OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1 for the OnePlus Nord 2

  1. Shubhankar__13 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , May 14, 2022 :
    Already running the beta build and kinda love it. Haptic feedback is nice. The animations are smooth.
    Though I disabled the one plus shelf feature and the themes and everything borrowed from color OS seem kinda unnecessary as well to me.
    Camera app crashings from the Oxygen OS 11 era seems to be resolved.
    Would have liked the stock android color picker.
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  2. V1628145457268
    Cupcake May 14, 2022

  3. SmithsCove
    Eclair May 14, 2022

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  4. Bobbie63
    Nougat May 14, 2022

    Bobbie63 , May 14, 2022 :
    If you have an EU device, I hope you’re aware that you can’t return to EU until full, newer zip file for EU becomes available?

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  5. SmithsCove
    Eclair May 14, 2022

    SmithsCove , via OnePlus Nord 2 , May 14, 2022 :
    Yeah mate I'll hang around till OP decide to pull there finger from there backside haha

  6. Bobbie63
    Nougat May 14, 2022

    Bobbie63 , May 14, 2022 :
    Keep a look out for the full zip as you might have only one chance and remember, the EU zip file has to be newer than the one you have installed at the time you want to return to EU version.

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  7. dave83lfcava
    Cupcake May 14, 2022

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  8. P1642693568678
    Cupcake May 15, 2022

  9. Raajaavignesh
    Cupcake May 15, 2022

  10. Jampolaytis
    Froyo May 15, 2022

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  11. Arny2401
    Donut May 15, 2022

    Arny2401 , May 15, 2022 :
    I had the same concern from day one and still banging my head over selling my OP5 for this! Yes be assured we are the most unfortunate people buying this crap! Other than the camera there is nothing good. Its like a mediocore Oppo phone, pettty oppo phone, I used to show off with my OP5, now I hide my phone. While their so called OOS (actually colour os) is full of bugs they are releasing beta build! You know what they said when I messaged them in twitter? "Hi Arnab! Thank you for contacting OnePlus. We really understand your concern and are aware of some users' feedback regarding this issue. However, we have highlighted this to the concerned team and they are looking into it. We would request you please stay tuned to our official website for further updates. We would also like to inform you that all our devices are safe to use and the updates will be rolled out to the eligible devices intermittently." It looks like Carl was the heart of OP, at least he understood what Oneplus is about.

  12. Ananthanrk
    Donut May 15, 2022

  13. R1647075340294
    Cupcake May 15, 2022

  14. indrajeet100
    Eclair May 16, 2022

  15. Gynlemon
    Donut May 16, 2022

    Gynlemon , May 16, 2022 :
    Add: With the Oxygen Updater app> Settings> 1 Device: OnePlus Nord 2 (EU)
    2 Update method: Stable (full)

    Currently I have beta india on eu with OnePlus North 2 (India) / Open Beta (incremental) settings
    But as soon as the 12 EU stable comes out, I will enter the settings as mentioned before, to return to EU! ( To have the download and notice of release 12 Full zip )

    Too much confusion and there is not even a download page in order to manage independently !!

    Anyway I only say one thing, this is my One and latest Plus!
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  16. Romano
    Froyo May 16, 2022

    Romano , via OnePlus 7T Pro , May 16, 2022 :
    The Nord, which is one year older, already has the stable
    Nord 2 is still in Indian beta 1, so not even for all users
    Furthermore, 7 series has been in CBT for more than two months and there is no news
    What the hell happened to this company 😅
    They are digging the grave for future failure

  17. jsarthak8
    Cupcake May 16, 2022

    jsarthak8 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , May 16, 2022 :
    Great news but also a sad one because it's more of Color OS now. Dear OnePlus please atleast replace the launcher with the older version or make it close to that I really don't like the new one.

  18. A1645121077430
    Cupcake May 16, 2022

    A1645121077430 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , May 16, 2022 :
    Soon after 15-20 day stable version will come

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  19. R3ix84
    Froyo May 16, 2022

    R3ix84 , May 16, 2022 :
    Hoping that anyone on oneplus sees this post. Previously i had a oneplus 3t and 6 and now a nord2 EU version. My experience on previous phones were very, very good. Good phones, good support and now with nord2 im very unhappy with the company. Besides only exist Indian version on android 12(open beta 1), it not make any sense that this phone still on android 11 when android 13 already exist. This phone has one year only and oneplus history with support in the past were very good.

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