OxygenOS 2.2.0 rollout is starting

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  1. Fabio3105
    Eclair Jan 12, 2016

    Fabio3105 , Jan 12, 2016 :
    i did a factory reset 2 times and now i've the same problems... probably you are very lucky ;)
    and please, don't tell to stop complaining! the opt cost € 400 and I claim that work without factory reset if I install Official OTA.

  2. wmm
    KitKat Jan 12, 2016

    wmm , Jan 12, 2016 :
    For the screen temperature, pull down the quick settings; at the top is a slider. The icon at the left end is a toggle: when it shows a sun icon, the slider controls the screen brightness; when it shows a cloud icon, the slider controls the screen temperature.

    For hiding the search bar, either long-press on an unused part of the home screen or use the "menu" command if you have assigned it to one of the keys. At the lower right of the resulting screen is a "gear" settings icon. Tap that, and the last item in the settings screen is a toggle for hiding the search bar.

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  3. bokdoyagee
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    bokdoyagee , Jan 12, 2016 :
    i wish i could work at oneplus

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  4. ronyjarod
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    ronyjarod , Jan 12, 2016 :
    obviously he is one of the being paid to say opt v2.2.0 is the best

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  5. ronyjarod
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    ronyjarod , Jan 12, 2016 :
    how much did you get?

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  6. kaihp
    Jelly Bean Jan 12, 2016

    kaihp , Jan 12, 2016 :
    The oneplus equivalent of the Wu mao.

  7. ronyjarod
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

  8. holkoo
    Cupcake Jan 12, 2016

    holkoo , Jan 12, 2016 :
    I'm experiencing simillar issues with my phone as you guys. It certainly doesnt feel anything like flagship killer now.. I'm thinking of flashing custom rom on my phone. Any suggestions ? Exodus seems good but fingerprint sensor and autofocus dont work there...

  9. luis.p.coutinho
    Donut Jan 12, 2016

    luis.p.coutinho , Jan 12, 2016 :
    To be honest with all of you, for a 400€ phone, OnePlus just made shity software that just won't go along the good hardware that they've made. I've lived throught all these bugs and they start to be really anoying as soon as I remember the price that I paid for this shity mariage between the hardware and the software...

    I had a nexus 5 for two years, which is a must worst device and it still runs beautiful in lollipop or marshmellow without a problem.

    So why does OnePlus is being so flawed with this shity software? We're talking about Lollipop a software that shouldn't have bugs anymore...

    My advice to you: don't think to much about the bugs because sonner or later they will be fixed and you'll have a blast with the phone.

    Until then you have two choices: sell it or I use it until they 're fixed... And again to be honest with you guys, once again, I don't think that OnePlus will be able to fix the existent bugs, because they don't have the programming firepower to code and figure out the problems, they don't have the brains and simply they don't know how because we're talking about an old system that was launched one year ago!!! but don't worry, with marshmellow they're will be even more bugs to live with... unfortunately...

    Don't take me the wrong way, I enjoy the phone very much, but some times I remember how DUMB OnePlus is to have created this shity software and just want to shoot my brains out!!!


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  10. danduf1981
    Honeycomb Jan 12, 2016

    danduf1981 , Jan 12, 2016 :
    Maybe you should share your rock stable custom ROM with the community since you are clearly a much better developer. Oh wait, are you a developer?

  11. artta
    Cupcake Jan 12, 2016

    artta , Jan 12, 2016 :
    It worked for two days. Today ringtone volume was stuck at the bottom and had to reboot. Fix this issue.

  12. eurokidx
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    eurokidx , Jan 12, 2016 :
    Am the only who never had any bugs? o_O and i had 2.1.2 and 2.2.0.. Never did have a bug..

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  13. ArjunArneja
    Cupcake Jan 12, 2016

    ArjunArneja , Jan 12, 2016 :
    The Sim preference in the new update is still creating a problem as on the first click the pop-up comes and disappears before u could select, have to click again for that and is ok on the second touch

  14. SaltLife
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 12, 2016

    SaltLife , Jan 12, 2016 :
    Easy, bro. They're not wrong, I too thought people were just complaining too much because mine was smooth but more recently it's lagging even while using the default apps. The software seems to be having poor ram management issues.

    Hey! Back off of him, pal. What he's saying is true. He didn't brag about his 2.2.0 running smoothly or said anything about a stable custom ROM. Nor did he rudely tell anyone to stop complaining. All he's saying is that the Lollipop software is over a year old, which means OP started integrating OOS into Lollipop later which resulted in little testing of the whole Lollipop ROM due to time issues. So yes shitty software, but all he is saying is that hopefully they've begun to work with Marshmallow from it's birth (only three months old) and result in a better ROM than this. So yes, either sell the phone or wait for the Marshmallow update.
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  15. tracks
    Cupcake Jan 12, 2016

    tracks , Jan 12, 2016 :
    As of January 2016 what is the current version of OS for the oneplus two. And the oneplus x ?

  16. Mistic
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    Mistic , Jan 12, 2016 :
    • Battery performance has almost halved
    • Photo quality is worse than before
    • OxygenOS operates in slow motion
    • Requiring improvement sim selection feature
    • Fingerprint sensor not working well
    • Shortcuts can't be edited (UI crashes)
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    In my opinion, One+ 2 is almost a flagship but OxygenOS is a flagship killer!

  17. Mistic
    Gingerbread Jan 12, 2016

    Mistic , Jan 12, 2016 :
    OxygenOS 2.2.0

  18. QuantumCity
    Donut Jan 12, 2016

  19. Zafaryaab
    Cupcake Jan 12, 2016

    Zafaryaab , Jan 12, 2016 :

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  20. luissalvador90
    Honeycomb Jan 13, 2016

    luissalvador90 , Jan 13, 2016 :
    More and more lag, week after week... Meanwhile, my old Nexus 5 looks like a rocket running Marshmallow. I miss that...

    EDIT: I did a wipe cache and it seems to be a little better ...
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