very huge lag when the UI hangs. There's still a lot of space on my device , but the occasional occurance of the" System UI stopped working" gets annoying as you use the phone. Not what I expected from the One Plus fam. Not recommending the OnePlus 8 to anyone . The other versions might have been amazing, but the OnePlus 8 has been very much disappointing. No matter what updates come , the UI is just lagging at times .

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