OxygenOS 9.0.2 (9.0.3) based on Android PIE for OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T

  1. boss155
    Donut May 25, 2019

    boss155 , May 25, 2019 :
    try this,
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  2. buzaaiid
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

  3. Kx1707
    Gingerbread May 25, 2019

    Kx1707 , May 25, 2019 :
    Guys, if you want to update you can go ahead and download the firmware using oxygen updater. It's the same as the file you will get OTA. And you can always downgrade if you are not satisfied.

    From my experience, phone manufacturers tend to go for the staged OTA to assess how stable their build is and to be able to withdraw it if they notice any major issues.

    I have tested CB1, CB2 and now using the stable version from Oxygen updater. Overall, phone is pretty smooth, battery life is pretty decent.

    I have no idea whether parallel apps work well or not because am not using them. Other than that, I would say that it's worth trying.

    PS: I was on Oreo before updating to the new stable build. Factory reset the phone after the upgrade to start fresh.

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  4. Lord_Babass
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 25, 2019

    Lord_Babass , May 25, 2019 :
    Updated through oxygen updater

    Phone has slown down, sometimes laggy, yet acceptable.

    BUT i'm no more able to update any app with play store!!!
    I wiped cache, deleted data and installed latest apk of play store = no success !


  5. rajamondal505
    Eclair May 25, 2019

    rajamondal505 , May 25, 2019 :
    I can't able to login to parallel WhatsApp

  6. Vipin_On
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

    Vipin_On , May 25, 2019 :
    I know this that you're saying bud but totally i talked about that os updater app which are there in the play store !!

  7. CJ_will_NeverSettle_6T
    Froyo May 25, 2019

    CJ_will_NeverSettle_6T , May 25, 2019 :
    The 7 Pro is an EXCELLENT phone, no joke! Definitely better value than the XS Max, S10+, or latest Pixel. But I'm getting the 7 over the 7 Pro because I don't want the pop-up camera

  8. G_venkatesha_c_tANv
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

  9. Kx1707
    Gingerbread May 25, 2019

    Kx1707 , May 25, 2019 :
    Sometimes play store does not seem to respond to updates or new downloads because it refreshes it's libraries in the background.

    Give it a couple of minutes then try again, worst case scenario, you'll have to try a factory reset.

  10. Kx1707
    Gingerbread May 25, 2019

    Kx1707 , May 25, 2019 :
    Try to turn off your phone, go to recovery mode and wipe cache.
    If wiping cache doesn't help, then you might need to factory reset your phone.

  11. G_valentin_kritinar_pEhg
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

  12. macochrane
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

  13. piowie
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

    piowie , May 25, 2019 :
    I'm having a problem updating with Oxygen Updater. It downloads the update, but when I try to do a Local Update I get a message that the version of the package is lower than currently installed. I'm stuck on the July'18 version...

  14. maxium
    Eclair May 25, 2019

    maxium , May 25, 2019 :
    What is 9.0.2 different from 9.0.1? I mean, what problems are fixed?

  15. knic_p
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

    knic_p , May 25, 2019 :
    I had downloaded and installed Pie 9.0. Will i get the latest version via OTA?

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  16. vijayanaveen
    Gingerbread May 25, 2019

  17. Kiran.a.joseph
    Jelly Bean May 25, 2019

    Kiran.a.joseph , May 25, 2019 :


    I can't able to login to parallel WhatsApp​

    I was able to login, when I dont try to pull the backup files and give permissions to contacts.
    There seems to be some issue.
    I tried repeating the registration of whatsapp multiple times and now it will send me the message (pin no for activation) after 4 hours

  18. Akshay Hedaoo
    Donut May 25, 2019

  19. Dagadgetfreak
    Cupcake May 25, 2019

    Dagadgetfreak , May 25, 2019 :
    fp is delaying sometimes while the device is locked down, like after 30 min of inactivity if i try to unlock it w fp, it doesn't just unlocks instantly like other times. i have to press power button to wake the display and then wait a couple sec to actually unlock it w fp. this is annoying :(

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  20. Rohit_saraswat_
    Cupcake May 25, 2019