OxygenOS 4.5.0 (7.1.1) OTA for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

  1. G_Anubhav_Singh_NETd Honeycomb Dec 11, 2017

  2. jagannath73 Cupcake Dec 22, 2017

    jagannath73, Dec 22, 2017 :
    Hi OnePlus team thank you for your great phones, I have been using your OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3T but recent interaction with customer care forced me not to opt for new phones, please revamp your service in India which is horrible they don't even understand problems consumer facing on the other hand they handling us very unprofessional, I am extremely disappointed with your service in India region,Initially the conversation with your customer service executive was very bad and then now, this email complaint response is even more horrible.Its more then 1 month and am still waiting for a call back from escalation team which supposed to be in 48 hours, please have a look into this, please don't let spoil your reputation for underrated services. please revert back if you need full mail chain that I had with service.

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  3. Sarat Shankar Cupcake Mar 1, 2018

    Sarat Shankar, Mar 1, 2018 :

    The link for the music app is not working, is there any other link to download

  4. Tobikage Marshmallow Mar 1, 2018