OxygenOS 9.0.2 OTA for OnePlus 6

  1. UnicornKaz Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2018

    UnicornKaz, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Yeah...And it existed in custom roms even earlier....Google just adapt/evolve (github) ...Linux is open source ...etc. ;)

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  2. UnicornKaz Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2018

    UnicornKaz, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Can I add some tips to that ? :D

    Keyboard !! SOUND & VIBRATIONS...

    It's a personal choice...But realize that it also will drain rapidly if you enabled ! :cool:

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  3. Sarang Mohan Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

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  4. 11harsh22 Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    11harsh22, Dec 6, 2018 :
    battery draining problem is still there...did wipe cache, wipe data both..but still no help
    only 3 hrs screen usage time when battery 33,%left.

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  5. jasonanouk Donut Dec 6, 2018

    jasonanouk, Dec 6, 2018 :
    same here no issues at all. no lag, it just wirks

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  6. brykid98 Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

  7. v0 HaVoK 0v Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2018

    v0 HaVoK 0v, Dec 6, 2018 :
    When will the slow motion skipped frames for 480fps be fixed? Does anybody know if this is fixed in the beta? I see the 6t got a performance improvement for slow motion and wondering does that mean that they fixed this and will it be coming to the 6?

  8. Roger.T Jelly Bean Dec 6, 2018

    Roger.T, Dec 6, 2018 :
    And then continue whining1?
    Be patient. 9.0.3 will come...

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  9. Deactivated User Dec 6, 2018

  10. GMitra Gingerbread Dec 6, 2018

    GMitra, Dec 6, 2018 :
    1. Battery drainage issue,
    2. Nightmode is under developed,
    3. AI features are badly wanted

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  11. Deactivated User Dec 6, 2018

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  12. B1527168842563 Donut Dec 6, 2018

    B1527168842563, Dec 6, 2018 :
    I'm observing an issue after updating this OTA version.
    The recent apps appears 2-3 times even if I kill them on first time itself. I have to open recent apps 2-3 times and swipe up agian and again.

  13. vamshai Cupcake Dec 6, 2018

    vamshai, Dec 6, 2018 :
    how to stop Google play services draining my one plus 6 battery.....I had battery draining problems so had done factory reset .....but new problem arised .....that is Google play services draining my battery...any solution

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  14. GMitra Gingerbread Dec 6, 2018

    GMitra, Dec 6, 2018 :
    AI is not a a "wastful thing"
    nowadays many phones in this range r comming with AI features..... and also SD 845 chipset also has AI capabilities... so OP can make good use of it

  15. Deactivated User Dec 6, 2018

  16. Deactivated User Dec 6, 2018

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  17. GMitra Gingerbread Dec 6, 2018

    GMitra, Dec 6, 2018 :
    "AI features are joke"
    That's yr thought

    " one can use their own brain"
    There r many things one can do using their brains....
    it's not about that..... what I mean to say is when so much provision for AI given by SD 845 processor... why shouldn't ooePlus use it.. to make the phone better optimised with better features

  18. Deactivated User Dec 6, 2018

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  19. UnicornKaz Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 6, 2018

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  20. neel9i11 Donut Dec 6, 2018

    neel9i11, Dec 6, 2018 :
    Currently on oneplus 6 oxygen os 9.0.2 which i installed via ota. List of issue is long and worst update since using one plus devices(2,5t,6).

    1.call goes to notification bar and everytime i have to find from tens of notifications.

    2.auto call recording works for incoming but not for outgoing calls.

    3.screen freezes while typing in whatsapp, Instagram, mail (it just froze while I'm writing this.).

    4.recent apps tab not working smoothly and so many glitches.

    5.battery was the one point i was proud of . But since this update it's below acceptable. Screen on time is hardly 5+hours with normal use, with gaming it reduces to less than 5 hours.
    (It used to be 8+hours many times without gaming but with wifi or mobile data on). Above 7 ours was average screen on time.

    6. Stand by time is even worse than bad. Upto 10% in night. Which was around2-3% percent earlier.

    Pls pls pls update stable version as soon as you can with this issues fixed and especially battery optimization.

    if you have any of these issue pls like and make them notice this .

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