OxygenOS 9.0.13 OTA for the OnePlus 6T and OxygenOS 9.0.5 OTA for the OnePlus 6

  1. Israk
    Donut Apr 20, 2019

    Israk , Apr 20, 2019 :
    after a long time, here you're giving only this??
    March patch??
    while in the beta version you've given April patch and many more!!
    Come on OnePlus

  2. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2019

    LegolasX , Apr 20, 2019 :
    the whole point of beta is to test and report for bugs.
    did you for once thought not everyone wants to test and report bugs?

    if the purpose of beta is changed to get latest update and not provide feedback then its fine, OnePlus should then only provide one update channel and completely scrap the other.
    this will save their resources and developers can give more time to the issues. hmm, that sound good?

  3. JefryE22
    Cupcake Apr 20, 2019

    JefryE22 , Apr 20, 2019 :
    1. Camera app version 3.0.16 - Same as last build
    2. Nope. ZRAM doesn't show up there.

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  4. rlramakrishnan
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2019

    rlramakrishnan , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Good on yer, Murgatroyd!

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  5. geo07
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 20, 2019

    geo07 , Apr 20, 2019 :


    Is anyone able to provide the actual changelog for this update?"General bug fixes and system improvements" mean nothing to us as a statement without it.Despite the outdated security patches we didn't get anything else.Instead of thanking us for our patience the company should also explain the reason for these delays in updates and its content. Oneplus in no small indie company.Moreover nowadays its top 5 premium company in cellphone flagship territory worldwide,as researches suggest.It should behave like one and be true to "never settle"​

    300+ comments so far and I haven't seen more negativity about an update since the OnePlus 2 time....that's what happens when your only concern is the upcoming new models as your priority...it reminds me of a low cost airliner tactics, it takes you there but there's always a "catch"! Still could be worse like LG or Samsung...

  6. Y1530160203013
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

  7. X1541663429603
    Donut Apr 20, 2019

  8. LegolasX
    Jelly Bean Apr 20, 2019

    LegolasX , Apr 20, 2019 :
    oh,give it time.:D

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  9. 联盟少侠
    Donut Apr 20, 2019

    联盟少侠 , Apr 20, 2019 :

  10. G_Dev_Rajput_TUwT
    Froyo Apr 20, 2019

    G_Dev_Rajput_TUwT , Apr 20, 2019 :
    I have user alot of roms! Best one's are PIXEL EXPERIENCE AND HAVOC OS! I am currently using HAVOC and it's way more stable for battery and performance as compared to this trash oxygen os!

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  11. Rogerio1440
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

    Rogerio1440 , Apr 20, 2019 :
    **** this certainly not wasting my money on another OnePlus phone
    bullshit updates and late in time [e]1f44e[/e][e]1f44e[/e][e]1f44e[/e]
    back to Samsung I guess

  12. pcoventry
    Honeycomb Apr 20, 2019

    pcoventry , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Seems they have sneaked a fix for the 5G wifi hotspot - now please let Android Auto work on the 6T!

  13. tushar.gaikwad
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2019

    tushar.gaikwad , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Useful comment across all the complaints about it being late:

    Installed right away using VPN. Phone running smooth, no issues since 3 hours. Need to give it time to assess battery or performance impact.

    Thanks OnePlus team. Keep providing us stable updates!

  14. pcoventry
    Honeycomb Apr 20, 2019

    pcoventry , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Indeed I'm back to a S10 just resetting my phone and getting it ready for ebay

  15. pcoventry
    Honeycomb Apr 20, 2019

    pcoventry , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Same here nothing in UK but connect to German VPN right away update

  16. Trithesh onkar
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

    Trithesh onkar , Apr 20, 2019 :

  17. mesery
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

    mesery , Apr 20, 2019 :
    why the phone app didnt get updated as in beta? and the uploaded one on apk mirror crashes /fc every single time

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  18. Y1530160203013
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

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  19. Rogerio1440
    Eclair Apr 20, 2019

    Rogerio1440 , Apr 20, 2019 :
    op 7 looks shit nothing new apart from a bump in price if u want the proper 5g version
    back to S10 or maybe Huawei p30 pro at least I get to use good quality cameras

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  20. pcoventry
    Honeycomb Apr 20, 2019

    pcoventry , Apr 20, 2019 :
    There was a thing in the press recently that said there were problems with current patch - that's probably why