OxygenOS Battery Saving Tips for the OnePlus 7 Pro

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    HZ_ND , Jun 23, 2019 :
    Uninstall the game.. Clear all data and reinstall.. Or try to clear the cache file fst.
    Then see.

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    please post the detailed usage.thats needed

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    subish983 , Jun 23, 2019 :
    go and buy some mid range phone with 5000mah battery buying phone like oneplus 7 pro and disabling all features lol

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    Would be good if Gmail/ Chromel will have dark mode and Google calendar widget which is white despite the fact that the calendar app has dark mode enabled. Notification panel should be dark too.

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    Pa1KumarM , Jun 23, 2019 :
    Well Considering OnePlus 7 I have better ideas

    #1. The Golden 20-80 Rule.
    Some people call it as a myth , but it's scientifically proven that Li-ion batteries will stay comfortable in the discharge or usage of phone in between 40-60% of battery. It will drastically increase the ability of a battery for longtime, adopting this habit in regular intervals will give battery a healthy life. Plug in charger around 20% and let it charge to 80% then give your phone a break.

    #2. Frequent charging
    It is generally believed that Frequent charging of your phone will slower your battery age.
    The aging of a battery depends on the Intervals of charge and discharging periodically
    The greater you charge and discharge the slower the battery will age. Although it may not be possible to charge at frequent intervals but regular charging will show a marginal impact.

    #3. Heat is your biggest Enemy
    Your phone battery will give up soon when you're constantly using your phone in hot conditions. Li-ion batteries ain't survive in hot and extreme chill conditionins.
    Always try to use your phone in Room temperature.

    #4. Use Preferred OnePlus Dash Charge
    It's always experimental using unknown chargers for your OnePlus 7 device.
    Always charge your phone with OnePlus Dash Charge for health battery life.

    #5. Stay at 50% when you're not using your phone.
    The Batteries comfort zone lies in around 50%.
    When you switch on a new phone you will observe the charge of a phone is at Around nearly 50-60% this is because it's highly preferred to stay at 50% when you're not using it. Rest the phone at 50% when you go outside or when you sleep.

    #6. Old School Tips:-
    We all know these tips since we're in kindergarten.

    1). Use Dark Theme
    2).Maintain Low brightness
    3).Disable high power consumption apps
    4).Disable apps running in background
    5).Clear Recent apps when you're done
    6).Use Night mode when you're using phone at bedtime
    7).Give a break to your phone and enjoy your social life.

    #7. Batteries are meant to be aged. Dont bother too much

    You heard it right , Batteries and Devices are meant to be aged and become slower in that process, but with basic care you can increase the lifespan upto some extent.


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    Sreekanth Sree , Jun 23, 2019 :
    yes...I do accept after 9.5.8 battery consumption is increased compare to before and facing indisplay finger print issue (it's showing not recognized) and face unlock issue ( am using power button to unlock display but it's atomaicly opening just by using (power button + swiping) swiping without showing pin number .this is a major security issue I have brought to your notice last time also but I didn't get the resolution to that after 9.5.8 update very bad...

    please provide stable updates to reduce the issues but now after 9.5.8 again making battery consumption and in display finger print issue which was not have with my device...we have average battery life for 7pro please try to increase that with update. and also I would request to you guys to manufacture a back case with additional battery where in travel we can carry for additional juice instead of using normal power banks which will not do fast charge to one plus devices....if you guys provide back case with additional battery we can use it simply attaching it instead of carrying it in hands as always we have lot of things to carry in hands....

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    he he he he, everyone know this, u didn't have to tell this tips to the OnePlus users.

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    Welcome.. Enjoy this community.

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    don't care about battery optimizations... just wanna have fun with 90HZ screen..... i dont want to go back to 60hz anymore... and still i am getting 6 hours screen om time on average even keeping my screen on 90hz and auto switch which is a lot better then the previous device i had.