OxygenOS Open Beta 19 for the OnePlus 7 Pro and 7

  1. Nithin RJ
    Froyo Jan 5, 2021

    Nithin RJ , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Can anyone confirm if google pay works on this build? Does it pass safetynet?

  2. James Matthew Wells
    Honeycomb Jan 5, 2021

    James Matthew Wells , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Her phone was on stable and I recently took it to the Beta path with Beta 5. Not sure it is better, but at least some connectivity problems she was having are gone. Apps do seem slower to open though.

    I am just not impressed with 11 at all. Not just from a performance standpoint, but with other areas from UI changes, to settings, etc. Not a fan yet.

    I hope things improve though. I pulled her from solid iPhone use since 2009 and want her to have the best Android experience. I am not sure she is getting it with 11. Her phone was much better on 10. Super fast and slick. Now, not so much. Not bad, but I can beat it with my 7 Pro which should not be the case.

  3. gungun022
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

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  4. Charles_Scott , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Understand and agree with your points and concerns. Hopefully now that the Nord beta for 11is out, more feedback will come in that will allow Oneplus to improve the releases.

  5. n2851991m
    Eclair Jan 5, 2021

    n2851991m , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Mate I have a tendency to arrive unannounced. Now I am here, gotta deal with it. 😅

  6. MRTLima
    Lollipop Jan 7, 2021

  7. AndurianSM
    Gingerbread Jan 7, 2021

    AndurianSM , Jan 7, 2021 :
    I bought the OP 7 Pro because of fast Android updates and nearly stock Android. And now... still waiting for update and the new style of the Oxygenos is not for me. Time to switch to Google Pixel or try a Lineageos.

  8. sutanshu
    Gingerbread Jan 7, 2021

    sutanshu , Jan 7, 2021 :
    Same here previously bought 5T,6T,7 pro but after see update system i'll never buy again oneminus ..they provide fast updates only Market* active devices

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  9. Infinity007
    Honeycomb Jan 7, 2021

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  10. afogel
    Gingerbread Jan 7, 2021

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  11. Infinity007
    Honeycomb Jan 7, 2021

  12. Jakss
    Froyo Jan 8, 2021

    Jakss , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 8, 2021 :
    I'm not sure about lineageOs but if you want you could try YAAP, it was in beta for android 11 since November if I remember right, but finally released a stable version.

  13. A1577687865983
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2021

    A1577687865983 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 8, 2021 :
    I didn't expect such poor service from OnePlus ...7pro is just 1.5 years old ..and it is taking them forever to rollout the android 11 ..... switching to apple after this ..😑

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  14. Artemus
    Junior Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Junior Moderator Jan 8, 2021

    Artemus , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Hey, be glad they found a critical bug before wide release. Look at what happened with the 5T and A10.

  15. ronnyhawks320
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 8, 2021

    ronnyhawks320 , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Well that's not true. I own a 7 Pro, a 7T, an 8, an 8 Pro, and an 8T. the 7 Pro definitely is nowhere near as fast or as fluid as the 8 in ANY way 🤦🏻‍♂️ neither is the 7T 🤦🏻‍♂️ your statement is laughable lol

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  16. ronnyhawks320
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 8, 2021

    ronnyhawks320 , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 8, 2021 :
    I'm pretty sure the 7 Pro is ALMOST two years old. 20 months to be exact lol

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  17. A1577687865983
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2021

    A1577687865983 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Yes ... definitely you can tell the difference ......my 7pro lags pretty bad

  18. Shalin05
    Honeycomb Jan 8, 2021

    Shalin05 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Where exactly the development is stuck for oxygen os 11?
    Nord users got it already!!! Where is it for 7 series????
    Already being delayed so much and still no update

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  19. akks
    Lollipop Jan 8, 2021

    akks , Jan 8, 2021 :
    Let them try a bit in Nord. Better to wait, to iron out the final bugs. Yeah, they are late, I agree.

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