OxygenOS 9.0.16 OTA for the OnePlus 6T and OxygenOS 9.0.8 OTA for the OnePlus 6

  1. Shaan730
    Froyo Sep 2, 2019

    Shaan730 , Sep 2, 2019 :
    clixon bro..do u get battery drain issues..??like without touching the phone for 30-40mins after full charge and then 5percent short..do reply bro..will discuss on it and other issues as well..

  2. Z1553239049735
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

  3. Auristic
    KitKat Sep 3, 2019

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  4. CHANCHAL1994
    Eclair Sep 3, 2019

    CHANCHAL1994 , Sep 3, 2019 :
    i need this badly if sometime you give someone to your phone and you have to unlock screen once he look at your password then you are open in everything so we need app lock and screen lock saprate please do something

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  5. badjack
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

  6. Artemus.
    Community Hero 2020 Sep 3, 2019

    Artemus. , Sep 3, 2019 :
    Don't give your password to anyone and you won't have this problem.

  7. N1566566849199
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

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  8. LazyCrazyGamer
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

    LazyCrazyGamer , Sep 3, 2019 :
    its already out keep clicking the check for updates button if you don't find it

  9. N1566566849199
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

    N1566566849199 , Sep 3, 2019 :
    So with me only oxyenos 9.0.16 is available

  10. ilesh chainani
    Gingerbread Sep 3, 2019

  11. N1566566849199
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

    N1566566849199 , Sep 3, 2019 :
    I mean eigendlich an official version of oxyenos if there is already one?

  12. ilesh chainani
    Gingerbread Sep 3, 2019

    ilesh chainani , Sep 3, 2019 :
    yes it is in os but i am asking for games like other phone have vivo etc. when we play game in other device we can feel vibration then we shoot in game or if we are hit buy another car or object there some vibration to stay live contact with game but in oneplus 6 and 6t its not happening, thats my point.

  13. N1566566849199
    Froyo Sep 3, 2019

    N1566566849199 , Sep 3, 2019 :
    I did not want to know that

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  14. manasarora98
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 3, 2019

    manasarora98 , Sep 3, 2019 :
    Hold on. Android 10 is here in Open Beta for OnePlus 7 Series.
    Well, the truth I am not done with Pie yet, the Digital Wellbeing has not even made out of Beta yet, the network speed display is still not updated in stable for OnePlus 6.
    The Caller Identification Feature has not been released in stable, the camera improvements have not been made for 6/6T series.
    The promised upgrade to SMS app for better blocking and Spam blocking has not been fulfilled.
    The proper rollout of even System Update UI has not been made.
    Damn, Its been a year of Pie but yet feels not utilised yet, yeah we need new features but first just fulfill the promised ones.
    The Video Enhancer, the OnePlus Roaming, the Vibration after call cuts, the new Phone UI (which sucks probably) all have not even made it to stable after more than 4-8 months of Beta and we are leaping on to Q (Android 10) ?
    Please release 9.5 Update with all features before directly booking us to Android 10.
    99% of features in Open Beta are totally working and stable and fit to release, please do ASAP.

  15. penisdetrov
    Cupcake Sep 4, 2019

    penisdetrov , Sep 4, 2019 :
    Please fix the built-in sound setting, the adventures of the "audio tuner", the "general sound improvement" setting is activated in which the sound really gets better, richer, but the problem is that strange sound adjustments occur, at high frequencies the sound increases, and when low frequencies prevail, muffled. thank.

  16. Zen_monkey
    Froyo Sep 4, 2019

  17. Artemus.
    Community Hero 2020 Sep 4, 2019

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  18. prasun2
    Cupcake Sep 4, 2019

    prasun2 , Sep 4, 2019 :
    my fone one plus 6t is faciing network issue from last 3-4 days cause of this prblm im not able to use my data even im not getting clear voice on call,my sim 2 slot not showing single signal and so my sim 1 slot also showing very poor network its look like my fon signal catching strength bcm so weak..pls fix it .

  19. Artemus.
    Community Hero 2020 Sep 4, 2019

    Artemus. , Sep 4, 2019 :
    It's obviously a network issue.

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  20. aakashmaji16
    Gingerbread Sep 4, 2019

    aakashmaji16 , Sep 4, 2019 :
    Can someone confirm what is the latest version of Oneplus Phone app?

    Because mine is v4.0.3 with navigations on top and i suspect Oneplus Phone app got updated with bottom navigation UI