OxygenOS 3.1.4 (Marshmallow) OTA for OnePlus X

  1. sharat3
    Donut Feb 23, 2017

    sharat3 , Feb 23, 2017 :
    So if I flash the OOS3 zip, will the camera perform the same as on OOS 3.1.4? And if it does, will I need to reflash the OOS3 camera after each of the weekly OTA or will it remain as is?

  2. Kéno40
    Jelly Bean Feb 23, 2017

    Kéno40 , Feb 23, 2017 :
    It's an "OOS3's camera zip".
    And Yes & I reflash it each time..

  3. Vamsi Varun
    Gingerbread Feb 26, 2017

    Vamsi Varun , Feb 26, 2017 :
    Why OnePlus why?
    Even though it is a wrong post, I need to mention this.
    1. When your company came up with op1 how well you guys reacted on our response. It is we the people who brought you up(remember)
    2. No updates to OnePlus X is very annoying.
    3. Spending 17k on a mobile and not getting NOUGAT update is very bad.
    4. Even Moto g4 got the UPDATE.!!!
    5. Don't try to cheat US, WE WILL REACT ACCORDINGLY.



  4. Divyesh.Dobariya
    Froyo Feb 26, 2017

    Divyesh.Dobariya , Feb 26, 2017 :
    OP don't give sh*t about this at all.. They are busy in pre production of OP 4

  5. Vamsi Varun
    Gingerbread Feb 26, 2017

    Vamsi Varun , Feb 26, 2017 :
    What to do? Waste of money!!! OnePlus cheated us!! They are giving good performance products but those aren't available for at least 1 year. Iam fed up!!!

  6. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 26, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 26, 2017 :
    Note: THE OPX CANNOT get the Nougat update as it doesn't support the hardware encryption needed for it (and QC stopped writing firmware for it). SO stop crying, and go on with your life. There's nothing special with OOS 4.x.x (running it on my OP3 and 3T.), I don't really know what you're missing out on.

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  7. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 26, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 26, 2017 :
    You're fed up you little crybaby? Srsly. The moment when OnePlus stopped selling the OPX was exactly the moment when QC stopped producing the SD801 SoC.

    Are you blaming OnePlus for the lack of firmware for the phone? Be happy with everything you get. Look at all the Samsung phones in the exact same price range, released in the same time of the year. All of which are still running either Android 5.1.1 or Android 6.0.1 with no updates on the horizon.

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  8. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 26, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 26, 2017 :
    Go to Samsung, buy their $260 phone. And come back in a year and tell me how many updates it has got. Enjoy. And please, just stay away over at Samsung.

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  9. Manuj Joshi
    Cupcake Feb 27, 2017

    Manuj Joshi , Feb 27, 2017 :
    Samsung doesn't provide what it doesn't provide because it has a huge name and it can do whatever it wants to and still be in the market. Owning a Samsung phone and owning a Oneplus (an unknown Chinese company to most people) are totally different things.

    And even if OnePlus can't provide Nougat it should at least provide an update to Marshmallow which doesn't come with a warning 'Known Issues'

    If it's gonna play like the way it is then either it should start spending on advertising like Samsung or its days are numbered.

  10. G_rushikesh_kumbhar_lGHB
    Eclair Feb 27, 2017

    G_rushikesh_kumbhar_lGHB , Feb 27, 2017 :
    @Jeffrey98,Samsung mid/low range phones gets atleast security updates after 2,3months. Its stable Android version without any bugs(I'm using opx & Samsung j2 2015 also)
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  11. Divyesh.Dobariya
    Froyo Feb 27, 2017

    Divyesh.Dobariya , Feb 27, 2017 :
    Samsung don't sell smartphone with shitty software which has many bugs and if found one then it is solved in shorter time... So do search and than compare OP to the Samsung. I do respect oneplus for giving best at low cost but leaving device with bugs that i don't like it.

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  12. Vamsi Varun
    Gingerbread Feb 27, 2017

    Vamsi Varun , Feb 27, 2017 :
    I asked for a good and big update. I didn't mention NOUGAT update!???

  13. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 27, 2017 :
    Well... a Samsung smartphone or an OnePlus smartphone.. What's the difference? We're talking about smartphones in the same price range, both running Android, and both available in the same markets.

    Have you ever owned a smartphone without bugs? Don't think so. Even if a company wouldn't mention bugs, all of them know there are plenty of bugs under the hood not worth fixing. The cheaper a phone is, the lesser you can expect on the update side of things, whether it's a Samsung or OnePlus smartphone.

    Their days aren't numbered, they're numbered for you. The biggest part of the users don't even visit the forum and are happily using the phone. The real problem is the user's thinking that if they have an issue, and think OnePlus will bring a fix to their feet tomorrow morning. They haven't promised anything on the software side of things, whether you like it or not.

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  14. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 27, 2017 :
    That may be the case. And I can place a bet on the fact that most of the OPX users are really happy with their phones. My brother owns an OnePlus X, and he's a pretty darn heavy user (don't ask me why he bought the OPX...). And he's very happy for what I hear him telling about it. He isn't the only one, as I've seen plenty of others on the forum and elsewhere using their OPX without any issues.

    And let's wait until Nougat arrives for the J2 2015 (Oh wait, it won't come.)

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  15. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 27, 2017 :
    I'm asking you, how big can you make it if you stay on the same Android version? Unless OnePlus bangs their head against the wall and updates the OPX to OOS 3.5.x, you won't see any big Android updates.

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  16. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Feb 27, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Feb 27, 2017 :
    I've done enough research in the past years, and I came to know Touchwiz as one of the most shittiest UI's in existence. With most of their phones, you'll get plenty of bugs of things that need a lot more optimization. Come back to me when you've found the perfect Samsung smartphone for $250 which comes with no bugs, and if it does come with them, with one that got fixes within a few months. Because that's really funny as even their flagships can walk around with bugs for a long, long time without being fixed.

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  17. G_rushikesh_kumbhar_lGHB
    Eclair Feb 28, 2017

    G_rushikesh_kumbhar_lGHB , Feb 28, 2017 :
    @Jeffrey98 I'm not talking about Nougat, I just compare j2 2015 with security updates & who tell u I'm not happy with opx I just said bugs free android is on j2
    . Just stop ur chuttiyappa. Bc.

  18. Divyesh.Dobariya
    Froyo Mar 1, 2017

    Divyesh.Dobariya , Mar 1, 2017 :
    Well your research becomes useless as samsung has done many (manyyyyy) improvements in TouchWiz from s6... so if you are telling that you did research, it is waste!

  19. TheSpoken
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 1, 2017

    TheSpoken , Mar 1, 2017 :
    Nope, its still terrible in ram management and the overall UI experience sucks. I've owned an S7 edge and can say this straightforward.

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  20. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Mar 2, 2017

    Jeffreyvdv3lde , Mar 2, 2017 :
    They've indeed improved it. But, and that's what you need to take into account, it still isn't what you would expect from such a big company like Samsung. Especially low to midrange devices are just missing the needed optimisations. Yeah, the interface looks less childish, but it's still a pretty damn heavy skin.

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