OxygenOS A.11 for the OnePlus Nord 2 5G

  1. Abdul B.
    OxygenOS Operations Staff Member Oct 9, 2021

    Abdul B. , Oct 9, 2021 :
    Hello everyone,

    We are starting to push an incremental rollout of an OxygenOS update for the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

    NA: DN2103_11_A.11
    IN: DN2101_11_A.11
    EU: DN2103_11_A.11​

    • System
      • Reduced power consumption in specific scenarios
      • Optimized some texts for the system
      • Updated Android security patch to 2021.09
      • Fixed known issues and improved stability
    • Camera
      • Improved the HDR effect in some shooting scenes
    • Network
      • Optimized network connection stability

    We look forward to hearing your continued feedback in the bug reporting forum here: https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/.

    Do try out the new Feedback tool and if you have any questions or need help, please contact bughunters@oneplus.com. For more information on submitting bugs or suggestions please refer to How to report a bug and feel free to share your product suggestions via the Community app.


    If you don't have the Community app installed on your device, feel free to download it HERE. You can check here for more information on the integrated Feedback tool.

    As always, this OTA will be incremental. The OTA will reach a small percentage of users today, and we'll begin a broader rollout in a few days.

    Your feedback is appreciated. We may not always be able to respond to every comment in the forums, but please be assured that we take your comments and feedback seriously. Hope you enjoy and let us know how you feel about the update in the comments below.

    Never Settle.

  2. Exodunick
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021


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  4. H1627621337253
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2021

    H1627621337253 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    In my device the dirac audio tuner is not available for bluetooth devices.
    Do anyone else facing same issue?

    Is there a way to enable equaliser for bluetooth headset.

  5. Balajik100
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2021

    Balajik100 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    1. Camera app doesn't remember settings
    eg: i ll always keep flash off for front cam and shooting mode as 50MP for back cam. when I close camer app and open it after sometime this settings are changed to default.

    2. AOD is too bright. It will be helpful if there is an option to change this setting

    3. showing fingerprint unlock when i receive any notification will be helpful.
    eg: when i receive a notification i need to press power button and then unlock. Instead it will be helpful if thr is fp unlock available thr itself.

    4. No option to control equaliser

  6. Exodunick
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021


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  8. prdo
    Donut Oct 9, 2021

    prdo , Oct 9, 2021 :
    so once again fixing something that will never really be fixed instead of finally making it possible to permanently disable useless watercolor painting like HDR feature

    wow, just... wow

    is bluetooth AVRCP profile finally working like it should or not?

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  10. Jampolaytis
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021

    Jampolaytis , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    I agree. The camera app is really annoying.

  11. nnibras
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2021

  12. SaikatPal
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021

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  13. Infinity007
    Honeycomb Oct 9, 2021

  14. Bhavik Rajai
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021

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  15. vivek1310yadav
    Gingerbread Oct 9, 2021

    vivek1310yadav , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    Give feedback

  16. F1627337842761
    Cupcake Oct 9, 2021

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  17. SurenMOF1
    Eclair Oct 9, 2021

    SurenMOF1 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    Did you got any solution ?

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  19. W1616268533583 , via OnePlus Community App , Oct 9, 2021 :
    Yes, its getting heat when we use more than 10 mins continously and battery drains too fast compared to previous update A.10..

  20. P1597414488486 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Oct 9, 2021 :
    It is a problem it is already in the phone i have compared with many devices but i have also concerned 2ith this it should work as per settings are set be the user but it doesn't work