OxygenOS 4.1.0 (7.1.1) OTA for OnePlus 3T

  1. fricy81
    Froyo Mar 17, 2017

    fricy81 , Mar 17, 2017 :
    It's working for me.

  2. Razorwire
    Froyo Mar 17, 2017

    Razorwire , Mar 17, 2017 :
    i've been playing around with my devices for years man, i'm always careful with each step and always flash clean.

    after flashing TWRP, clean flashing 4.0.1 and rooting, the phone ran like a dream and the battery lasted ages, i only started having issues from 4.0.2 and onward and my other phone, the OnePlus X is running great, so i really don't think it's something i did wrong.

  3. otto2
    Photography Expert Mar 17, 2017

    otto2 , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Format your hard drive and install an OS for professionals. Try opensuse. More secure, free, and all drivers included.

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  4. illuminarias
    Honeycomb Mar 17, 2017

    illuminarias , Mar 17, 2017 :
    I had a similar issue. When I got the first Nougat update, everything was fine. I got 5+ hrs of SOT. But when I upgraded to Beta, I could barely crack the 3hr mark. I dirty flashed this update over beta and the battery life was pretty bad at first, but after 2 cycles my battery life is getting better. I just did 4 and a half hour SOT with 20% left. Give it a few cycles, maybe that'll help. Android OS isn't taking up the top spots on battery either.

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  5. Master_TC
    KitKat Mar 17, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 17, 2017 :
    For the most user it´s gone. I don´t have it too.... But we all can use 24-hours format.

  6. Master_TC
    KitKat Mar 17, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Yes it´s not present any more for all.

  7. Muhaymin
    Eclair Mar 17, 2017

    Muhaymin , Mar 17, 2017 :
    It looks to have self restored itself somehow

  8. Razorwire
    Froyo Mar 17, 2017

    Razorwire , Mar 17, 2017 :
    i used to get over 6-7 SOT tho and yeah, for me the top slots have been screen, android os, play services and then android system.

    tho i barely used the phone today so it's really weird, i'm currently charging it all the way up, gonna remove security and take it all back to stock (recovery and OOS 4.1.0, locked bootloader etc.)

    i'll come back with an update on the situation tomorrow i suppose

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  9. G_Sumanth_Reddy_OESd
    Donut Mar 17, 2017

    G_Sumanth_Reddy_OESd , Mar 17, 2017 :
    got stuck at 71.3 percent and don't able to download now how can I resolve it

  10. Master_TC
    KitKat Mar 17, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 17, 2017 :
    You have 2 options:
    1. go to filemanager and delete the folder OnePlusH2OTA, then you can start the update again
    2. download the full update and make a install from local storage in recovery mode

  11. Hitesh Sood
    Donut Mar 17, 2017

    Hitesh Sood , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Bhai opera vpn download kar and connect to Canada and enjoy...

  12. abhinavpamneja
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

    abhinavpamneja , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Can anyone tell me if now the CAMERA of OnePlus 3T can click photos of moving objects/humans without any BLUR ??

    I am planning to buy this phone but don't want blurry pictures at all !

  13. Tomas_Nagaj
    Eclair Mar 17, 2017

    Tomas_Nagaj , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Not sure how to confirm it. I'm afraid I don't have any hardware supporting aptx.
    I think they would mention it in the change log.

  14. Roderick11
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

  15. Xaltotun
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

    Xaltotun , Mar 17, 2017 :
    I saw the update notification in the notification bar, but I chose not to apply it immediately (I was at a customer meeting).

    Came back home, and now I can't update ; here's the situation : in Settings / Update, I am being told that I am up to date (even the log shows the changes from latest 7.1.1 update). However in Settings / Android Version, I see I'm still on the 7.0.0 release.

    One of these two is wrong, and I'm pretty sure it's the update service, because I know I did not apply the update.

    How can I 'reset' the update service to get back the update notification either in the notification bar or in Settings? I did a reboot but it did not help...

  16. Xaltotun
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

    Xaltotun , Mar 17, 2017 :
    I have not seen a huge 'real life' difference between the pictures I take with my 3T and my previous phones (LG G4, Galaxy S4, etc.).

  17. Master_TC
    KitKat Mar 17, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Try this:
    - open your filemanager and delete the folder OnePlusH2OTA
    - wipe the cache in settings - storage & memory
    - wipe the cache in recovery mode
    - search again for new update

    If all that doesn´t help, then download the full update and make a manual install from local storage in recovery mode.

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  18. G_Sunny_Kumar_hkcc
    Donut Mar 17, 2017

    G_Sunny_Kumar_hkcc , Mar 17, 2017 :
    Hey Guys....

    I just read through the messages in this thread and other forums on Internet as well. Is it the new release is draining the battery??

    I have downloaded but little confused whether or not to update to 4.1.0 from 4.3.0

    Please help!

    Thank you


  19. mohitschugh
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017

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  20. hu1
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2017