OxygenOS 9.0.6: nice update in the camera department!

  1. alessandromichelazzi
    OnePlus 5 Sample Shot Photographer Nov 23, 2018

    alessandromichelazzi , Nov 23, 2018 :
    Yesterday I had a planned photo session and I had the time to update the OP6T with the last OxygenOS 9.0.6. In the changelog was mention an "Optimized image processing" so I was curious to test it out.

    Since from the previous post lot of users has asked me also to try the Gcam on the OP6T, this was a nice situation to compare. And there are some interesting results!

    OnePlus 6T camera with OxygenOS 9.0.6.

    OnePlus 6T.jpg

    Basically, with the new update, the camera is able to achieve an even more dynamic range and get out a lot of details in this very difficult light situation. Also the colors I found them to be more balanced than before the update.

    So how will compare this shot with to the Gcam App?

    OnePlus 6T with Gcam (version GoogleCamera_6.1.013.216795316-debug2)
    First of all, the difficulty is to find the right version of the last Gcam that will work without crashing. I found this version dated 3rd November that seems to work quite good. Newer version got me stuck in the HDR process.
    As you can notice from the photo below, with the automatic exposure the Gcam isn't able to record all the details as the OnePlus stock camera!

    GCam automatic exposure.jpg

    If you are interested in a bit more deep comparison, on my blog I've published also a comparison of this same scene shot also with the Huawei P20 Pro and with the iPhone Xs Max! :)

    Let me know what you think about it!