OxygenOS for the OnePlus 8T

  1. Vignesh s shetty
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2020

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  2. CSaiSudheer
    Donut Nov 13, 2020

  3. burnout123
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 13, 2020

    burnout123 , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Hope it fixes Android Auto start time - now it takes forever to start when connected to my car via USB cable.

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  4. Rhythmchugwani
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

    Rhythmchugwani , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Please improve the camera there are some probpems

    You can clearly see the difference in the viewfinder amd the captured image .
    Try this on your OnePlus 8t.
    And fix this asap.

  5. AshqqKing
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

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  6. Rhythmchugwani
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

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  7. AshqqKing
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

  8. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Nov 13, 2020

  9. iamrj
    Honeycomb Nov 13, 2020

    iamrj , via OnePlus 6 , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Hi, they haven't fixed/replied for OnePlus 6 camera from past two years hence, can you get this thing fixed then i can go to my forums? let's see.. I would like to hear it from you.
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  10. Y1577088867784
    Donut Nov 13, 2020

  11. Safu_kp
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

    Safu_kp , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Deleting Photo from Gallery is not working in OnePlus 8T. It's returing to main menu or will show Galley Keep Stopping message.


    1) Goto Gallery -> try to delete a photo collection from Collections. (Try not to delete important files. I don't want you to guys actually delete any important file while testing. In my case I tried to delete Screenshot folder or other unimportant folder.l)

    It will not delete the Selected collection and will return to main menu or will show application keep stopping message.

    Please test and let me know if anyone facing any issue.

    View attachment 1487052

    View attachment 1487053

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  12. Juli3101
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2020

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  13. Javed4oneplus
    Jelly Bean Nov 13, 2020

    Javed4oneplus , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Hi guys,
    I am having major Network problem in One Plus 8 T, initially I thought it may be sim problem. But it's working on other phone. In every few hour I face network issue in my One Plus 8 T. I don't know if it's just me or it is happening with all the user. Please do something for this as well.

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  14. rameez.mannil
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

  15. idealniko
    Eclair Nov 13, 2020

    idealniko , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    updated to version and often the screen locks by itself without being able to unlock or see any App then resumes by pressing the power button for a few times.
    Notification bar on the screen reduces the display size at times.

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  16. P1604772016913
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2020

  17. Dwayne_hobbs
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2020

    Dwayne_hobbs , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    I don't have much to complain here. But there are few things to notice and request you guys to check and make it better.
    - I guess there is some issue with proximity sensor. When ever I'm on a call usually with my OP6T the screen goes off but with my OP8T it's not happening and screen touch is happening and suddenly my flash turns on. said:
    - battery drain is there especially when it's below 5% it goes off in few mins ever when not in use.
    - Camera as of no issues but when we try to open the picture once taken it takes some time to show the picture clearly. Guess the processing issues.
    - as of now haven't faced any heating issue. Just a bit warm when kept for charging and 100% is done.
    These are few things I've noticed. Let me download this new update and let's see if these things improve.

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  18. Dinesh_Rathore
    Honeycomb Nov 13, 2020

    Dinesh_Rathore , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 13, 2020 :
    Are yarr ye log OnePlus kaa stock apps phone dialer and messaging apps fir se kyun nahi laa rahe hai oneplus 8t and op nord main yarr problem kya hai aap logo kaa yaha community forum page pe har jagah ye hi posts dikh rahi hai ki sabko Google ki applications pasand nahin hai hum sabko keval OnePlus ke stocks apps hu chahiye then why you people don't understand this yarrr feedback de de kar thak chuke hai hum yarr ab toh kuch karo yarr etna jhamela kyun yarr keval do hi toh applications ki baat hai woh bhi aap log fir se nahi laa sakte ho kyun yarr aap log apne customers ko naraj karte ho fir next tym aapke phone's kon kharide ga dear OnePlus ek baat dhayan se sunn lo aap agar hume Google ki applications use karni hoti toh hum separately download bhi kar sakte hai naa toh ye OnePlus ki stocks apps hatane ki kya jarurat aa gai aapko.. yarr phone lene ke baad fifth update aa gai hai lekin abhi tak messages and phone dialer koi aata pata hi nahi hai kaha hai yarr ab toh aisa lagta hai ki OnePlus kaa Phone lekar Bahut hi badi galti kar diyee.

  19. O1602836334534
    Donut Nov 13, 2020

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  20. JusWil
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2020