OxygenOS 3.5.2 (MM) Community Beta for OnePlus 3

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  1. Hogyoku
    Donut Sep 14, 2016

    Hogyoku , Sep 14, 2016 :
    I'm not one to loose my temper quickly ...... But how the frack did you manage to break twrp ? PLEEEAASEEE FIX THIS ASAP

  2. Suraj Pai K
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2016

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  3. MarkLR
    Jelly Bean Sep 14, 2016

    MarkLR , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Works fine, I'll report some of my findings here (I've posted them already in the other thread).

    Cannot lower volume to minimum using the hardware keys. It always stops at one notch before silent. This has been there since the first version.

    >If you quick search from the dialer the entire yellow pages from china shows up
    >There was a setting for "deep doze" or something like that in battery optimization setting screen, it's gone now
    >The changelog is wrong, there isn't any button to kill app from memory, but a setting under Advanced that allows you to choose if you want to kill all apps or just remove them from recent by pressing the button
    >Massive increase in Antutu scores (150.000 on a hot phone) - Actually I looked at the benchmark this time around and the graphics are broken, that's why it runs faster. Games look fine and run the same though.
    >The italian translation ranges from wrong to wtf in all the new parts. I feel like you don't have a native speaker translating these new parts.

    Still missing / not working well / imperfections
    >Allowing to add more (or less) than 9 toggles to the menu
    >Clock widget not resizable, seriously it's huge
    >In dark mode, the top of the settings background is a slightly different shade of black (hardly noticeable)
    >Touch&Pay setting available even though I'm sure it's not accepted anywhere in Italy
    >Weather app has jerky and unpolished animations when switching between cities
    >Shelf not blurriying the image when using a custom background
    > Camera still the same as before, video stabilization not working below 4k, etc

    Tweaks I'd appreciate:
    >Showing remaining battery percentage inside the icon
    >Showing remaining battery percentage on ambient display
    >Make folder icons black when black theme is selected
    >Add a setting to not show icon labels on the homescreen but show them on the drawer
    >Add folders on the drawer
    >On long click on the new battery saver toggle, going to main battery screen would be more useful
    >Allow the space left behind by removing the Google search widget to be usable
    >Also allow different grid sizes for homescreen
    >Give some way to tell if Mobile Data is enabled even when on WiFi (IE make the icon blue if it's activated when on WiFi)
    >Maybe some native way to record the screen?
    >And an additional "Dark Gray" theme that looks like the "Dark" theme from the first build. It looked more elegant than pitch black.

    That's it, keep up the good work, I'm really liking this version.
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  4. damiandd
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

    damiandd , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Found two major bugs ..one is at Massager app .. sometimes massage s disappear & come s back ...2. music volume not that great when I play a track volume start louder than gose down ...


  5. itssandeepd
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

  6. Mike124
    Froyo Sep 14, 2016

    Mike124 , Sep 14, 2016 :
    It will be cool if someone can make a video review of this new update.
    Hopefully someone can come up with patched build prop editor for One Plus 3.

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  7. nitramcek
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2016

    nitramcek , Sep 14, 2016 :
    It worked. I did use it.

  8. You29ef
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2016

    You29ef , Sep 14, 2016 :
    The entire yellow pages from China?! You mean the double results problem that was in the previous version?

  9. dermot33
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2016

    dermot33 , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Maybe the kill all background processes or deep clean option is whats new

  10. Shocky
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

    Shocky , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Substantial performance increase for 3d graphics and a very slight improvement in CPU/Memory performance.

    Clockspeed's appear the same so I'm assuming a driver update for the graphics.

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  11. dermot33
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2016

    dermot33 , Sep 14, 2016 :
    You guys have to install Google's stock app.No batery drain or weird stuff like this

  12. xankazo
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

    xankazo , Sep 14, 2016 :
    No bro, the ACTUAL Yellow Pages from China.

  13. You29ef
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2016

    You29ef , Sep 14, 2016 :
    I wasn't able to replicate the problem... Guess that's good :)

  14. You29ef
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2016

    You29ef , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Yes, but since the build brings on "improvements" to the dialer I'm testing it. :)

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  15. Jdickie23
    Gingerbread Sep 14, 2016

    Jdickie23 , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Nor was I. It only showed results from my contacts list. (I opened dialer and hit the search icon)

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  16. Deactivated User
    Sep 14, 2016

  17. MarkLR
    Jelly Bean Sep 14, 2016

    MarkLR , Sep 14, 2016 :
    And yeah the double result is still there also.

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  18. xankazo
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

    xankazo , Sep 14, 2016 :
    What's wrong with the Lockscreen?

  19. xankazo
    Honeycomb Sep 14, 2016

    xankazo , Sep 14, 2016 :
    If only battery life was good or comparable to 3.2.x I would use the CB as my daily driver. But, 3.5.1 had terrible battery life and I had to go back to 3.2.4.

    Is it too soon for a battery life report?

  20. aj7400
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 14, 2016

    aj7400 , Sep 14, 2016 :
    Thats not broken , its the way it should be , because now the vibrate mode is enabled when you switch the alert slider to top position.
    So that is the reason when the alert slider is at down position , you cannot put it to vibrate mode using volume keys and hence it stays at 1 level .