OxygenOS (IN & NA) and (EU) for the OnePlus 8T

  1. AnthraxQD
    Eclair Feb 7, 2021

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  3. Alby_97
    Eclair Feb 7, 2021

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  4. neopbm
    Eclair Feb 7, 2021

  5. G_Mr_....
    Jelly Bean Feb 7, 2021

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  6. M1604834563590
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2021

    M1604834563590 , via OnePlus 8T , Feb 7, 2021 :
    After updated the colour of the system icons changed to white from grey in dark mode and I can't find any option to change it in the settings . The previous one was way better than this as in the dark mode the white accent doesn't make sense!
    This was a lot better! Please fix it iwant it back!
    1612715239708.jpg said:

    The white in cyan huts my eyes!😖

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  7. ntquyet143
    Gingerbread Feb 7, 2021

  8. Xpress0
    Gingerbread Feb 7, 2021

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  10. bread_pitt
    Donut Feb 7, 2021

    bread_pitt , via OnePlus 8T , Feb 7, 2021 :
    SOT issue still there and on top they have inserted some typos in battery stats [e]1f602[/e]

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  11. Ashok_Varma , via OnePlus 8T Aquamarine Green , Feb 7, 2021 :
    Green tint / hue issue while playing videos , in dark transition visible in all streaming apps , while playing videos in gallery also ,. Can someone please conform this issue , you can play dark video in youtube and check , visible in dark room

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  12. shardul2601
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2021

  13. PrakashRout
    Eclair Feb 7, 2021

    PrakashRout , Feb 7, 2021 :
    True, thats why i was forced to switch to light mode.. and I dont think OnePlus will revert back to dark from white.. seems it will remain like this only, no point in asking to revert or fix back to dark..

  14. [email protected] , via OnePlus 8T T-Mobile , Feb 7, 2021 :
    Do you have the TMobile variant? Your on global? I had the same network issues.....I went back to tmobile stock and all is good again. Anyone on the global Rom that switched from TMO having network issues? It's the only issue I have but it's a big one because calls and texts don't come through or go out.

  15. Far_ish
    Froyo Feb 7, 2021

  16. omn
    Cupcake Feb 7, 2021

  17. Nikhil_Bhilai
    Honeycomb Feb 7, 2021

    Nikhil_Bhilai , via OnePlus 8T , Feb 7, 2021 :
    Yes, exactly!!! Sot not resetting on 90% when battery charging reaches 90%