OxygenOS 2.1.0 OTA roll-out starting now!

  1. Henessy
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    Henessy , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Hello all,
    I am unable to use whatsapp on mobile Sim data. Can access Google related applications without any issues. Moreover whatsapp works fine on WiFi.... Please help this is irritating of not able to use whatsapp when I am on mobile Sim data. I have checked restrict background data settings and it is disabled. Please help

  2. sjain2503@
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    sjain2503@ , Oct 6, 2015 :
    as of now camera app is buggy, using google camera which also not supporting sometimes getting ccrashed. Camera app is not having any options to customize.
    Waiting for the update.

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  3. akgindika
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

  4. retrop2
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

  5. rickvdsommen
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 6, 2015

  6. engineersaini
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    engineersaini , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Do a fresh install with full ROM. Its less buggy and more smoother than update. Remember to take backup of your stuff before doing.

  7. engineersaini
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    engineersaini , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Check SIM settings if you are using dual SIM and try to use the data SIM as SIM 1.

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  8. voranop
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

    voranop , Oct 6, 2015 :
    For the lastest facebook update v 49 on oxygen 2.1 oneplus 2

    the account that have a page admin when sign into / the facebook app will crash

    Other account that no page admin can be sign in and work normal

  9. prakash.kolhatkar
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

  10. Henessy
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    Henessy , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Tried changing the SIM slots and stuff still the same... Mobile is receiving data from SIM but not able to access whatsapp and Facebook etc.... and need to refresh everytime manually for notifications... It is really pissing me off.... Pathetic customer support from Oneplus... no response for tickets and calls....
    Phone is just there in the cupboard.... :(

  11. ritsu
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

    ritsu , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Hi there!I want to know when will OxygenOS will be updated to Android 6.0

  12. ben_villain
    Eclair Oct 6, 2015

    ben_villain , Oct 6, 2015 :
    OTAs rule! Good to see support for the OS, was worried that it may fall by the way-side

  13. nbrnz85
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    nbrnz85 , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Still no news on a release for the oneplus ONE then ?
    Are we to "now settle" for being left behind ?
    Never settle (aslong as you have our latest hardware) ?

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  14. jyubil
    Gingerbread Oct 6, 2015

    jyubil , Oct 6, 2015 :
    1 hour 56 min left on 98% battery.. Are you serious? Wtf... Please reply experts

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  15. pratyush1993
    Gingerbread Oct 6, 2015

    pratyush1993 , Oct 6, 2015 :
    When will 1+2 get marshmallow?
    The fingerprint can only be used to unlock mobile. Atleast with marshmallow we will have native support.

  16. djhk
    Cupcake Oct 6, 2015

    djhk , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Hi there, I just tried to install the OTA and now my OP2 hangs at the boot screen. Didn't root, jailbreak or anything since I got it. Just installed the google now launcher and lots of apps set everything up and now that!!! How can an OTA update just break an pretty much untempered phone? What do I do now? And yeah I tried to search the forum for a similar post, but didn't find one... Help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  17. TheKaruse
    Honeycomb Oct 6, 2015

    TheKaruse , Oct 6, 2015 :
    This discharge seems too linear to be true. Allow your device to fully discharge and then recharge it while it is off.

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  18. SpiryX
    Donut Oct 6, 2015

    SpiryX , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Not so great...... . Very ugly update. They fixed 6 issues and another wave of them came around.

  19. engineersaini
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    engineersaini , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Plz check in settings accounts, on the top right 3 dots whether auto sync is on or off. Check the box if not.

  20. engineersaini
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    engineersaini , Oct 6, 2015 :
    just tap the thee dots on Top right and refresh..I think it will be solved

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