OxygenOS 2.2.0 will start roll-out on OnePlus X today

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  1. javiqb_GOAT
    Gingerbread Jan 26, 2016

    javiqb_GOAT , Jan 26, 2016 :
    As well as nothing @Helen ?

    As soon as OTA installed...answer will be unveiled...

    As Bon Jovi said... "keep the faith....keep the faaaaaaith....Lord we got to keep the faith"


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  2. Freaky Beanie
    Donut Jan 26, 2016

    Freaky Beanie , Jan 26, 2016 :
    For me after the last update (a while back) it worked. I did format the card in the phone if it helps.

  3. UnicornKaz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 26, 2016

    UnicornKaz , Jan 26, 2016 :
    To those reporting lags...

    I'll use any browser loading as an example:

    I'm connecting at 100+ Mbps ( still see loading jitter once in awhile, and I'm sure there are others at even higher speeds ;) )


    Some users with slow speed connection might count that as lag on OS fault... but really, as I've seen some reported low speed people gets in the other thread :eek:... the loading page naturally going to take longer time.

    Please don't count that as lag... blame it on your "LTE" speed...if that even classified as LTE o_O :eek:

    hahahah !

  4. pravinp2
    Cupcake Jan 26, 2016

    pravinp2 , Jan 26, 2016 :
    After updating my phone sim 2 didn't get signal checked with the port but it showing the sim in sim card settings. help me out

  5. diggin4aliving
    Eclair Jan 27, 2016

  6. agi.sugilar
    Donut Jan 27, 2016

    agi.sugilar , Jan 27, 2016 :
    Just update to 2.2.0, when I open the camera app then select the PHOTO mode, the flash led OFF...could not setup AUTO or ON mode.

    Understood if on the MANUAL mode the flash led setup OFF, but why its happend as well on Photo mode??

    Any suggestion?

    I flashed to 2.2.0 using zip file.
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  7. UnicornKaz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2016

    UnicornKaz , Jan 27, 2016 :
    From previous page... and other areas in the forum !!



  8. pwseo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2016

    pwseo , Jan 27, 2016 :
    @Helen are there any plans to support Camera2 API? Manual mode is great but it restricts people to the stock Camera app. I'd like to be able to use apps like Manual Camera in their full capacity.

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  9. PsyPhi
    Donut Jan 27, 2016

    PsyPhi , Jan 27, 2016 :
    I have updated the X with 2.2.0. Thanks for the update OP. There have been no problems with any performance and the camera manual mode is very good. But I am now getting the data usage details a lot of times. Can I make some changes in the settings to make it not show again?

  10. Evcorchado
    Eclair Jan 27, 2016

  11. UnicornKaz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2016

    UnicornKaz , Jan 27, 2016 :
    You ARE in the X forum.... ask in the correct area & might get answer ;)

  12. UnicornKaz
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 27, 2016

    UnicornKaz , Jan 27, 2016 :
    originally stated "PLANNED" !
    and it's STILL January !!

    look around... others have been worse at updates ( surprisingly some major players ! )

    Glass is 1/2 full !! not empty !! :cool:

  13. jish_dx
    Donut Jan 27, 2016

  14. Rushil012
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2016

    Rushil012 , Jan 27, 2016 :
    My Phone is Not Rooted But Its saying That Phone is rooted and Its not Updating Installation gets failed Help me Please

  15. bobo x
    Eclair Jan 27, 2016

    bobo x , Jan 27, 2016 :
    Malaysia belum sampai bro..

  16. Rushil012
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2016

    Rushil012 , Jan 27, 2016 :

  17. jeconiah
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2016

  18. UtsavX
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2016

    UtsavX , Jan 27, 2016 :
    Previously I had a few issues with phone not charging (taking to long to charge abt 4-5 hrs. It got solved after I visited the service center. Now after this update the same thing is repeating plus my shelf goes blank every 5-6 hours,I don't know why. Give me a solutiokn if u have. Thank you

  19. agi.sugilar
    Donut Jan 27, 2016

    agi.sugilar , Jan 27, 2016 :
    Hi UncornKaz,

    Thank you very much. I noticed now that the flash led will be able to select if only there is NO any filter selected (Beauty, HDR, or Clear Image).

    Just my review using 2.2.0 in a day. Everything perfect, smooth, no lag at all..similar to 2.1.3-x with better improvement. Very love the camera option to store on ext SD Card. I will be patiently waiting for Marshamallow on OPX.

    Keep up good work Helen and OnePlus Team.


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  20. markiv66778
    Froyo Jan 27, 2016

    markiv66778 , Jan 27, 2016 :
    Thats what i thought about Antutu but its weird to see those dip in results after update..
    And about clear all button..

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