OxygenOS Open Beta 2 for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

  1. Yannis Neris
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 17, 2019

    Yannis Neris , Dec 17, 2019 :

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  2. seahero
    Froyo Dec 17, 2019

  3. Lupastro82
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2019

    Lupastro82 , Dec 17, 2019 :
    O my gosh. Screen is just to report release number, security patch and store date. More uniseful post, and u reply to mine is just an info with screen of last update? Ok, sorry -.-"

  4. Fatih Aşkın
    Froyo Dec 17, 2019

  5. Runnerista , via OnePlus 6T Midnight Black , Dec 17, 2019 :
    Yes. Animation speed has improved. I feel like the phone is snappier now. Unfortunately, I don't think the keyboard gap is going to disappear soon. But using Android 10 native gestures makes it make sense.

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  6. Myownoneplus6T
    Froyo Dec 17, 2019

    Myownoneplus6T , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 17, 2019 :
    thanks for the notch option, but there is problem with "hide the notch area" [e]1f447[/e]

    the status bar slides down from notch area, and after hiding this is doesn't use that notch area as status bar !!!!! big big big problem !!!!!

  7. NodePoint
    Gingerbread Dec 17, 2019

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  8. ironass
    Lollipop Dec 17, 2019

    ironass , Dec 17, 2019 :

    I foresee...

    "Not got this update"

    "How to install"

    "My phone not updation"

    I also see Lt Commander Worf being used... a lot...



    DO NOT flash this update using TWRP as several users are reporting issues using it.
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  9. dilzit
    Cupcake Dec 17, 2019

    dilzit , via OnePlus 6 , Dec 17, 2019 :
    People wanting to claim the 50gb cloud storage
    [Works only for rooted users]
    if you don't see the oneplus account option in accounts section or nothing happens when you click the login option move the folder system/products/Accounts to system/app and reboot.
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    Donut Dec 17, 2019

  11. Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T Mirror Black , Dec 17, 2019 :
    In order to hide the notch it must completely remove access to that area. Welcome to the notch area, hidden and revealed. It's a feature.

  12. Fatih Aşkın
    Froyo Dec 17, 2019

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  13. NodePoint
    Gingerbread Dec 18, 2019

    NodePoint , via OnePlus 6T Midnight Black , Dec 18, 2019 :
    It still does. lol
    Brightness at least no longer goes to the lowest it can go.

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  14. Cliffwa8
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2019

    Cliffwa8 , Dec 18, 2019 :
    my system did not receive the ota 31 update can you please advise how do I get the update do I can update to 32?

  15. A1555649820958
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2019

    Donut Dec 18, 2019

    LOVISH_VERMA , via OnePlus 6T , Dec 18, 2019 :
    Update it via oxygen updater.

  17. Caomhin , via OnePlus 6T Mirror Black , Dec 18, 2019 :


    my system did not receive the ota 31 update can you please advise how do I get the update do I can update to 32?​


    Update it via oxygen updater.​

    Only if you have Beta 2 already installed, otherwise you would have to use the MSM download too after downloading the image for Beta 2. OU will offer Beta 3 only currently.

    You could try downloading Beta 2 directly from links in the Beta 2 thread for your model of phone and manually update.

  18. Fatih Aşkın
    Froyo Dec 18, 2019