OxygenOS 9.5.7 for OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

  1. T1575663661084
    Cupcake Dec 6, 2019

    T1575663661084 , Dec 6, 2019 :
    ironically, the updates annoy me far less than the camera quality haha

  2. qucharsky , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 7, 2019 :
    I've downloaded GCam port and it's much much better especially with night sight and suddenly pictures in the dark look amazing. It just shows it's more up to software then actual hardware those days as Pixel phones always had one lens until Pixel 4 and were always the best camera phones. Would definitely buy Pixel if it wasn't so ugly especially the massive bezel on top of pixel 4 [e]1f602[/e]

  3. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Dec 7, 2019 :
    Also questionable build quality... Didn't pass jerryRigEverything tests very well.
    Direct link below. (Not visible in community app)

  4. qucharsky , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 8, 2019 :
    That's why as much as I hate to say this I'm going back to iPhone and will get new 11 Pro Max after Christmas. It's not only about the updates as well. Just noticed my screen started to have burn ins especially on top of the screen where the icons are. Never had that issue on any phone even after 2 years of using and I only had OP 7 Pro since July. Would go to Samsung or other android if they didn't push that bloody punch holes I hate them. Prefer notch despite what people say...

  5. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Dec 9, 2019 :
    Just making sure you understood my point. The questionable build quality I was referring to was Pixel.
    I have personally no problems with 7 Pro

  6. F_Calum_Wardlaw_cwgT
    Froyo Dec 15, 2019

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  7. qucharsky , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 15, 2019 :
    Exactly what I was thinking. Making new model every 6 months and forgetting about previous one. Everything is possible it they want it. But clearly they don't care just making sure the new model is selling well.

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  8. I1568603958567
    Cupcake Dec 27, 2019

    I1568603958567 , Dec 27, 2019 :

    I am facing phone slowness and charging issue after the latest update. Phone is slow now and charging takes more time than usual. I've plugged in for 15 minutes and phone charged only 8%. Can somebody help on this.


  9. F_Calum_Wardlaw_cwgT
    Froyo Jan 3, 2020

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  11. IRhyiku
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2020

    IRhyiku , Jan 5, 2020 :

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  12. IRhyiku
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2020

    IRhyiku , Jan 5, 2020 :
    Such a joke - 6/6T has had it for months.

    The 7 Pro 5G is stuck on October Patch which means they are now 3 months behind.

    Get rid of this device asap if you're still on it and never come back to oneplus.

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  13. Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Jan 5, 2020 :
    Yeah... It definitely not good. But the way that device was released put up a lot of warning flags for me. First gen and limited release... Too many things that suck and the end result is this.
    Waiting on 8 Pro myself. Don't know how it will look on the 5G area but if 8 Pro 5G still be some kind of limited release I'll probably stay away from it (still unknown to me when the network is ready here though). I get speeds beyond 200mbit on 4G anyway on many spots surrounding my living area. Too many spots below 100mbit though and even limitations based on time of the day and such...

  14. Barman49
    Froyo Jan 5, 2020

    Barman49 , via OnePlus 7 Pro 5G , Jan 5, 2020 :
    I feel bad for the people that I assume are on the EE model and still only have Oct security patch. I'm on Sprint and on November patch. Although the update has battery optimizations and I can't say battery life has improved at all. Some days I get the same, some days worse.. I expect a January update but of course I'm not expecting 10 anytime soon. I expect 10 in March if I'm lucky.

  15. Barman49
    Froyo Jan 6, 2020

    Barman49 , via OnePlus 7 Pro 5G , Jan 6, 2020 :
    Sucks you aren't getting regular updates but I have a feeling we'll still get 10 around the same time. Unfortunately it won't be the beginning of Q1.