OxygenOS 12 C.44 update for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro

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  2. aggoua
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

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  3. Shiv Gandhi
    Donut Jan 27, 2022

  4. Meinard
    Froyo Jan 27, 2022

    Meinard , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Things that bother me:
    How to fix a page lock? I lock the page, but still lets close the page or app.
    How to remove the battery icon from status bar?
    How to remove an open padlock image from the home screen?

  5. NoLlfer
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

    NoLlfer , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Thanks for the help, but already downgrade, I will postpone the update as much as possible. Maybe i will change the brand because with this new update you have the feeling that you are using xiaomi for 100 dollars. Full exposure from Oneplus!


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  6. Ajay33
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2022

  7. TreoMaster1
    Eclair Jan 27, 2022

    TreoMaster1 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 27, 2022 :
    EU c.44 here and I think it's worth it. Very few issues for me.

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  8. TreoMaster1
    Eclair Jan 27, 2022

  9. M1637702319240
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

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  10. abergmanman
    Froyo Jan 27, 2022

    abergmanman , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 27, 2022 :
    The same amount of bugs and shit in EU update. Don't know why so many users are defending oneplus choices. It's like you're to proud of your choice of phone to be able to see all the negative with the phone. Fanboys will always be fanboys apparently.

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  11. Ajay33
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2022

    Ajay33 , via OnePlus 9 Winter Mist , Jan 27, 2022 :
    UI stutters alot (inconsistent) . Gaming performance is not smooth may be I have disabled high performance mode. Camera isn't good as the one it was in oos 11. Only thing improved is battery. It would be better if I can share the video but unable to post here. Lot of room for improvement. And now I'm unable to sign into work profile with my credentials because of some compliance issues in the device.

  12. TreoMaster1
    Eclair Jan 27, 2022

    TreoMaster1 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Fanboy? This is my first OnePlus phone. I've had Samsung, HTC, Huawei, iPhone and LG before this one 😂

  13. ChrisMG
    Froyo Jan 27, 2022

    ChrisMG , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 27, 2022 :
    I have the problem, that the Always On Display reacts to any minor movement of the device and comes up and I can't turn this off. I just can turn the AOD and fingerprint symbol off entirely.

    I love the AODs functionality, but before the Update it could be started with a small finger tap on the display or a notification and it hasn't reacted to movement of the device at all. It was off unless it needed your attention or you wanted it to start.

    If I now carry my device around or have it on the sofa next to me it keeps getting on and off the whole time due to the devices movement. Extremely annoying.

    Another point is, that the AOD in it's current state is flickering to my eyes if I move the display in total darkness. Maybe this is due to too high or low refresh rate?

    Regards. Hope for quick fixes...

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  14. B1643142061863
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

    B1643142061863 , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Pairing bluetooth devices and only works right speaker (car o headphones for example). same for wired headphones. Problems with notifications. have to reboot frequently because calls doesnt work. vibration mode doesnt work... etc etc etc... hope a quickly solution. this is not permisible for phone with this prices.

  15. LSoares74
    Froyo Jan 27, 2022

  16. Dikran666
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2022

    Dikran666 , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Exactly! Android 12 with previous OxygenOS, like it was on OxygenOS 11 please! ASAP!

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  17. H1621360719279
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

    H1621360719279 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Hi, since I installed the update, my internet connection - WiFi and data is in very bad condition. Normally I have 5G or 4G+, after the update I have less then E. Even WiFi is very slow.

    Any ideas?

  18. fefo1993
    Donut Jan 27, 2022

    fefo1993 , Jan 27, 2022 :
    new bug on this update for 9 Pro: when an alarm clock sound, i can't see the screen with alarm details and the button to snooze or stop the alarm. And i can't use volume buttons to control it (stop or postpone)
    i try to delete cache and data to Clock App, but do not solve the problem.
    I also tried Google Clock, and i have the same problem with it

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  19. Dikran666
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2022

    Dikran666 , Jan 27, 2022 :
    That's so weird that the same update is different, because mine says Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.
    Mine's the EU version.
    Yours? 🤔 IMG_20220127_114921.jpg