OxygenOS 4.1.7 (7.1.1) OTA for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

  1. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Aug 30, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava , Aug 30, 2017 :
    This is the root/main directory Screenshot (Aug 30, 2017 10_40_36 PM.jpg

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  2. Sabbir.Naim
    Eclair Aug 30, 2017

    Sabbir.Naim , Aug 30, 2017 :
    I'm a newbie. I got OnePlus 3T 1 month ago. Now I am still on Android 6, using an old Oxygen OS. I got OTA 4.1.7 (1.4GB file). Should I update through OTA or a clean flash?

  3. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Aug 30, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Go for the OTA to be on the safe side

  4. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Aug 30, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Did it not work ?

  5. amod_thakur
    Donut Aug 30, 2017

    amod_thakur , Aug 30, 2017 :
    is anyone facing issues with GPS locking with this update?
    I am not getting a GPS lock when on lte(outside). it locks to GPS in an instant if connected to WiFi.

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  6. AdershThottungal
    Froyo Aug 30, 2017

    AdershThottungal , Aug 30, 2017 :
    no dear....launcher not working.. lagging.. phone app also not working..apps are quickly stopping

  7. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Aug 30, 2017

  8. Sabbir.Naim
    Eclair Aug 30, 2017

  9. Funk Wizard
    Moderator Moderator Aug 30, 2017

    Funk Wizard , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Merged to release thread

  10. AdershThottungal
    Froyo Aug 30, 2017

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  11. F_Andrea_Ippolito_ZsRS
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 30, 2017

    F_Andrea_Ippolito_ZsRS , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Have been facing serious issues with notifications lately, but I guess it started before 4.1.7. WhatsApp and inbox for example only notify me when I turn the screen back on, then they start coming in...Anybody else?
    I'm using also Magisk root and blu spark kernel.


  12. amod_thakur
    Donut Aug 30, 2017

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  13. panjielaraz
    Donut Aug 30, 2017

    panjielaraz , Aug 30, 2017 :
    Me after 4.1.7
    (-) worse battery performance.
    (-) Now my phone can't stand 30h with my daily usage. I usually start my phone 100% at 7:00 and recharge on 12:00 NEXT DAY! (shut down when i sleep 24:00 - 07:00 )
    (-) In call speaker volume turned down. I had to turn up the volume untill almost on maximum.
    (-) Automatic screen brightness takes more time reading the ambient change, and the screen is brighter (the color looks better, but worse for battery life which i don't really need).
    (-) Fingerprint sensor seems slower.
    (-) Opening apps seems little bit slower.
    (-) Games loading seems slower.
    (+) Smoother graphics on games.
    (+) Whatsapp quick pull down fast reply work better, latest update reset everything i type everytime new message arrive.
    (+) Dash charging is few minutes faster.

    (=) GPS speed ok, no change.
    (=) WiFi speed, signal and connecting speed ok, no change.
    (=) GSM signal no change
    (=) Camera no change

    3 days use of 4.1.7 OTA from 4.1.6 OTA
    Haven't do any wipe or factory reset since i have the phone.

    "I am less satisfied with every update"
    I plan to wait one more week for the battery settled it performance nor i am going to reverse to the old 4.1.5 or 4.1.6 due to better battery performance.
    I am getting more suspicious of every update only made my phone feels worse then being offered to upgrade to newer phone.

    PS for OP Dev
    1. Create something more useful other than bug fixes, security patches, and battery performance (that not getting better). such as custom font, one handed mode, ambient screen wake up.
    2. Give us chance to choose what to update in OOS Updater app, such which part to uodate, all/security patches only/fixes or performance/customed add feature (font/one handed mode).

    PS for user
    If you don't have any issue with your phone DO NOT UPDATE.

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  14. xcrm
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 30, 2017

    xcrm , Aug 30, 2017 :
    One question : Have you cleaned cache after update (and read someting in this thread)?

  15. d4rk100000
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2017

    d4rk100000 , Aug 31, 2017 :
    Hi, just flashed the new update and there are number of problems.
    1. Phone app keep crashing
    2. App drawer when open is just blank
    3. Keyboard crashes
    4. Settings lag when opened
    5. Overall fluidity of phone is decreased.

    Please check and hope this can be fixed. Thank you.

  16. amandadam
    Honeycomb Aug 31, 2017

    amandadam , Aug 31, 2017 :
    I have none of those issues,none.
    I have not rooted my phone and any of those that have,shouldn't blame the latest update for problems they've encountered.

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  17. Yatinasri25
    Donut Aug 31, 2017

    Yatinasri25 , Aug 31, 2017 :
    Battery performance on standby has improved but SOT seems to have decreased.

    Dash Charging time has increased by few minutes. Earlier used to take 50mins from 10 to 100 now its over an hour

  18. anindyanuri
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2017

    anindyanuri , Aug 31, 2017 :
    Thank you Sir, it solved the problem.

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  19. sagar_mehta260
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2017

  20. Atul kumar 80
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2017