OxygenOS 9.0.5 for OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T

  1. abdulbudud
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2019

    abdulbudud , Aug 17, 2019 :
    I got the 9.0.5 . And the phone is working good ...
    Heating problem completely gone.
    incoming call screen lagging also gone .
    thank you One plus

  2. Auristicpleaseignoreme
    Gingerbread Aug 17, 2019

    Auristicpleaseignoreme , Aug 17, 2019 :
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  3. Auristicpleaseignoreme
    Gingerbread Aug 17, 2019

    Auristicpleaseignoreme , Aug 17, 2019 :
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  4. Auristicpleaseignoreme
    Gingerbread Aug 17, 2019

    Auristicpleaseignoreme , Aug 17, 2019 :
    how is this possible heating gone, don't belive you

  5. abdulbudud
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2019

    abdulbudud , Aug 17, 2019 :
    why would I lie ? I am telling something I feel may be it's not fit for you....

  6. DonHartnett
    Cupcake Aug 17, 2019

    DonHartnett , Aug 17, 2019 :
    Has this update done anything for the Mobile network standby battery drain issue with pie?

  7. Sadra_Imam
    Gingerbread Aug 18, 2019

    Sadra_Imam , Aug 18, 2019 :
    It seems the "phone" app is using location service alot and waking up the phone to check the location through Google Play Services.
    It's very unusual for "phone" app asking for location.
    anyone experiencing this behavior or have any idea why?


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  8. MGreyWolf
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 18, 2019

    MGreyWolf , Aug 18, 2019 :

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  9. Stoner65
    Eclair Aug 18, 2019

    Stoner65 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Stability improvements!?!?!?!? Things are slowing down. Oxygen 8 was bad enough but this the worst. Whose idea was out to get rid of phone volume and replace it with permanent media volume... I want their head on a chopping block, the same for anyone who thinks it was a good idea. And anyone who thinks I should upgrade from the 3T can get lost. The 3T is the best phone I've ever had and there's nothing out there that impresses me enough to move on. I'll die a horrible death before I let go of my 3T.

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  10. Eraser127
    Froyo Aug 18, 2019

    Eraser127 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Looks like there is more battery drain since the update yesterday. I've never had to do a factory reset but perhaps it's time to try it out.

  11. V1561184457186
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2019

    V1561184457186 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, it has the same negative side effects than the last one: phone in airplane mode overheats terribly and shuts off with a drained battery. No indicator what drained the battery (no app is shown in energy consumption screen). With the old update that issue vanished magically without me doing anything after a few weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen now, too...

  12. G_Tanveer_Singh_tTxr
    Eclair Aug 18, 2019

    G_Tanveer_Singh_tTxr , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Dear OP3T users,

    I have also faced battery drainage and no screen wakeup issue during incoming calls before this update. I updated my phone 2 days ago and the first thing I did when I got this update was to let my phone discharge completely till switch off. Then I recharge it to around 85-90% and see the screenshot below of the 2nd discharge of battery post the update. The screen on time is still below 3hrs but I think the battery issue depends on user to use basis as per their app usage.

    I will try to update this again, till now I think the screen on lag seems to be fixed during the incoming calls.. But then after restarting phone it used to work fine even before this update, so I will wait for few days and see the overall performance before jumping to any conclusions. Till now everything seems to be fine.

    Donut Aug 18, 2019

    G_MD_SIRAJ_HASMI_gJKp , Aug 18, 2019 :
    use 5.0.8 I'm also use smooth good battery backup no hanging problem

  14. loveleshsoni2012
    Froyo Aug 18, 2019

    loveleshsoni2012 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Hello friends & OnePlus,

    This thread aims to deliver all the bugs found after OxygenOS 9.0.5 update.

    I recently updated to this version and thought they had removed all the bugs from previous update OxygenOS 9.0.4.
    But, it does not seem that way. After just an hour of use I found the first bug. I posted that in the comments section of the latest update OxygenOS 9.0.5 thread. I will be listing that bug here as well.

    1. The Accent Colour : When I tried changing the Accent Colour from settings, it changed for some parts of the phone and did not change in other areas. Example, you can see it below in screenshots. I tried rebooting and selecting other colors but it did not help. That is irritating now!
    View attachment 1103296

    View attachment 1103298

    View attachment 1103297

    2. Battery Drain & Slow Charging : I noticed it immediately after the update within few hours. The battery started depleting very fast. It never happened before. I checked for battery usage and took some screenshots after certain period of time. Below are two screenshots and we can clearly see that Mobile Network Standby is using hell lot of battery. I don't think that alone is causing the battery to deplete faster and there might be other issues as well which I haven't checked yet. Maybe there are some background apps but that does not makes sense as the battery backup was working fine with previous version. This is something to look into at the earliest.
    Apart from the battery drain issue, the phone is taking more time to charge now. To compare, it was taking around 1 hour to charge the battery from 0 to 100% before the update but after the update, it is taking almost double the time. One Plus users should forget the time when they could put the phone on charge for few minutes and it would be ready to go for all day long. Now, even after keep the phone for hours of charge, it is running out of battery backup really fast. Looks like the tables have changed - keep charging the phone for hours and you are not even there yet!
    View attachment 1103960


    3. Ambient Sensor: Have been keeping an eye on ambient sensor. It does not function properly after this update. Previously, before the Pie update, the sensor was working really well. In very low light areas, the screen would dim down to almost zero brightness but now it does not even go to lowest even after covering the whole sensor with my hand. I tried to hide the sensor completely with my hand but it does not dim the screen brightness to lowest. The below screenshot was taken after covering the sensor completely. There are two screenshots - first is the one when I covered the sensor with my hand. The next one is what it the screenshot which shows actually how dim the brightness should have been.

    (When covered the sensor)

    (How din the brightness actually should have been)
    F4 1566330610487.jpg

    4. LED Light Colour : The notification light does not change color. I mean it does changes the color of the LED notification when it charges to full or the battery is below that specific limit, but it does not changes the when it is charging. I put the colour to pink but it changes for milliseconds and then quickly changes to blue. What is with that?

    5. WIFI / Hotspot Connectivity : Ever since the upgrade, my hotspot is facing problem. I turn on my OP3T hotspot and connect a device to it. The device connects successfully sometimes and a lot of times it does not. Once the device is connected, the other devices says that it has internet connection but it does not let me connect to any Internet website. For example, I connect my laptop with my OP3T hotspot and then I opened chrome to log into my Gmail account but all the time it fails. I keep getting these errors in the pic below. I even tried clearing the history and cache in my laptop for Chrome but it still has the same issue.

    Below two pics are when I connected my laptop to my OP3T hotspot. You can see there is problem with connection.


    These screenshots below are the ones that I took after tethering my OP3T with USB connection.



    I am continuously finding new errors every day and updating this post as soon as I can.

    Do post your comments here for any problems that you maybe facing with the lastest update.

    I will be on lookout for more issues and updating my post as well.

    Thank you and have a great day!
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  15. mcwmah
    Eclair Aug 18, 2019

    mcwmah , Aug 18, 2019 :
    i finished download the update OTA but when it reboot and goes into rebooting update. it stops halfway and states update failed. actually this is the second time i tried to update. Initially was 9.0.3 , now i tried the 9.0.5 and it is the same problem. UPDATE FAILED .
    my software now is Oxygen 5.0.8 and Android 8.0.0...any advice or idea to rectify is appreciated.

  16. PTuT
    Jelly Bean Aug 18, 2019

    PTuT , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Yes, true but there is no update to newer security patch. I wish, untill OP sorts out all major issues with Pie, they would issue security patch update to 5.0.8.

  17. PTuT
    Jelly Bean Aug 18, 2019

    PTuT , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Are you on encrypted phone with unlocked bootloader?

  18. O1566058695857
    Cupcake Aug 18, 2019

    O1566058695857 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    [QUOTE = "Auristicpleaseignoreme, post: 20660258, üye: 2273113"] Üzgünüm ama, neden İngilizce konusunu İngilizce yazmıyorsunuz [/ QUOTE]

    soruyu cevapla. otomatik çeviri yapar. amacınız ne?

  19. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Aug 18, 2019

    ghostofcain , Aug 18, 2019 :
    If the data was important it should be backed up, would it be OnePlus' fault if his phone was stolen, or ceased to work? Sure OnePlus should warn users that if they have an unlocked bootloader and encryption they will have to wipe /data to update, but it's not unheard of for things to go awry when updating devices.

    It's your data people if it's important have it backed up!

  20. PTuT
    Jelly Bean Aug 18, 2019

    PTuT , Aug 18, 2019 :
    And company, being user centric, does nothing to warn or alleviate the problem. If they know about the problem, OP should make sure that the update cannot proceed under certain conditions, let user know why and what to do, or just fix it (so far I hear just a silence from OP corner). One doesn't need PhD to understand that. If you want to be a global market company act like that (and treat customers that way).

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