OxygenOS 2.2.0 rollout is starting

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  1. Rowman
    Honeycomb Feb 23, 2016

    Rowman , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Same here just a different app...

  2. Princepavz
    Cupcake Feb 23, 2016

  3. aj7400
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 23, 2016

    aj7400 , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Because its a money waste crap ...

    And they will realise soon when they launch the op3

    Op is lost from 3 months and the newly launched opx is suffering from gaming lags since launch and these ******** idiots are just celebrating and the ceo is not bothered ...

    I bet they will soon realise

  4. Nimesh. P
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2016

    Nimesh. P , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Q1 of this year. In other words, till the end of March.

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  5. vksinha
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 23, 2016

    vksinha , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Well, I was hoping that may be after 160 pages full of comments, OPT & Oxygen teams will give us a glimpse of what is coming, what can we expect, what is in, what is out.!
    I surely understand updates can't be released every month, there is no point delivering a buggy build.
    But at least keep us informed in form of brief posts on forum.
    Can you.. Please.!! :rolleyes:

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  6. andrejcek
    Eclair Feb 23, 2016

  7. dantisjoeshaji
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2016

  8. sajavid
    Froyo Feb 23, 2016

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  9. machlo
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2016

    machlo , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Did you even have looked at al the threads of the OP2??

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  10. Mistic
    Gingerbread Feb 23, 2016

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  11. heilmaenner
    Cupcake Feb 23, 2016

    heilmaenner , Feb 23, 2016 :
    Finally I made the step to CM13. I have to say, f* the FP, it is running sooooo much smoother that I'd recommend everyone to give it a try!
    Maybe one day OP will release drivers/API for FP Sensor, so that CM will be even better.

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  12. kabircha
    Cupcake Feb 24, 2016

    kabircha , Feb 24, 2016 :
    I hadn't used the video recording on the one plus 2
    when I do it doesn't record more than 5 min and 56 second on time laps .. it turns off by it self its very annoying I usually like to record my drive to work which is about 30 min I cant even record whole thing I don't if device is defective or thats how one plus 2 work .. I have Samsung note 4 on that I am able to record my 30 min drive ..... I was going to switch to one plus 2 .. can any one help me with this if there is any setting or something that i can change ..... its really hard to get hold of support ????

  13. kabircha
    Cupcake Feb 24, 2016

  14. roxietech
    Cupcake Feb 24, 2016

    roxietech , Feb 24, 2016 :
    Has anyone else had issues with their power button not working? Sometimes my display won't turn on for like 5 mins. Seriously wish this phone had a removable battery so I could reboot, but I usually have to wait until the phone starts responding to the power button again... seriously frustrated.

  15. JustAPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 24, 2016

    JustAPhone , Feb 24, 2016 :
    factory reset... or jump to CM13....

  16. JustAPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 24, 2016

    JustAPhone , Feb 24, 2016 :
    Haha.. i think he read it but choose not to believe.

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  17. vksinha
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 24, 2016

    vksinha , Feb 24, 2016 :
    Next time when it happens (unresponsive display), don't wait for the button to respond. Instead keep the power button pressed for a longer time (few seconds). It'll restart the phone. Hard reboot.

  18. dantisjoeshaji
    Gingerbread Feb 24, 2016

  19. dantisjoeshaji
    Gingerbread Feb 24, 2016

  20. sahil177795
    Eclair Feb 24, 2016