OxygenOS 5.1.6(5.1.7 Hotfix) OTA for the OnePlus 5 & 5T

  1. Paul_W_
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2018

    Paul_W_ , Nov 14, 2018 :
    Think I might hold off this update until you lot have stopped complaining

  2. jrsamp
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2018

    jrsamp , Nov 14, 2018 :
    Sorry if I was misunderstood, I did not want to do it and maybe your reading was rushed.
    But it's true, there are hundreds (this time without mentioning countries) complaining about the same issue, and few of them waste time trying to find out whether in these hundreds of equal questions there are already a few dozen answers to the solution.
    It's difficult to follow the forum, that way ...

  3. RemusW
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2018

    RemusW , Nov 14, 2018 :
    As far as Treble is concerned for the regular user it means nothing at all.
    Treble is only there to help OEM's and custom ROM makers to update to the latest version of android with less work than was previously the case. So they can create the update quicker but it still requires a lot of work to create an new android OS update.

    So if you are just a regular user you can ignore anything to do with treble It's not meant for us. OnePlus is only telling us that our device is Treble enabled to let us know that they should be able to create OS updates more quickly. So just forget about Treble.

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  4. marcusskyfall
    Jelly Bean Nov 14, 2018

    marcusskyfall , Nov 14, 2018 :

  5. marcusskyfall
    Jelly Bean Nov 14, 2018

    marcusskyfall , Nov 14, 2018 :
    Correct!! :)

  6. Prajwalkgowda
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

    Prajwalkgowda , Nov 14, 2018 :
    What is this 1+? 1.6GB!!! For what....
    1.we need camera improvements oil painting effect still exists
    2.front portrait mode
    3.resolve drain and heating issue

  7. F1531218262871
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

    F1531218262871 , Nov 14, 2018 :
    After upgrade to 5.1.7 I am not able to get network in idea cellular. Other Telecom provider I am getting network. Plzhelp

  8. wahaz
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2018

    wahaz , Nov 14, 2018 :
    You probably chose to wipe everything rather than wipe system cache from recovery mode...

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  9. Wolfman007
    Eclair Nov 14, 2018

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  10. fazerboy0_3
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2018

    fazerboy0_3 , Nov 14, 2018 :
    No problem on my phone. And 4G+ In London On Three ⚟ network. (Nothing to do with update but thought I'd say) so many people moaning No pie . Why security Patches just as good in my mind..

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  11. macemoneta
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2018

    macemoneta , Nov 14, 2018 :
    That's going to be a very long wait.

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  12. L1513032460857
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

    L1513032460857 , Nov 14, 2018 :
    Still have the same issue Bluetooth is disconnecting in the car when I have calls , Also with Android Auto , all on the latest version , cleared cache and reboot . come on , this can't be so long that we all have the same issue ....

  13. captvnrao
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2018

    captvnrao , Nov 14, 2018 :
    official version.

  14. harshitdhoot
    Eclair Nov 15, 2018

    harshitdhoot , Nov 15, 2018 :
    No man i didn't go to recovery mode to update. I updated when a system update came.
    And if i choose to wipe out everything then all settings should also be removed, it should be like reset but it is not only download folder wiped out from my phone. Everything else are on the same place

  15. G_Ric_Almeida_pxGG
    Cupcake Nov 15, 2018

    G_Ric_Almeida_pxGG , Nov 15, 2018 :
    bug when i receive new message on whatsapp
    when i'm looking into the push notifications and i receive a new message of a different chat the push menu closes and i have to open it again. just reporting so you can fix it in future

  16. G_Curt_My_silL
    Cupcake Nov 15, 2018

  17. Karthik_Mounika
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2018

    Karthik_Mounika , Nov 15, 2018 :
    Open Bluetooth in system apps and clear DATA and cache and pair again. That should work.

  18. L1513032460857
    Cupcake Nov 15, 2018

    L1513032460857 , Nov 15, 2018 :
    Hi Ktk ,

    I tried this ,I can erase cache butt when I push erase data nothing happend .
    I stopped the BT service butt still data is there .


  19. Karthik_Mounika
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2018

    Karthik_Mounika , Nov 15, 2018 :
    That looks fine...forget the devices and pair once again and see whether it works or not

  20. siddharthnarang
    Donut Nov 15, 2018