OxygenOS 5.1.1 OTA for the OnePlus 5 & 5T

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  1. the_o2
    User of the Year 2018 May 2, 2018

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  2. V1521569132403
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    V1521569132403 , May 2, 2018 :
    After this update VoLTE has been disappeared from my phone . I checked all settings, I am not able to make call or msg from my phone. Please do something

  3. Gav_W86
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 2, 2018

    Gav_W86 , May 2, 2018 :
    which network(s)? if it doesn't appear it is usually because it is not detecting it is an available service to your SIM.

  4. Gav_W86
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 2, 2018

    Gav_W86 , May 2, 2018 :
    a) this is a community forum of other users like you. If you want to speak to 1+ directly go to support or send feedback via https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/
    b) helps if you give even the slightest amount of detail. Which network(s)? what is happening?

  5. V1521569132403
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    V1521569132403 , May 2, 2018 :
    sim is Jio 4g and i tried calling after downloading Jio 4g voice app(which is suggested for phones not having voice over protocol i.e VoLTE) and calls are made. But without it, nothing is working. Thus it signifies there is no problem with sim. Something has happened to my phone after this update.

  6. saad1957
    Jelly Bean May 2, 2018

    saad1957 , May 2, 2018 :
    it is working very well , no issue at all , clear system cache or hard reset

  7. Jish98
    Froyo May 2, 2018

    Jish98 , May 2, 2018 :
    Battery info.jpg 50%.jpg 1%.jpg

    I have no issues with battery life even after 8.1 update. You can see my usage patterns, nearly got 9 hrs of sot. In this battery cycle, i only didn't game but did a normal usage. If i do gaming(PubG, NoLimits) it'll last for less than a day probably 18-20hrs according to my usage.

    I feel most users doesn't know to maintain their phone well from heating, upgrading or managing battery health. :)

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  8. pikota
    Marshmallow May 2, 2018

    pikota , May 2, 2018 :
    Hi @K1518114787675, welcome to OnePlus Community. :)
    I moved your thread to here.
    Before create a new thread, please use forum search. ;)

  9. kasi_kashh
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    kasi_kashh , May 2, 2018 :
    how to get split screen in full screen gestures mode ? can u pls explain.

  10. rk1202
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    rk1202 , May 2, 2018 :
    I'm facing an bug about my storage..its showing 98% which actually isn't..this is after Last software update.. Plz rectify

  11. rk1202
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

  12. rahulkulkarni
    Eclair May 2, 2018

  13. wahaz
    Honeycomb May 2, 2018

    wahaz , May 2, 2018 :
    It's the same.
    Swipe up and hold for the app drawer.
    Select and hold one app and drag it to the top of the screen.

  14. AkCompany
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    AkCompany , May 2, 2018 :
    Same problem with me... addition to this, my internal memory is getting full, even after deleting huge data...every time space is 100% filled.

  15. Liehjan
    Lollipop May 2, 2018

    Liehjan , May 2, 2018 :
    Recent app view, drag and drop

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  16. Ih.nihal
    Eclair May 2, 2018

    Ih.nihal , May 2, 2018 :
    Tell me the way u maintain ur phone.

  17. rwaqas
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    rwaqas , May 2, 2018 :
    I just did the full factory reset and I am still having that issue. slow network connection and apps taking too long to start. same app picture I uploaded earlier is still sitting on blank screen for 10 minutes so far.

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  18. John Nana
    Gingerbread May 2, 2018

    John Nana , May 2, 2018 :
    Wow! Now that you've mentioned it. I am experiencing slow internet connection after the Oreo 8.1.0, and OOS 5.1.1 update. Even now after I did a factory data reset my connection is still very slow, whilst other devices that connects to the same wifi are doing just fine. I hope they fix this.

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  19. rwaqas
    Cupcake May 2, 2018

    rwaqas , May 2, 2018 :
    is there a way to go back 8.0 if anybody know. which was more stable and fast

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  20. MikeG247
    Jelly Bean May 2, 2018

    MikeG247 , May 2, 2018 :
    Actually that's one of the best answers I've seen to date on this issue. You should mind your manners instead of berating those who are trying their best to help.