OxygenOS 9.0.5 OTA for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

  1. rajeshmv1181
    Donut May 5, 2019

  2. scp41
    KitKat May 5, 2019

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  3. VangelisKps
    Froyo May 5, 2019

  4. Zergeck
    Eclair May 5, 2019

    Zergeck , May 5, 2019 :
    me, after this update. before this, time by time screen lagged one two times in a day, then i would locked the screen , prolem was gone. Now it is lagging whenever you scroll horizontally or vertically. Plus i have not tolerable fps drops in gaming. I dont know what to do

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  5. bharathj85
    Eclair May 5, 2019

    bharathj85 , May 5, 2019 :
    New update is good. I cleared my cache after the update and charged my op5 100% with mobile switched off. The SOT is just amazing I got close to 8.5hrs for last 3charges. It's been consistent.

    Feel this is the best update so far in Oxygen OS 9 series.

  6. aftabali297
    Eclair May 5, 2019

    aftabali297 , May 5, 2019 :
    did a clean install of 9.0.5 from 5.1.4. The navigation gestures were smoother on oreo. and animations are way too much for me.

  7. Jon_Don
    Eclair May 5, 2019

  8. lverissimom
    Cupcake May 5, 2019

  9. aftabali297
    Eclair May 5, 2019

    aftabali297 , May 5, 2019 :
    do a clean install. everything working fine here.

  10. lverissimom
    Cupcake May 5, 2019

    lverissimom , May 5, 2019 :
    Clean installation do you mean a factory restoration of OxygenOS?

  11. O1557080515108
    Cupcake May 5, 2019

    O1557080515108 , May 5, 2019 :
    hi I am an one plus 5 user and very happy to use this device for several years the issue I am facing right now is Brightness screen earlier it was not an issue but with new update affected brightness which is draining my battery

  12. Chisagod
    Cupcake May 5, 2019

    Chisagod , May 5, 2019 :
    just updated from oreo to pie. in previous version, saw a lot of complaints so decided not to upgrade. but I got sick of oreo and needed a fresh look. voilà it's like a new phone. most importantly, now I can play media on my Bluetooth earphone. previously got stuck with this "no media" error. battery life at 50% , sot 3 hours and last charge 11 hours ago. so I don't think there is any battery draining issue. but I do agree there is slight screen laggy but it's like 2% out of 98% of smoothness.. so yeah nth is perfect. I'm pretty sure iphone and Samsung are the same.

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  13. Zergeck
    Eclair May 5, 2019

    Zergeck , May 5, 2019 :
    guys, what should i do? on this update, my phone is lagging all the time. any suggestions?

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  14. brian.sedore
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 6, 2019

    brian.sedore , May 6, 2019 :
    Isn't that dependent on your carrier and phone plan? Maybe it's also different for different countries, but caller ID has been available for years.

  15. Ih.nihal
    Eclair May 6, 2019

    Ih.nihal , May 6, 2019 :
    i have been facing the Ui lag since Pie Update. waiting for it to get fixed

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  16. alexisonza07
    Froyo May 6, 2019

    alexisonza07 , May 6, 2019 :

  17. naveenv20
    Donut May 6, 2019

    naveenv20 , May 6, 2019 :
    my phone battery performance got degraded 3hrs SOT after this. can you please share us the battery usage break down? and any specific settings you are following please let me know.

  18. H1557111076720
    Cupcake May 6, 2019

  19. Zergeck
    Eclair May 6, 2019

    Zergeck , May 6, 2019 :
    is it possible that it is hardware failure? Idk it started after update. can gaming while phone is charging for a long period somehow influence on lagging? Or high temperature? I saw cpuz while charging. is it ok?

  20. W1554647118636
    Donut May 6, 2019

    W1554647118636 , May 6, 2019 :
    Check if its not broken.