OxygenOS 2.1.0 OTA roll-out starting now!

  1. aditlal
    Eclair Oct 27, 2015

    aditlal , Oct 27, 2015 :
    Is raw ever going to work , i'd say months of waiting for oneplus to acknowledge and release the bug release

  2. jiangpan0205
    Cupcake Oct 30, 2015

  3. Natasjavdh
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2015

    Natasjavdh , Nov 7, 2015 :
    I also don't have a signal. Before the update I could acces my own mobile provider and now I can only see 3 providers (with 2 providers from different countries so absolutely NOT okay). Can anyone please help me ? I am so desperate now, can't connect and already rebooted my system. Is there any possibility to get back to the previous OxygenOS version (2.1.0)? :(

  4. skyjuice88
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2015

    skyjuice88 , Nov 13, 2015 :
    I called the SC at Indah Parade. They said need to wait for the motherboard and might take weeks. I asked what if I dont change the motherboard and she said might result in lost of data (which I am quite doubtful). Anyone has any issue so far?

  5. Meniawy
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2015

    Meniawy , Nov 13, 2015 :
    SMS non threading bug is still there, how many updates we need to correct this? Frustrating really.

  6. Mokha
    Cupcake Nov 16, 2015

    Mokha , Nov 16, 2015 :
    LOOOOOOOOOOL GG oem_nv_backup the nv partition is invalid no one seems to have the answer

  7. juky
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2016

    juky , Apr 24, 2016 :
    oem_nv_backup the nv partition is invalid

    Anyone has a solution for it?

  8. JustAPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 24, 2016

    JustAPhone , Apr 24, 2016 :
    Update to 2.2.1 or 3. It will remove that error message.

  9. juky
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2016

    juky , Apr 24, 2016 :
    tried that, no go. Also no IMEI, no network, no calls.
    Any further method or idea?

  10. juky
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2016

    juky , Apr 25, 2016 :
    Found EFS backup.
    After restore, same issue.

    If I pull

    with dd:

    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p10 of=/sdcard/modemst1.bin bs=512
    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11 of=/sdcard/modemst2.bin bs=512

    to sdcard, they have 1M each, whilst backup is 10M.

    Can anyone try the same command and check the size of backup?

  11. Shermaine
    Cupcake Jun 10, 2016

    Shermaine , Jun 10, 2016 :
    Hi, I just updated my OS however I am not allowed to share FB photo externally.. It keeps asking me to change apps setting but I cant change it.. Anyone encounter this problem? How to solve it?