OxygenOS 2.0.2 OTA rollout starting today

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  1. cramey
    Donut Oct 22, 2015

    cramey , Oct 22, 2015 :
    I found the solution and posted it to this thread. Go find the posts by me.

  2. mkarthik241
    Gingerbread Nov 9, 2015

    mkarthik241 , Nov 9, 2015 :
    Got a new oneplus 2 special needs my old opt was broken in accident. Same Problem is there. Of I turned off Maxx audio there is no media server battery drain in battery stats.

  3. fkill
    Cupcake Nov 17, 2015

    fkill , Nov 17, 2015 :
    OK, I just walked through this while chatting with a friend who provided moral support. After a reboot yesterday I had two things happen at once:
    1: The OTA was available (complicated by the fact that my phone is rooted, and 'worse', encrypted)
    2: I received the same error forum user cramey indicated: OEM_NV_BACKUP, The NV Partition is Invalid!

    However, I was able to make and receive calls. I found a post last night where someone with the same issue was able to key "*#xxx#" into his keypad (where 'xxx' were three numbers, which I do not recall at this time) and see a list of variables and values. His values mostly said "Error" or something similar, where on mine they all had what appeared to be valid, non-error values.

    At this same time I noticed that the phone no longer asked for a PIN at boot time, same as cramey. I managed to work back out of this and get the phone behaving mostly normally again:
    1: Somewhere along the way I gave Tasker "On" access under Settings -> Accessibility. I likely had not rebooted since doing so.
    2: Based on cramey's comments I went in to change my PIN, and found that in doing so the options for PIN, Pattern, etc, each contained a message, same on all of them (should've screencapped, sorry, and I'm not about to break things again to get one) about not protecting the phone because something was using Accessibility settings. OK, so go in to Accessibility, see Tasker, and disable that.
    3: Reboot, just to get things starting on a clean slate. (Tasker was already disabled, because of problems I'll rant about below.)
    4: Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock. Set new PIN, different from old PIN, just in case that matters. Also here is the setting "Require PIN to start device". Select this, rather than "None".
    5: Reboot.

    Phone comes up now requiring a PIN to kick off full boot sequence and OS load. The NV_ issue has gone away.

    Now I just need to figure out why I'm being told an update is available, when I already installed via 'adb push' sideloading the two files Funk Wizard provided, rebooting, then going back and sideloading the update, booting, then rebooting again. Big thanks both to Funk Wizard for his howto and downloads, and also to effinger for his point about using adb to sideload when facing an encrypted phone. All other attempts ("adb shell twrp decrypt <password>" and so on) all failed miserably. So, quashing update notifications is still on my todo list.

    We now end our regularly scheduled programming.

    (Read that as "You may want to stop reading now, since the solution ended about 5 sentences ago and it's all downhill from here.")

    Unrelated to this NV_ issue: Really bummed that Tasker cannot toggle mobile data, or set the phone to silent, even with the Secure Settings plugin. The OPO is looking rather superior to the OP2 for a power user that wants to script up functions, which is pretty sad. Blame the toggle switch on the side and how it could get confused, whatever. I'd rather see higher end hardware specs inside than a nifty feature that isn't so useful. Tasker could let me mute the phone down right after falling asleep, and turn sounds back on a half hour before my alarm, a physical switch removes that ability. Also, certain environments it would automatically set volume/silent/vibrate as needed. Making me toggle a switch, and remember to set it back later? Increases complexity, 1+, this is not a benefit.

    That, combined with:
    - severe screen lag when plugged in/charging since the update was applied this evening, and it's a pretty and expensive paperweight by comparison. Shame on 1+ for bunging this up so badly. Based on the OPO's "update made bluetooth devices stop seeing each other and connecting automatically" fiasco which took how many months to correct? When can we expect to see this corrected, *if ever*? Since Tasker cannot shut off mobile data, battery will drain faster, which means more time during the day will be spent plugged in, increasing the time that I'll be touching a laggy screen. Yay progress!
    - Leave home. Return home. Never, not one single time, sees my wifi (modern Linksys). Other places I go it reconnects no problem, but at home it will show the WAP in the list as active, but I still have to manually select it.
    - The camera. On the OPO, volume buttons zoomed. On the OP2, they snap the shutter. Zoom? Use two fingers and pinchzoom. Sorry, but that's just stupid, and removes the ability entirely for one-handed operation. Again, increasing complexity, not making life easier. It's a solid step backwards from the OPO. Prior to this week's OTA, the power button also triggered the shutter, now after the OTA the power button shuts the display off. On my old HTC the volume buttons also zoomed, but the power button locked the screen on so that it wouldn't time out and sleep while you were using the cam, which was nice. But this? We had three shutter buttons (vol+, vol-, power) and now we have two shutter buttons, but no buttons to zoom. Why do we need two shutter buttons? Stupid. The OPO's cam app was easily superior, and had more customizations where needed.
    - Fingerprint scanner. Gee-whiz gizmo, have lived without one for two decades of cellular use, don't need one now. For the stupid problems that 1+ creates with their OTA updates which take 6+ months to fix (or, over 25% of the life that we tend to keep our phones) they really do their userbase a severe disservice by reducing usability of our devices for a large portion of their service life. Rather than put engineering hours in to toggle switches and fingerprint scanners, put those hours in to QA on the OTAs. The OPO was close to a flagship killer, the OP2 is a tugboat by comparison.

    Seriously, how do these things not get erased from the whiteboard during the first brainstorming session? Does anyone actually consider how their product is *used*? Ever?
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