OxygenOS 5.0, our first official Android O OTA update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

  1. A1513235996468
    Cupcake Dec 14, 2017

    A1513235996468 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    my OnePlus 3T got too much slower and hanging after Oreo update, fingerprint scanner needs 3 trys to unlock

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    Jelly Bean Dec 14, 2017

    RASTAVIPER , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Not really.
    It's working great for me.

    Well then if there is no official statement by the company, no way what you are describing it's official.
    One customer support agent cannot represent the company. You should understand that.

    Also, the update is not officially removed. Again you are wrong.
    Its available at:

    Next time check your facts before you write something.

    After factory reset, the phone is fast as new.
    I am using 2 sims and can get 5:30-7 hours of SOT, with Wi-Fi always on and small use of 3G.

  3. Amarjeet Sahoo
    Gingerbread Dec 14, 2017

    Amarjeet Sahoo , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Tried factory reset twice but there is no increase in performance or battery life of my one plus 3. SOT is around 4- 4:30 hour with mobile standby consuming most battery.

    Jelly Bean Dec 14, 2017

    RASTAVIPER , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Having root in my case helps with using apps for forcing more aggressive Doze and battery optimizations.

  5. vallabh budhkar
    Gingerbread Dec 14, 2017

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  6. dcop7
    Honeycomb Dec 14, 2017

    dcop7 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    No one knows. Also, no one knowns if all major bugs will be fixed

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  7. G_Ayush_07
    Donut Dec 14, 2017

    G_Ayush_07 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Dear, Kindly note that All firmware upgrades from oneplus team are always uploaded and made available for users time to time on their website. The thing here is that this particular oreo update is still not stable one since it has few bugs and the same has been confirmed by oneplus support engineer. As far as any official announcement regarding this is concerned, be sure that no such thing will be announced by one plus as no company does that publicly it will surely have an impact on sale otherwise, just apply some logic here brother . Anyways if u wanna update and is ok with some bugs then it is your wish. I am just providing the insight regarding this since i have used both and recently flashed and rollback to previous version via official oneplus support team . They shall be releasing a stable update of oreo soon. i guess, many of us have the patience to wait for that.

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  8. chris_jones
    Cupcake Dec 14, 2017

    chris_jones , Dec 14, 2017 :
    I like the way that major updates come far more quickly than they ever do with other manufacturers and are not delayed by network providers.

  9. m010sh
    Cupcake Dec 14, 2017

    m010sh , Dec 14, 2017 :
    I've got a 2G bug with Oreo firmware. When device sleeps, it switches to 2G mode. When awake it still in 2G mode. I need to switch to flight mode off/on to get 3G/4G mode. Also change a basic station while going far away from place when my 1+3 felt in sleep mode helps. Does anyone have this problem? Any suggestions?

    Jelly Bean Dec 14, 2017

    RASTAVIPER , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Probably you don't understand something here.

    I have installed the update since day 1 and after a factory reset everything runs great. No bugs, no battery drain, no problems with apps.

    I don't talk for something if I don't have personal experience, where in your case seems that you just talk about the update without even trying it, which makes your posts irrelevant.

  11. Fabritrv
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 14, 2017

    Fabritrv , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Dial *#*#4636#*#* and get into phone infos to check what your preferred network is set to. If it's not LTE that might be the reason why.

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  12. udayaprakashb
    Gingerbread Dec 14, 2017

    udayaprakashb , Dec 14, 2017 :
    I have the same issue, but changes automatically to 3G/4G as set but after a very long time. If I have to use by mobile data urgently then I move IN and OUT of Airplane mode. Have already done APN reset too.

  13. savage1
    Donut Dec 14, 2017

  14. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Dec 14, 2017

    VaibhavBhargava , Dec 14, 2017 :
    According to the battery logs or the annoying notification ?
    1. Visit http://downloads.oneplus.net/ on a computer and download the appropriate ROM (and verify the MD5 hash as an extra measure)
    2. Visit https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html and downlaod latest adb tools
    3. Backup everything
    4. Boot into recovery and select "Install from ADB" and connect your device to the computer.
    5. Place the downloaded ROM (zipped) inside the adb tools folder (unzipped folder)
    6. Open Command Prompt and change directory to the adb folder and execute the following syntax (make changes accordingly - I changed the ROM's name to OTA)
    adb example.PNG
    7. Choose Erase Everything under Wipe Data and Cache in the recovery menu, once the flashing procedure has been done.
    Try changing it 2G/3G and the back to the default 2G/3G/4G.
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  15. Aeron
    Gingerbread Dec 14, 2017

    Aeron , Dec 14, 2017 :
    What Bug ? Can you even be more unspecific ? This is comunity forum. If you found a bug share it, give us details what is happening, what you have investigated, what you tried. How else are you expecting to find solution ? Sit on the chair and pray to whatever entinty for bug fix ?
    This Forum is getting overloaded with uselles treads and posts. If you have any bugs to share say it, describe it and try to find solution. Why dont Mods clean it little bit. When Im looking trough this tread for any info 3/4 of page is "fix the bug" without description about problem.
    Additioanly have you looked here ?

    Most fixes for "bugs" are here. There rest will be delivered later by OnePlus IF they receive info about bug. That means descirption of the problem and no "Hey you have a bug here".

    to: @udayaprakashb : Check link above. There is info about network problems as well. Maybe it will help you.

  16. shashankskv
    Donut Dec 14, 2017

  17. Sun90
    Starting Point Expert Dec 14, 2017

    Sun90 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    When the same is announced for it.
    No ETA on it
    So wait and watch

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  18. m010sh
    Cupcake Dec 14, 2017

    m010sh , Dec 14, 2017 :
    I've read this forum topic. Solved problem by wipe data + wipe cache.

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  19. Manas Saha
    Honeycomb Dec 14, 2017

    Manas Saha , Dec 14, 2017 :
    Why should a normal user have to perform a factory reset after an update? It was supposed to be a stable update, not a beta so these excuses are not acceptable. Oneplus should have tested their updates before releasing it via stable channel. Factory reset wipes all user data, it is a real pain to restore all data, contacts, pictures and apps after a factory reset. Do not support a lazy company which does not care about the existing customers. Why there is no official statement from Oneplus regarding removal of Oreo update from OTA ?

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  20. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016 Dec 14, 2017

    Dresa91 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    It is a major release. it is always recommended after a major release.... please inform yourself better next time

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