OxygenOS 9.5.12 for OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

  1. G_Chris_Lambert_wbmY
    Eclair Jan 19, 2020

    G_Chris_Lambert_wbmY , Jan 19, 2020 :
    There isn't a support forum for this model so writing this here in the general forum. (another example of this phone being forgotten!)

    I've just been sent a new software update for the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and now I'm encountering a bug with not being able to hang up following a phone call. It just remains there in my notifications that the call is ongoing. How do I roll back to the previous version please?

  2. man_abhi
    Froyo Jan 19, 2020

    man_abhi , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 19, 2020 :
    Have you tried doing wipe cache after new software update?

    turn off phone / press and hold power + volume down / wipe data and cache / wipe cache / reboot