OxygenOS 4.7.6 OTA for the OnePlus 5T

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  1. Jimmy Z. OxygenOS PM Staff Member Dec 27, 2017

    Jimmy Z., Dec 27, 2017 :
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    Hi all,

    We are pushing out the incremental roll-out of OxygenOS 4.7.6 OTA for the OnePlus 5T. Here are some of the highlights of this build:

    • Stability improvements
    • Clarity improvements for selfie in low light
    • Performance improvements for 3rd party camera apps
    • Added assistive lighting for face unlock
    • Improvements for expanded screenshot
    • Improvements for Wi-Fi display
    • Updated Android security patch to December

    For those who were on previous versions for OnePlus 5T, we appreciate your active feedback and attempts to reach out to us. With your help, we have been able to better optimize and improve several key areas. Thank you for your patience and as always, we look forward to hearing yourcontinued feedback in the bug reporting forum here: https://forums.oneplus.net/feedback/.

    As always, this OTA will be incremental. The OTA will reach a small percentage of users today, and we'll begin a broader rollout in a few days.

    Your feedback is appreciated. We may not always be able to respond to every comment in the forums, but please be assured that we take your comments and feedback seriously. Hope you enjoy!

    Never Settle.
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  2. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Dec 28, 2017

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    Funk Wizard, Dec 28, 2017 :

    Oxygen OS 4.7.6 Full Zip
    Official | AFH
    MD5: 035b3679eff7cb4cdf03c90401959229

    Incremental OTA OOS 4.7.5 - 4.7.6
    Official | AFH
    MD5: bddeb58479d9e27c631b9fd785d22cbb

    TWRP (Unlocked Users)
    Blu_Spark TWRP Or
    ibe TWRP Or Official TWRP

    SuperSU | Magisk

    Update instructions:

    Download the necessary files from above and follow as below:

    PS: Dirty flash is fine if you are running a previous OOS version or any Rom based on OOS, else if you come from a custom rom Clean Flash is recommended.

    ********************* For Stock Non Rooted Users with Stock Recovery *****************

    1. Download the appropriate OTA from above link

    2. Reboot to Stock Recovery > Shutdown the Device > Press Vol Down + Power together

    3. Select Language > Install menu > Install from internal > Select OTA > Flash

    4. Upon Successful Flash > Wipe Cache

    5. Reboot Once Done

    The Device will reboot and your OnePlus 5T is now running on the latest OxygenOS 4.7.6 firmware & OS based on 7.1.1 Nougat.

    PS: The first boot may take some time so keep calm and wait for it to boot.
    * If in any case flash is unsuccessful download the full 1.5GB zip and follow the same process to flash as above.

    ************************ For Unlocked Users with TWRP Recovery ************************

    Download the Full zip from the above link

    Once you have downloaded all the required files on you device, please follow as below

    1. Update TWRP to the latest release from the link posted

    2. Reboot Recovery and Take a Nandroid of your existing ROM just in case you need it

    3. Wipe > Advance Wipe > Select Dalvik & Cache > Swipe to Wipe

    4. Install Menu > Select OOS 4.7.6 Full Rom Zip > Swipe to Flash

    5. Flash the provided Magisk Or SuperSU to maintain root (Optional)

    6. Wipe Dalvik & Cache

    7. Reboot System

    The Device will reboot and your OnePlus 5T is now running on the latest OxygenOS 4.7.6 firmware & OS based on 7.1.1 Nougat.

    The first boot may take some time so keep calm :fingers-crossed:

    PS: Do not flash partial update OTAs (under 1 GB) on a modified device! If you want to use partial OTAs, you must first flash a full OTA that it applies to, and then flash the partial OTA from stock recovery. Flashing partial OTAs from TWRP will either fail or soft brick your device. You can return to a usable state by flashing one of the above full OTA zips in recovery.

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  11. Ashokroxx Froyo Dec 28, 2017

    Ashokroxx, Dec 28, 2017 :
    Much awaited camera improvements but hopefully will see the better results .. Tq Oneplus [e]1f44d[/e]

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  14. Ashokroxx Froyo Dec 28, 2017

    Ashokroxx, Dec 28, 2017 :
    Bro! if we use other VPN for faster updates , Will we get next timely updates here in india ?????

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  17. A. Mack Gingerbread Dec 28, 2017

    A. Mack, Dec 28, 2017 :
    Dunno how I feel, was kinda hoping for Oreo. I appreciate the update none the less.

    Anyone has it already? Any noticeable difference?

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  18. Stealth777 Gingerbread Dec 28, 2017

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  19. wp7chris Gingerbread Dec 28, 2017

    wp7chris, Dec 28, 2017 :
    Loving the support the 5t Is eceiving so far. Hopefully this continues throughout 2018! Thank you OnePlus team.

  20. GopalB. Marshmallow Dec 28, 2017