OxygenOS is here [Installation Guide]

  1. benjaribeiro
    Donut Apr 5, 2015

    benjaribeiro , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Here is an advice guys:
    People who are concerned and doesn't know how to flash oxygen os, just wait for the OTA (CM12s). It will be out in in the next few days. Steve Kondik said it on google+. And it will come with tons of new features. Oxygen is a good rom but lacks in costumization and has no 4k video recorder option wich is a essencial feature to me. In think the camera app is much worse than CM11s camera app. But oxygen os was built from the ground in three months wich is something really good. And the ones who want to stay in oxygen os I'm sure it's a good option too because it will be improved in the next OTA's and will be added new features. Oneplus said the engineers are already working on a new camera app built by them exclusively for opo.

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  2. jumpinwired
    Froyo Apr 5, 2015

  3. morgoth94
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 5, 2015

    morgoth94 , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Check out this video:

  4. libtech202
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015

    libtech202 , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Super disappointing as this is all impossible to figure out on a Mac, So i guess I'll need to wait Months, and months for OnePlus to come up with a easier version for Mac User.

  5. iappletech128
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015

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  6. janguv
    Honeycomb Apr 5, 2015

    janguv , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Wow... This is something of a car crash! I'm enjoying the ROM, but I think there's something of a PR failure when so many people are lost and confused. Flashing a recovery, rooting, flashing new firmware etc - for some of us, we've been doing it a while, but others are totally new to it. I'm just praying there aren't a load of bricked phones lying around right now....

    If you are unsure guys, just wait a few days for an OTA for CM. You'll probably enjoy it more anyway.

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  7. joinmtewrrew
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015

    joinmtewrrew , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Imposible update … e: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    3 hours try!!! i think still in old.

  8. KrazyKing
    Honeycomb Apr 5, 2015

    KrazyKing , Apr 5, 2015 :
    I've rooted a few phones before and have installed custom Roms. These are the worst and most confusing instructions I have ever seen! Not everyone is a developer One Plus. Could you maybe put the instructions in layman's terms? WTF is the matter with this company? Nothing is clear! It will be easier for me to just root this shitty phone and install another Rom. So unprofessional. But then again I shouldn't be surprised with this company. One **** up after another. Never ever buying another product from these clowns.

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  9. Johnmm
    Eclair Apr 5, 2015

    Johnmm , Apr 5, 2015 :
    I would agree totally with you. I don't have these types of technical skills. The instructions say it will wipe out my data. I have to wipe out data to install their software update? That is so ridiculous. One Plus clearly has no management or customer service skills.


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  10. Calebmstover
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015

  11. morgoth94
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 5, 2015

    morgoth94 , Apr 5, 2015 :
    I agree as well. I don't claim to be a developer but it seems weird to take so long to produce such a slim OS build. I thought maybe they were taking extra time to develop an auto installer to make it easy and smooth.

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  12. JMD78310
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015

  13. sneakylilguy
    Donut Apr 5, 2015

  14. sneakylilguy
    Donut Apr 5, 2015

  15. Deactivated User
    Apr 5, 2015

  16. KrazyKing
    Honeycomb Apr 5, 2015

    KrazyKing , Apr 5, 2015 :
    I'm just gonna wait until the CM12s OTA update comes out. That's the one I want anyway. The when my S6 comes in, I'm selling this phone and I'm done for good with this experiment that is One Plus.

  17. RizBrat
    Gingerbread Apr 5, 2015

    RizBrat , Apr 5, 2015 :
    im just mad i was expecting a simple one-click over the air update :( i know this is only optional but its so delicious look at it!

  18. pratheep_s
    Froyo Apr 5, 2015

    pratheep_s , Apr 5, 2015 :
    Download super su, boot in to twrp ( vol down + power on 1+ boot logo) --> choose install & select super su.

  19. radhalokesh
    Gingerbread Apr 5, 2015

    radhalokesh , Apr 5, 2015 :
    No one forced you people to do so.
    Its up to you to wipe your data or not.
    This is just an additional rom for those what to try different roms.
    Instead of complaining, wait for the CM12s OTA update

  20. PupsikOFF
    Cupcake Apr 5, 2015