OxygenOS 5.0.3 OTA for the OnePlus 5T

  1. U1515787525596
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2018

    U1515787525596 , Feb 3, 2018 :
    I tried doing it yesterday just to see whether the update is available or not but not with the intention to install it yet I couldn't find the update

  2. aakashsood
    Jelly Bean Feb 3, 2018

    aakashsood , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Can you send a screenshot of that?

  3. Anudeep.Ch
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2018

  4. U1515787525596
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2018

    U1515787525596 , Feb 3, 2018 :
    that's quite difficult because I saw it 3 days ago. It's difficult to find that post particularly because they are posting too many for a single day

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  5. G1516833548488
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2018

  6. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Feb 3, 2018

  7. aakashsood
    Jelly Bean Feb 3, 2018

  8. polisettysd
    Gingerbread Feb 3, 2018

    polisettysd , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Dear All,

    The update is there and live, only thing is its being released in a controlled manner to avoid server over load thats all.

    As of now only two ways
    1) VPN
    2) Oxygen Updater.

    If u want try either of these (guaranteed that atleast one of the two options will work) and I can guarantee u will be running on OREO based Oxygen OS in less than 60minutes.

    But excluding these two u don't have any so just wait until it comes to your phone directly.

    Pls don't ask where is the update.
    .. Its there u have to take it the way its accessible if u cannot pls stay calm and peacefully and don't just post crazy questions. This entire forum is getting overloaded with unwanted and unrequited messages by all.

    Secondly there are a few users who don't want to use third party app like oxygen updater but want their update... How on earth is it possible... Such people pls stay away and just wait for your turn.

    First of all why shud you get it first before others as u don't even know that u have to read through the posts which so many users are posting and many are doing their best in helping out others without any asking and that needs to be recognised and appreciated.

    For them to help others these spam messages are an irritant as they have to dig out to see the genuine posts and in that process they miss a lot of them.

    Hope u guys understand and use your brains and presence of minds.

    Keep Rocking
    Never Settle

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  9. Matt 80
    Lollipop Feb 3, 2018

    Matt 80 , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Stable Oreo update released 3 days ago, and still these threads on Oreo update still continue . The update is incremental, if it hasn't arrived in your country yet use a VPN.

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  10. G1516833548488
    Cupcake Feb 3, 2018

  11. varungooner
    Gingerbread Feb 3, 2018

  12. User241
    Gingerbread Feb 3, 2018

    User241 , Feb 3, 2018 :
    do we need to factory reset before updating?

  13. TechExplorer.de
    Gingerbread Feb 3, 2018

    TechExplorer.de , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Oreo ist not official released. Oreo is in Beta Status and you can download it here from the Forum. Look on the Startpage or use the search bar. Every Day the same Questions from India. I dont understand why. NO ONE got a official Oreo Release for 5T at the Moment. They all use the Beta Software.

    You need to install the Beta 1 first manually and then you get the Beta 2 and Beta 3 as an OTA Update.




  14. Matt 80
    Lollipop Feb 3, 2018

    Matt 80 , Feb 3, 2018 :


    do we need to factory reset before updating?​

    No, just set the VPN to Canada or Germany and you're good to go. I updated using Canada

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  15. CosminOlteanu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 3, 2018

    CosminOlteanu , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Yea substratum. I struggled a bit st the beginning.. You need to se the base color other than blue, after installing substratum and other apps with xDa guide in YouTube..
    Connect it to pc, after go in program and set color Red instead of "by default its blue" mark all boxes and patch it.. Easy. I loved it when notification shade was black, not like now grey ish... It's ugly

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  16. CosminOlteanu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 3, 2018

  17. Deactivated User
    Feb 3, 2018

  18. Kuldeep_Sharma_2817
    Froyo Feb 3, 2018

  19. CosminOlteanu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 3, 2018

    CosminOlteanu , Feb 3, 2018 :
    It's the open beta 3.. Same as stock.. Only difference it's here I have gestures..

  20. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Feb 3, 2018

    Cervantes , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Thread merged
    Please read first post

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