OxygenOS 9.0.13 OTA for the OnePlus 6T and OxygenOS 9.0.5 OTA for the OnePlus 6

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    Froyo Apr 21, 2019

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    luciensabre , Apr 21, 2019 :
    It's still not safe. I prefer waiting.

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    Artemus , Apr 21, 2019 :
    We just got one. Be patient.

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    Cupcake Apr 22, 2019

    M1555887885035 , Apr 22, 2019 :
    Man I sold my S9 and bought an OP6 because of OOS and the "faster" updates delivery but boyyy this backfired. My S9 receives security updates faster than OP6 which had a huge update hiatus from January to now, April.

    I gave up on the stereo speakers, expandable storage and waterproofing for faster updates but seeing this from Oneplus makes me sad.

    This is my first OP device and probably will be the last. The edge of OP was supposed to be faster updates and the mighty OOS but I think they're failing hard on the former.

  10. kaihp
    Jelly Bean Apr 22, 2019

    kaihp , Apr 22, 2019 :
    David, I am just one of the disappointed users of the OP6 (hell, I still have the OP2 in my drawer somewhere).

    The 9.0.5 OS was compiled on April 3rd, just 2 days after Google had announced the April security patch update. You knew this. You knew that there would be a security update getting released within a few days, and an extra patch level four days later (the April 5th security release).

    AND YET, you (Oneplus the company) decided to go ahead with what was already a month-old security patch. Sure, forum users were calling (loudly) for an update, but at that time, wouldn't it have been better to just wait those precious few days more and get the April 1 or April 5 security patch into the release and avoid the heat-wave?

    If you, when sitting with the choice, were in doubt how the forum users would see this, I think you will never be in the future.

    I could start guessing why going ahead with the March security patch level, but that won't matter. It wouldn't lead to a nice conclusion either.

    PS: I don't mind that there wasn't any major new features. I'm happy what I got; I just want security updates.

    "Dad is not angry with you. Dad is disappointed".

  11. J0hnE
    Froyo Apr 22, 2019

    J0hnE , Apr 22, 2019 :
    What's funny about this is even my Galaxy S5 with a custom rom installed has April security patch, feels really wierd and disappointing at the same time.

  12. rmarx
    Donut Apr 22, 2019

    rmarx , Apr 22, 2019 :
    Hello everyone! I would like to share with you this issue I'm facing related to the camera.
    I own a OP6T OOS 9.0.12 Stock.

    It doesn't matter whether I use stock camera or GCam app the issue happens the same way.
    It doesn't matter whether I record a video or just stay with the app open, the issue occurs.

    The issue is, when I open the camera app and point the phone to a bright landscape in a sunny day I can see the image shaking with some kind of waves on it. As I said, it happens only pointing the phone or just with the app opened.
    In places with regular light like inside home or at night, it doesn't shake or show a wave screen/film.
    The tests I did were first holding in my hand and second using a tripod and the results were the same as I mentioned above.
    If I zoom to max (8x) the shakiness/waves become more evident.

    In order to try to fix, first I clean data/cache of the app and uninstall GCam, and the issue keep happening.
    Second, I did a full wipe of the phone using vol. down + power and navigated through the menus but the issue was not fixed.

    Please check the video to see what I'm saying above.

    EDIT: If you couldn't watch the video above, here is the link for it:

    I only found one person complaining of the same problem as mine (check quote above)

    Hope someone with the same problem can find and a solution or good opinions in what to do.


    @__mad_cap is the complaint in your message the same of mine?
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  13. SuperCK
    Eclair Apr 22, 2019

    SuperCK , Apr 22, 2019 :
    what are the bug fixes and improvements?

    General bug fixes and system improvements

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    Lollipop Apr 22, 2019

  17. naramamoorthi
    Froyo Apr 22, 2019

    naramamoorthi , Apr 22, 2019 :
    I got mine and I must say I immediately noticed my 6t is snappier. Faster and smoother now. Not sure if it's just a placebo effect but thank you OnePlus team. You're doing a great job!

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  18. recursor
    Eclair Apr 22, 2019

    recursor , Apr 22, 2019 :
    For some of us it isn't about new features. It's about getting the features that shipped with the phone to work properly. I don't expect new features without a new release which would mean Q. In the meantime, it would be nice if the phone app worked properly, if the weather app actually updated its widget, if Bluetooth wasn't so flakey and didn't just mysteriously refuse to connect to my car every couple of weeks. I think that's reasonable. And for OPO to state they "fixed a bunch of bugs and made general improvements" without actually mentioning which bugs they fixed or which improvements they made is disingenuous. Why solicit more bug feedback when you want tell update us on progress???

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    SuperCK , Apr 22, 2019 :
    totally agree. well said.

  20. Ajay008
    Froyo Apr 22, 2019

    Ajay008 , Apr 22, 2019 :
    i didn't upadted this OTA.....but i have faced a problem that
    my phone is taking 1.45 minutes to full charge in past 2 days normally it will take only 1.20 minutes
    pls tell any solution