OxygenOS 3.5.2 (MM) Community Beta for OnePlus 3

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  1. yawarkhalid
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

    yawarkhalid , Sep 15, 2016 :
    How good of an idea is it to update to the community build?
    Is this the official thing or will we get an OTA Update on 3.2.4. once the stable build is out? (Hater oversmart arrogant fans, please stay away, just asking for some help)

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  2. ck_______k
    Cupcake Sep 15, 2016

    ck_______k , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Can I download it on 3.5.0 to directly 3.5.2 or I should also download 3.5.1 update also

    And one more question we can't get all this updates official on our mobile

  3. Adipekar
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2016

    Adipekar , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Well, yeah, you only use one SIM. That's the point. I have two SIMs in my phone but want to disable one when I'm in Germany. I have the other one for travel. So that one is disabled. So the icon for the disabled SIM is in the status bar and it looks ugly. OOS 3.2.4 did it right, it hid the disabled SIM icon in the status bar.

  4. ElfStone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 15, 2016

    ElfStone , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Aaaaaa. Now I understand :)
    I understand that can be annoying... hope you get a fix :)

  5. grk007
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

    grk007 , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Download the Complete Build from the OP, adb sideload via Stock recovery. thats it.. :)

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  6. Shocky
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

    Shocky , Sep 15, 2016 :
    I've read the reason for this is many of the original development staff left due to being overworked, this would explain a lot.

  7. JyotiradityaG5
    Eclair Sep 15, 2016

    JyotiradityaG5 , Sep 15, 2016 :
    And this isn't for any regional language it's for English. They should've at least polished English by now.

  8. daleski75
    KitKat Sep 15, 2016

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  9. Harley Wilson
    Froyo Sep 15, 2016

    Harley Wilson , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Installed last night, and I have a few things to report:
    1. The camera works fine for me. No autofocus issues with the back or front camera.
    2. The reboot menu works fine for me as well. I have enabled the advanced reboot menu in Developer Options.
    3. Android Auto doesn't work. It initializes on the phone properly, and I get the warning message on my head unit, but then just a black screen on the head unit. I tried clearing the cache/data and uninstalling/reinstalling the app, but the issue persists.
    4. No LTE indicator on T-Mobile (USA). I just have 4G over my data indicator, but I was able to pull down at 93Mbs. Given that HSPA doesn't move that fast, I'm guessing it's just an indicator bug.
    5. No VOLTE indicator. Given the above issue, I can't tell if the indicator has been removed (I thought it was pointless anyway), or if it's actually not working.
    I reported 3-5 in the User Feedback app. Just wanted to add my voice to conversation.
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  10. kuningtelor
    Cupcake Sep 15, 2016

    kuningtelor , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Just wondering if there any cons in oxygen os 3.5.2 if you guys can help i really appreciate it

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  11. jmarcosk
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2016

  12. Shocky
    Honeycomb Sep 15, 2016

    Shocky , Sep 15, 2016 :
    I don't believe in coincidences, it was a result of the update.

    I have images on dropbox uploaded the same day, just a matter of hours before installing this firmware and they're fine.

    Worst case Galaxy S6 comes out of semi retirement, at least I won't have to worry about 4G speeds for a while. I've had the phone since the end of June.

  13. ritchiedrama
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 15, 2016

  14. Ricky101RK
    Donut Sep 15, 2016

  15. hellcat50
    Froyo Sep 15, 2016

    hellcat50 , Sep 15, 2016 :
    so this build isn't compatible with lower densitys. always using 400 but this time the qs panel isn't flexible

  16. ungeeked
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 15, 2016

    ungeeked , Sep 15, 2016 :
    For all countries except US, 4G = LTE, HSPA = 3G+
    For US, HSPA = 4 so it isn't a bug

    I thought u were selling yours? Saw a thread about it

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  17. daleski75
    KitKat Sep 15, 2016

  18. Harley Wilson
    Froyo Sep 15, 2016

    Harley Wilson , Sep 15, 2016 :
    Yep, that's what I figured. Previous builds had an LTE indicator, so I reported the change. It'd be confusing to those in the States.

  19. Johnwalk
    Cupcake Sep 15, 2016

    Johnwalk , Sep 15, 2016 :
    I am confused why some people (me included) have no power menu when holding the power button and some do when we are on the same phone and OS version. Is there something in data or one of the apps that can be cleared? For me the new release is running fine, except the power menu problem and missing items (have to search for them) in the settings app (like Home).

  20. EinMaulwurf
    Eclair Sep 15, 2016

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