OxygenOS Android 10 Open Beta 2 for OnePlus 5/5T

  1. akashtomy
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

    akashtomy , via OnePlus 5 , May 7, 2020 :
    hey guys, i just noticed that while using app locker feature, if you use the pin instead of fingerprint , it unlocks even before you hit the '✓' button . Is this a new feature in this beta release because I clearly remember earlier we had to hit the button '✓' button to unlock.
    Let me know if anyone else noticed this

  2. Sesme83
    Donut May 7, 2020

    Sesme83 , via OnePlus 5 , May 7, 2020 :
    Netflix is suported on 9.0.11 on op5t can install and can play no hd.... on op5 no why is problem??

    need support Netflix un op5 & op5T is a real bug

  3. munigrapi
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

    munigrapi , May 7, 2020 :
    Oh okay then, one more thing is there no other way to change it automatically like sunrise to sunset or by using custom time? Anyways thank you.

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  4. Kusai_Ghadiyali
    Froyo May 7, 2020

    Kusai_Ghadiyali , via OnePlus 5T , May 7, 2020 :
    I guess you're confused between the dark mode and night mode or maybe there's a way for custom dark mode according to the time which OnePlus doesn't have. To explain you how it is, on OOS :

    Screenshot 1 - Night Mode under Display Settings which has an option to be enabled manually with a custom time or even automatically depending on sunset until sunrise. Night mode does nothing but gets a warm effect to your screen which turns it yellowish to avoid strain on your eyes.

    Screenshot 2 - Customisation under Settings has the option to change the Present Theme for the phone which 3 options. Nuanced Dark is the Dark Theme for your OnePlus which doesn't have you an option to customise or change according to the time of the day or even any other times at all.

    Screenshot 3 - Override force-dark under Settings - Developer Options - Hardware Accelerated Rendering comes up as another option when you type and search for dark mode in Settings which I have no idea about.

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  5. Kusai_Ghadiyali
    Froyo May 7, 2020

    Kusai_Ghadiyali , via OnePlus 5T , May 7, 2020 :
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3

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  6. savvysiddharth
    Eclair May 7, 2020

    savvysiddharth , May 7, 2020 :
    Trying out beta version for the first time on my OnePlus 5T. I was on OOS 9.0.11 and updated to OOS 10 beta 2. Everything seems fine, but I really miss old navigation gestures. Swiping from left or right edge for going back isn't a seamless experience for me, as for multiple times I would end up pressing some button while trying to go back. Moreover, I feel that my mobile cover gets in the way when I try to swipe through side edges. Otherwise, I found it to be a cool new edition, I liked the new customisations settings giving users their own choices. I wish we could get choice to customise navigation gestures as well.

    Thank You

  7. Laki Shetty
    Honeycomb May 7, 2020

  8. Bkee_Shahi
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

  9. vasanth88j
    Froyo May 7, 2020

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  10. srm_harish
    Froyo May 7, 2020

  11. voliantcargo
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

  12. 350Rocket
    Froyo May 7, 2020

    350Rocket , via OnePlus 5 , May 7, 2020 :
    When you say voice calls are working...have you tried in speakerphone? That's where my issues lies, and I'm guessing all the others complaining about it in various apps.

  13. 350Rocket
    Froyo May 7, 2020

    350Rocket , via OnePlus 5 , May 7, 2020 :
    Speakerphone only?

  14. Bkee_Shahi
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

  15. J1587401787060
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

  16. goggio
    Cupcake May 7, 2020

    goggio , May 7, 2020 :
    Old navigation gesture were better and dualshock 4 doesn't work :(

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  17. ShiroShadow
    Gingerbread May 7, 2020

  18. markini
    Nougat May 7, 2020

  19. Marleyfan61
    Froyo May 7, 2020

    Marleyfan61 , May 7, 2020 :
    You don't seem to understand what beta testing is. Nobody's forcing you to install it.

  20. Laki Shetty
    Honeycomb May 7, 2020

    Laki Shetty , via OnePlus 5 , May 7, 2020 :
    I knew it. I don't understand the point of releasing OB2 with not fixing any of the major issues reported in OB1.